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Preparing for a Weather Emergency

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Extreme weather sometimes occurs with little warning. To help lessen fear and anxiety, and to reduce the loss of property, everyone needs to prepare. For example:

Organize your finances. When it comes to preparing for situations like weather emergencies, financial readiness is as important as a flashlight with fully charged batteries. Having your financial documents up-to-date, in one place, and portable can make a big difference at a tense time.

Check your insurance. Find out if any home, health, or other insurance policy you may have will pay for temporary shelter, replacement clothing, furniture, or other items if you are affected by a hurricane, tornado, or other weather event.

Floodproof your home. If you've been a victim of a hurricane in the past, or you live where storms are likely, your home may be flooded. Prepare for the next flood by buying flood insurance and writing a flood response plan; visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for more information. And find out whether you can floodproof your home now.

Plan for your pets. If you are like millions of animal owners nationwide, your pet is an important member of your household. Unfortunately, animals also are affected by disasters.  A little planning done today can help ensure safety for you and your pets during an emergency like a fire, flood, or tornado.

Bookmark this site. If a disaster affects you this year, return to this site for tips on recovery and information about your rights.

Visit the following sites for detailed tips and information to help you prepare for disasters:

For more information to help you prepare and protect your money before, during, and after a weather emergency, visit Dealing with Weather Emergencies.

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are there any brochures about emergency preparedness I need about 50 for a workshop

Hi, Jacqueline,

You're welcome to use any of the articles on our Weather Emergencies page. Simply print them directly from the site. In addition, has publications about emergency preparedness that you can request.

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