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Taking Health Care Scams Off the Market

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Starting October 1, people will have new ways to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. As opening day approaches, the media will no doubt carry more stories about the Health Insurance Marketplace, how to enroll, and where to get legitimate help. Now that’s the kind of news you can use.

One other piece of news that’s useful: federal and state agencies are working together to encourage consumers to report scammers who use the Health Insurance Marketplace as bait. And they are working together to investigate the leads they get and ultimately, build successful cases to shut those scammers down. Consumers already have filed related complaints with the FTC: some complaints deal with scam artists who are playing the “hurry up” card, allegedly trying to hustle people into revealing their personal information to get a new Medicare card. Other complaints reportedly deal with the sale of worthless medical discount plans. Still others deal with alleged imposters who claim to be “from the government,” asking people to verify their Social Security or bank account numbers.

The FTC, the nation’s consumer protection agency, just held a meeting to talk about how consumers can recognize frauds that play off the Health Insurance Marketplace and where to report them. You can read all about it here. To learn about your health care options and where to find legitimate local people in the know, go to

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IF I have Medicare, will this affect me?

From a recent blog post:

"Some of you who have Medicare are hearing from scammers who say you’ll lose your Medicare coverage (or access to your doctors) unless you get a new Medicare card, or sign up for a certain Medicare Advantage Plan. None of that is true. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t say that people with Medicare need a new Medicare card or any new health insurance."


If you think health is expensive now, wait untilv it's free.

Thanks for sharing good information.

Today/ 10/22, I received a call from alleged "prescription discount program", who demanded my Debit card number & was very aggressive when I wouldn't give it out. I called the FTC to report this--Claim # is #48920689. I called Attorney General 2 see what to do, & I couldn't find a page that will let me report possible scam (the # that called me was 201-383-8359. I hung up with this person, giving him no info, & immediately called the FTC.

Thank you for posting the phone numbers related to this fraud -- that's very helpful.

Watch out for Sunbright/GMY. They are calling about Medicare upgrades and ask for confirmation of banking information. Amount of 'payment' is $448, which shows up months after alleged phone contact; there is no signed contract. They refuse to disclose what their business actually does and also refuse to disclose their location. They do not have a website. Their phone number is 877-992-4757. I reported them to the FTC as well as the CA Attorney General.

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