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Phone-y Funds for Furloughed Feds

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As a government employee, are you eligible for a free government grant? Sorry, but no, despite the calls you may be getting.

They’re yet another spin on the government grant scam, where a scammer calls and tries to get someone to give out bank account information or pay a fee to get a nonexistent grant. Some scammers also may be targeting furloughed government employees about a “free” grant specifically for them. If you’ve been targeted by a government grant scam, file a complaint with the FTC. And read Government Grant Scams for more information.

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Yeah, just write a Grant Proposal every hour and figure out the people standing around to wreck that possibility and hurt your U.S. Government Employmees. But you know what, the sick are only tired and incapable of speaking Day and Night for very long. True cause is indescribable. And Missions from God are a whole other matter, not to be confused with extreme need for one and only one anything at all.

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