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Who’s Calling? Not the Government.

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How many of us pick up the phone, expecting to hear, “Hey, you owe me money. Now pay up – or else”? But that’s what’s been happening recently to people in the immigrant community. Those aren’t the exact words, and the caller claims to be from the government – but that’s the message people are getting: Send money. Or else.

Our friends at the Esperanza Center, part of Catholic Charities of Baltimore, spotted the scam. Several of their clients got texts and calls from someone claiming to be from a government agency – sometimes specifically from Immigration Service. (Which sounds like the real agency, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, but isn’t.)

People heard different reasons why they might owe money to the government. Maybe they were supposed to pay for part of a “government-funded scholarship.” Or maybe they’re just told they owe money, plain and simple. But the caller always asked for money. Naturally, they asked for money to be wired or put on a rechargeable credit card. Both are the same as sending cash, with basically no chance of getting the money back.

Here are a few things to remember. The government will never text or call you asking for money. Even if you get a call that seems real, check it out. Look up the real number for the government agency and call to see what the story is. And be suspicious if anyone – no matter who they say they are – asks you to wire money, or load a rechargeable credit card. There’s no legitimate reason for someone to ask you to send money that way.

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If these scam artists worked as hard at real jobs as they do scams, one of these chiselers might come up with a cure for a major disease!!

If anyone from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansa
City by the name of Ester George emails you and has the phone number (913)210-4999. Contact the FTC mand the FBI

I got a call saying they are the us government, the accent was Indian. I threatened to call the police on them the idiot threatened to contact the police on me for calling the government a fraud. I don't call the government a fraud call con artists like him a fraud.

Just happened to me they called last night and again just 5mins ago... When he started saying he was part of the U.S i interrupted him and said, "Its ok I already reported you. " He instantly hung up.

Have you ever had any other types of calls from this guy? I've had the same guy with an Indian accent who has been calling for over a year. The scams change and he spoofs new numbers all the time. Sometimes he is lazy and uses a recording but it's usually live. I wish someone could make it stop. Due to special circumstances I have to answer my phone. I just keep blocking these numbers but it's gotten old.

same thing just happened to me

I got a call from an Indian guy too. He Said I qualify for free financial aid and that he doesn't need any personal information or commitment. But it still seems spooky bc I can't call the number back and he randomly hangs up

I just got the exact same call. I told the guy it does not male sense to have to pay 25 to 200 dollars to receive a government grant well the giy then hung up and i can't call the number back.

I got a voice mail last week saying the IRS was suing me and to call 765-226-5627 for more info. The IRS sends letters snail mail when they're looking for you, so I knew it was a scam. Anyhow, I call the number and a woman with Middle East accent answers as Internal Revenue Service. I said, "is this the United State government, Dept of Treasury, and are you trying pass yourself as an IRS agent." She hung up on me.

The exact same happened to me , i had received an unknown call from a man that sounded Indian and supposedly said he worked for the us government

I just had a call from a restricted number and I answered it. Very heavy Indian accent asking if it was me by name. I know to never say yes to that because they record your voice saying yes and can use it against you. I asked who he was calling with and he said something about federal grant coupon or something. I told him that I didn't want these calls and he said " then why did you answer the phone" I said BECAUSE IT WAS A RESTRICTED NUMBER JERK! he then said what did you say? Did you call me jerk? And I said yes because you had a snotty response to me. Then it gets funny... He said I am a federal officer and I said no you aren't. This happened 3 or 4 times and I just kept saying no you aren't. He finally called me something I didn't understand and hung up. Ugh!

SAME, a Indian guy and lady called me saying something about being in the fed government so I just hung up


In my business where 90% of my clients are Hispanic, I have seen this happen with IRS, Immigration, bill collectors, and various other "so called" agencies "supposedly" calling for money. I advise all to just hang up if they receive these calls. I have even reported the numbers etc to IRS and USCIS, etc.

They didn't send my money and they ask me to send them 250 dollars

Same here.. Almost thought it was for real but then thy said to call them while I'm in the parki g lot and they'll receive my payment of 250.00 in order to receive my 6,700 .. B.S.

never send money

THIS IS A SCAM: They call themselves "Federal Bureau of Crime Investigation" telling you that you have pending cases, and offering to close them for a fee. The scam call originated from 214-416-0423

They just did that to me yesterday told me to send them $996 an when i asked for there address he wouldnt give it to me.

Either hang up or tell them to take your name and tel. no. off their list. And if that doesn't work let them know you have their no. and will give it to the proper authority. If it's a robo call hang up, just hang up.

Just got a call from this woman broken english said she was from Washington DC has a grant of $10, don't have to pay back no taxes Free money, because I am a US ctizen, no crimnal record, no bankruptcies, And culd se the money however I wish pay off loans, pay off debt, or start a buissness, go on vacation whatever. Sounds like a scam I said, she wanted a bank account Number or card to send It to In 1hr then said I why can't you send it through the Mail from US Treasurey authenticity stamp validation she said They don't do that cause Of the large sum Of money. So she said go buy a money card at walmart call me back on a saturday morning??? Cause buisness hours??? Total Scam!!! Gvernment never give me anythng Free!!! Beware Of fraud!!!!

Caller: Grant Deartment Of Washington DC

Just got a call today from a guy saying i have $5000 free cash coming from the government. The guy gave me this number to call 1-315-636-5380 and ask for Colin he wanted me to send him close to $400 to be able to receive this cash through western union. It told the guy that he's nothing but a scammer and he told me to go to hell.

I received a call today and the caller said he was calling from the Federal Trade Commission. He claimed to have intercepted a check of mine worth 800 000 dollars. Ofcourse I knew it was a scam. I just told the person that I was busy at work so I'd call him back later but I just wanted to get off the call really. I have saved the number under scammer so I won't answer next time. The number of the caller is 239 300 6975. Save it in your phone so you don't waste your time by talking to this person.

Please file formal complaints about phone scammers at Law enforcement agencies use these complaints to build investigations and prosecute people who break the law.

Thank you for this information. I hope people use it.

I received a call today from a woman who said she was with the United States Government and I had been randomly selected, along with 15,000 other people, to receive $8,400 in grant money and all I had to do was give her my bank debit card number, checking account or savings account number. When I asked her to provide me with something in writing before I gave her my account number she said that the government does not provide anything in writing. She said she could give me a call back number for confirmation of the funds deposited into my account but only AFTER I provided her with my account information. I explained to her that I was reluctant and leary due to the fact that she could not provide anything in writing. She told me that if I did not provide her with the account information then my name would be taken off the list and I would not receive the money. I told her that I was not giving my account information out. I then tried to call the number back that was on my caller ID and it said that it was no longer a working number! Beware!!

I have been receiving calls from telephone number 916-546-8929 and the caller sounds Hindu and claims to be with the Attorney General's Office. The have told me that I have a lawsuit against me and are sending the police to my home and work to arrest me if I don't cooperate. There are many complaints on this number and it is a SCAM. I am reporting them to the AG's Office and blocked their number from my phone.

They just called me yesterday an said the same actual stuff how can we report them?

I got a call to today some Guy that didn't speak hardly English tell me I had a judgement against me and if I didn't show in court I would get arrested

Please file formal complaints about phone scammers at Law enforcement agencies use these complaints to build investigations and prosecute people who break the law.

I also got a call from some foreign person saying I owe them money from a pay day loan if a Jared Jones ask for me then said he was transferring me to his supervisor Adrian Walker (980-263-2492)I as him to provide me with any kind of paper and he said he doesn't have to because they sent me emails regarding this matter, never got any email. When I hang up on him he put me on a automatic redial, until i answered and told him i don't owe this money he insisted that I pay them. I contacted the BBB in my state to file a complaint.

I rec'd several calls from different people saying they work for the Consumer protection agrncy....MR. ROBERT DOYLE, his number 2025584587 telling me i won American sweepstakes and the reason I am getting scam calls is..i really did win and they need to get my winnings to me! I told him that i don'tbelieve any of it if i gotta pay something to Get my ..he said anything over $250k had to be insured and registers and e have to pay Brinks security to deliver the money ..5% of the total winning s...$2250.00
I told him that i don't have the money and shouldn't have to pay to get my prize..he saidto call brinks securty and they will verify everything 8662515399....I hung up with him and i know its another scam..I have been targeted at least 12 times now...i guess its time to change my number! Something needs to be done here!! I am sick of these calls!!

Received a call from a Dave Marshal (not really his name) After several call thru the week, I finally answered. He said he was from the I.R.S., I knew he wasn't. He asked for the company name I made up a name, he said here is our credit account, and I owe $30,000.00, I had to pay thru a Walmart. The number he gave me was 347-722-9061, I called him back and he did answer. I called the FBI, they said to report on here. They said that the call is probably coming from Nigeria.

I answered two calls for my wife today from Maryland - both of them by people with foreign accent - Indian or Pakistani advising that my wife is being charged with FRAUD by the IRS and that she is about to be arrested in connection with those charges. The first caller claimed to be Deputy Anderson - Badge # 6162 - with the Florida Sate Police Department. He said we should call the IRS number 410-246-5303 to verify the charges. I knew immediately that it was a scam and immediately found similar cases being reported on the internet. Called the number, just to check and the answering service said the extension was busy and I should leave a message. I hung up. Ten minutes later, another call - from JAMES SPENCER, with the Federal Division of Criminal Enforcement, out of Maryland, phone 410-246-5303 - saying that my wife had made miscalculations on her tax returns from 2008-2009-2010 and that she was going to be arrested. I told him to go dig for gold some
place else because if we owed the IRS any money we would be first to know about it, not him. The next time we get such call I will give them the number of our legal advisor (the FBI) for them to call!

I don't know if it does any good to post here. I've been getting calls from Jamaica for almost a year now. daily. I either don't answer, or pick up and just say stop calling this number. Also from
the "FTC" saying call back very urgent!! I've had my number for so many years I really can't give it up. Every time I block Jamaica's number they call again with a different number. Driving me nuts, but I am just a stubborn as they are. Boots.

as im writing this a scammer is texting me about mystery shopper job. who do i cobtact. they already sent fake check to me as the first assignment.

I just received a phone, from an unknown number, saying that U.S. Government Grants Department from Washington D.C. The representive, Albert ext 150B, said 1700 people have been chosen to receive an $8,000 grant. These people were chosen base on the demographic area, no felony records nor bankruptcy. I was chosen to receive this grant and use it for paying off medical bills, loans or home improvements. This grant would be free of interest clharges nor would I have too pay back. Again, he said I was one of the 1700 people to receive this grant.
After he made his pitch he asked how I would like to receive my money. I asked what my options were; he answered by sending the money to my checking, credit card or cash. Hmm, that's interesting, I didn't know the government sends cash. I told him I would rather receive via check. His answer was that they don't send checks because not everyone has a checking account. Okay?? After listening to his reason I asked for his name, which he was nice enough to give it to me. I also asked for his call back number, but he didn't have one, because it should have populated on my phone. However, he gave me his manager's name and number, Adam Foster 202-697-9472, in case I need to reach Albert.
Albert proceeded with the next process, which Adam would call me back to ask for my additional information that is missing on their records. I asked what information was on his records; my name and address was his answer. I asked where did his department obtain my information, apparently I filled out a survey in December. Then asked for my age, because they need to know what my age group would use the grant for. At this point I was playing a long because I knew it was a scam, so my incorrect age is 45. As the call almost ended, Albert gave me a confirmation number, two letters with three numbers, and told me to wait for Adam to call me back. I would verify or give my information to receive my $8,000 grant.
PLEASE, don't fall for this scam. Never GIVE anyone your PERSONAL information.

Exactly similar situation happened to me today. I was sure that no one gives away free money. The person asked me exactly same questions mentioned above. I played along for a while and then asked her to prove if this was not a fake call. She could not give a good answer and hung up. ha ha...

lol... just got my phone call today for the same exact thing.. i knew it was a scam and i played along, Adam Foster 240-232-2158 , hope he is waiting a long time for me at wal mart and too boot i was supposed to bring $210 exactly to western union and call him before i go into store.... how stupid do these people think we are? mine was $7000 grant

I also received a phone call from Adam faster but the grant that I was supposed to receive was $9000 but I had to go to Walmart to buy a $250 card and he would keep me on the phone while I was am purchasing this card for this idiot he almost had me fooled but when he told me was $250 card I said no thanks and hung up. The other call I received was someone from the IRS or so-called IRS from Mississippi telling me that they had a warrant for my arrest because apparently I had a file my taxes wrong when I told him that the IRS does not make phone calls he immediately hung up

Someone from 210-401-3798 Called pretending to be officer Alex Morganand threatening a legal action if I did not call back. I searched for that number and found various blogs people complaining about same scam.

Somebody called my job but they said it a lawsuit against my ssn an he put me on hold an suppose to read advadit an said i can settle out of court for $996..then they left a message talkin about have me or my attorney call and stated my my last for of my ssn.

Watch out for a company victim economics, they say they are a non profit organization to help people get money back from fraudulent businesses, first one guy gets on the phone to check you out and tell you a little about the money you will get back and then he has another guy call you to tell you that you can get your money back for $89 for legal costs. Several companies have called me with this same story. they even have a web site, my lawyer and the Consumer protection agency said to just hang up on these people trying to scam you.

My call claimed to come from Social Security. He said all senior citizens were going to receive new cards and he needed to verify that I was the right person. He knew my name, phone number and address. He wanted to know where my check was direct deposited each month. I told him. Then he wanted to "verify the routing number and account number". I told him NO WAY and hung up. He just wanted a golden paved road into my back accounts!

I got a call today 347-559-7963 saying he was from the IRS and told me I owe some taxes. what I did was ask him about my last four of my SSS to check if he was really from the IRS. when he can't answer I just hung up the phone.

If they don't give you a badge number and REAL call back number that you can actually verify the reason for the call or e-mail ignore and report to the REAL

A woman with a very heavy accent called my business looking for me, my husband told her I was not in, she then told him she was from the I R S and that I was under investigation and should call Kenneth Webster back as soon as possible at 415-223-1186.
Suspecting a scam, I search his name and Internal Revenue Service investigations, and found many people who have been contacted by the same scam. I am not calling back.

Got a call from this Number asking for $10,000 to stop check and bank fraud action from the federal Government , I said what office he said FBI I said ok will call the FBI and give them your Number and he hung up.The number he called me from is 2o2-803-5785 out of Washington DC

1 Of Adam Foster's employees just called me from (202) 000-1111 asking me 2 call (202) 697-6066 (Not the best #) & (202)697-9472 2 Talk 2 Adam & give a confirmation #. 3 letters & 4 digits. 1/14/14 7:05Pm.

foreign accent caller left voice message saying to call back to 415 690 1321 before legal action is taken, they have determined I have a deficiency in my income tax. Yeah, right.


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