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This Discount Card Was No Deal

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medical stethoscope imageWhat would you do if you thought your insurance benefits were on the line?

The FTC has charged AFD Medical Advisors in a telemarketing scheme that allegedly targeted older people and convinced them to pay $299 for a "YourRXCard" or "RXrelief' prescription benefit card that would supposedly give them big discounts on prescription drugs. According to the FTC, the company claimed it was affiliated with Medicare, Social Security, or legitimate insurance companies, and led people to believe they had to buy the cards to continue receiving their existing insurance benefits.

In reality, the people targeted — who already had Medicare or other insurance — got little or no benefit from the cards. Even if they had, the cards were already free to anyone on the internet or anyone who called a toll-free number.

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please take a look to changing of the co payments at the pharmacy while covered with the plan which gave the single co-pay for the year. I was told at Walgreen's pharmacy that insure even the Medicare plan D plan can change the amount of co payment when charge of triple copay was applied.

co-pays at the pharmacy were only $12 less actual price as explained to me, then some costs 2x

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