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You get a call from someone saying she works for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She seems to know exactly who you are. She might already know your name and address, and might even know what kind of visa you’ve applied for. She says you have to pay a new fee – and, if you don’t wire money immediately, your hopes of immigrating will be lost. She might even threaten you with arrest or deportation. 

Except it’s not really USCIS calling. It’s a scammer who’s targeting foreign nationals, looking for their money and personal information.

If this sounds familiar, it might be because we posted about a similar scam last month. Those scammers also tried to sound like USCIS, and they tried to convince you to pay them. These scammers, however, have taken the scam to a new level.

These scammers have spoofed the real USCIS phone number – which means the real USCIS number shows up on your caller ID, even though the scammers are calling from an entirely different number. They’ve even mocked up the USCIS phone tree, so if you call them back on a number the scammer gave you, it sounds very much like you’re calling the real USCIS. Since these scammers have personal information about you, and they’re calling from what seems like a USCIS phone number, the call seems like the real thing. But it’s not.

What should you do if you get a call like this? 

  • Whatever they tell you, don’t wire any money. “Don’t give payment over the phone to anyone who calls claiming to be a USCIS official,” said USCIS Press Secretary Chris Bentley. “USCIS will never call someone to ask for any form of payment over the phone.”
  • Hang up and call the real USCIS at 1-800-375-5283. Tell them what happened. They’ll tell you what to do next.

Remember, you can’t be sure of who’s calling you. Never give your personal information – like your I-94 number, “A” number, or visa control number – to anyone who calls you, no matter who they claim to be. Hang up and call the real USCIS:  1-800-375-5283.

To learn more about this scam, read the USCIS consumer alert.

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Scary stuff. Hope they catch those so-n-so's soon.

Possible Gov scam asking for a Google play card for $200 they say they will give me $9000 there phone number said Washington DC 2026707943! Does the gov do anything about these scams?

recived a ck in mail claming,that I had won 100,000
it even gave me the number for an I.R.S agent,anyway it was a counterfeeit ck!Someone schould check it out because they claim to be an I.R.S. angent,they wanted me to send 2,180.00 to get my money

I have people who have got me four 1400.00.They supposedly called from the federal reserve commission. What can I do to get my money back?

You can't ever get your money back. Don't send money to anyone.

I received a phone call yesterday purporting to be from the IRS in Washington. Their telephone number came up on my phone and they even gave me a name! They threatened to take away my home, car, citizenship, have me deported, freeze my bank account, hold my wages and that by the time I got home, there would be the IRS waiting to arrest me and keep me in jail for up to 90 days for something I had no idea about. Obviously this was a scam because as soon as I started asking them questions as to what this was about, they pretended not to hear me and hung up. I'll be happy to disclose the telephone number and name to any investigative authority upon satisfactory ID.

How far can they take this on their next try!

For you, Debbie- You will never get a phone call like that from the IRS. You would have legal documentation and you would absolutely know.
Advise on what to say : if you flat out tell them to kiss you _____ and *$%# off, more than likely they will hang up on YOU ! it works also " laughing" at them will get rid of them. Don't make your self a victim. Always take the upper hand in the situation. Good luck and don't take in the b.s. yzrthmost

I got a call at work today stating they were from Federal Trade Commission about some legal stuff I told the caller that I will contact the FTC to see if I had some legal issues in which I don't. These callers have a foreign accent. Also I have received calls from people in California indicating they are calling from the US Attorney office about a criminal matter that involves me I never been to California nor do I practice any criminal behavior I wish the calls would stop especially when they are calling my work number something need to be done about this

I received a call from some stating that I was being sued and the social security dept and he/she had a foreign. I was also scammed out of $900.00

so many deception today, around the world. be careful. money won't come so that easy.

I reported Fraud and as far as I know nothing has happened yet. Interstate Law Group In Las Vegas Nevada. In informed you, The Better business, LA Police Department, My Bank, My Mortgage Company, Consumer Protection, etc. They were to do a new Modification or me by telling me my last one was not worth the paper it was written on. My house went up for Foreclosure and all of this because of a Fraudulent Company. To keep my house I had to pay $17,000. to Chase Bank. Even though I complained to everyone but God it still did not get me anywhere. You would think that they would follow up on this I send the Official right to their door step and yet not one phone call to me telling me that they shut the down. It would be nice to know the out come if being a victim of Fraud.

I have someone calling saying they are from FTC but still want money sent can u help

I received a call this afternoon from 00-876-585-1311. The first thing they asked was: is this your cell phone? I responded no. They said something else I could not understand - the gentleman sounded weird in his voice and has accent. When I inquired if I could help? He responded "No". I hung up the phone. I would like to report that number to the authority but do not know which one and how. Please advise. It is clear this was either a prank call or they wanted to scam us for something.

Got a call from a 209-320-1388 number claiming to be from the IRS and wanted to know if i was aware of an investigation on my taxes. he wanted me to call the supervising agent on the case who would be able to help me, blah, blah. individual had a heavy accent.

My husband got call tht they are calling from US marshals deptt he didnt do some entry need to pay fees .... they knew no. name ..... as protocol they asked not to share it with third party ... they hacked the caller ID they called from the no. that showed on their website ... we got fooled

I got a call at work and my personal phone from 551-333-1021.They claimed that he/she was from immigration. They were asking for a lot of personal details. I hung up and tried calling the USCIS. is the number genuine ?. If it's a scam, it seems to be a long winded process to lodge a complaint on the phone with USCIS, so many options to press.

The real USCIS is 1-800-375-5283. You can call them and report what happened. It's best not to give personal information over the phone if you're not sure who is calling you.

I got a call from 800-375-5283 and one lady said she is my case co-ordinator and she was telling all my information and i thought its real call and number which was showing in my cell , was same as USCIS number and she knew most of the information about me and by that way she took my information like I94 number n all..and later she said my Alien number is not updated and she asked me to buy green dot voucher of worth 830$ and paid and later she gave me 551 333 1021 number and said next day morning kevin smith executive will come and he will give me my alien card and refundable amount check.Now i felt its fake so i called up 551 333 1021 this number and asked them to return back my money but they said next morning will send check and they were threadning me and also i complained in Federal dept, USCIS. Call is still going to that number ,how will i get my money back because that caller is still active and my main worry is they got all my information,how will i protect that now.

I lost 2950$ with USCIS number just today. This is too scary. They have all your information.

Roshan -If you have a phone number that you can reach the crooks then give it to the police.

it was a live call from person named Rajan claiming to call from USCIS and asking for my info and that I missed reporting some I-94 info to them. As a result I will be deported unless I paid money to them. On refusal, he started to curse. I hung up but they keep calling from same number in caller id 800-375-5283. But that is real USCIS number. Where is FBI and other agencies to put these bastards behind bars who scam innocent hard working people with financial losses?

I just got another call from someone with a heavy foreign accident who couldn't even pronounce my name saying he is from USCIS. Third call so far. The caller ID said USCIS once, Private name another time and this time, Immigration&Nat. The second one was in a matter of minute after the first one disconnected. My husband tried to call his bluff but he was not phased by it at all. Today I told the guy on the line I have reported him and to stop calling and he asked me to have a "f***ing day". I pleasantly told him "You too!" and disconnected. Problem is, the phone number on the caller ID was 800-375-5283 which is the real USCIS number.

I just got a call from someone claiming to be a USCIS counselor and they threatened me with deportation because I misfiled my alien registration number even though I am a citizen... He demanded I pay money right away or go to jail. Although I was scared I hung up and called the real USCIS and learned that it was a scam.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Impersonating a federal agent is a criminal offense.

It does not accept unless there is money loss. What about mental torture?

Happened with me too. Today. I googled the number and learnt it was a scam. ThankGod

I received a phone call today with USCIS customer service number, have filled a report and hope that this can be ended.

I just got call from 800-375-5283. He was calling from U.S. Citizenship and immigration department. They were saying some issue with my visa and immigration status so filled case against me in my country. Than I hung up call. He called me 3-4 times with different nos. I haven't replied.

Protect my self from scam

Which option do I use to report when calling 800-375-5283? There is no obvious option that I should follow? Is there complaint line?


Here's information from USCIS on where to report an immigration scam by state.

got a call today . threatened and when I called his bluff started saying bad words. The FBI should do something about these people as they now even spoofing federal numbers which should be a crime. Where is the protection for common people.

I got a call from USCIS real number (800) 375 5283 saying there was mistake in my 1st I 94 filling and i would be deported in 2 hours. They told me to disconnect all electronic devices and pay around 15,000 $ . I did not pay and cut the call. I am shocked to see its been happening for more than 1 year and still they are doing this. How come they are not yet punished?

I got a call from +9 911 in January and now today from real USCIS number 800-375-5283. They new my name, my visa status and my country of origin.he was saying there was mistake in my 1st I 94 filling and i would be deported in 2 hours. They told me to disconnect all electronic devices. When I disconcceted the call, they called up again and again and told them thsi is violation and I can be deported. I jusr replied OK. This confused him and he asked me mam do you know the meaning of deportation. This irritated him and I told him to send the police. Now teh scammer disconnceted.
Now I again got a call on 24 Feb 2015 and I knew its a scam. When he asked me questions, i simply replied can you tell me why should I provide all this information and scammer disconnected.
I am concerned if there is some identity theft because I received these calls twice on my cell # !!

We have been getting calls from USCIS real number (800) 375 5283 saying that we did not fill up the Alien number is when we entered the country first time. These calls are coming at every 2 week average. knowing that this is SCAM, i do not respond to them, but last time they new I had caught them they started using profanity. I wish there was a way to find these individuals and give them a taste of their own medicine.

I received a call today with USCIS number on caller id. Blog was written back in 2013 and it still continue to be happening. FTC, USCIS, FBI etc are joke. I knew this has to be a hoax call so i didn't pay but was on phone with them for an hour. I called local cops while on phone. No help from them -all they told me they may be calling from out of country so they can't catch.
Interestingly they spoke/communicated in Gujarati as well. Tell as much people as much as you can especially people who are not U.S Citizen.

I received a call from an unavailable number indicating that I was the subject of identity theft and he was following up on my case to make sure I had been notified. He was asking for confirmation on if I left the country in the past year and then asked which country, which I did not answer. At that point, I asked them to provide a number I can call back. I was given the official USCIS number.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I'm being harrased but these people saying I owe the irs 4800 for child support and I don't owe no one child support my son father owes me money they call from 213?????? Number 8 times yesterday and mothers day what can I do tired of them asking me to pay the so called irs 2570 I ain't and don't owe them nothing

If you think you owe the IRS money, you can contact the IRS yourself. Call 1-888-829-1040 or go to

If you know you don't owe the IRS money, you can hang up when these scammers call. Don't tell them any information about you. They could use that information to steal your idenitty. Don't send them any money.

You can write down the phone number they use, and report it to the FTC at When you report the number, the information goes into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Just got a similar call, he hung up before asking for money but was saying stuff like "nullification of card ...." It is crazy how they have all this information and have been spamming and hoaxing people over the years with no repercussions. They had me really stressed and sent my morning into the bin.

These people must be getting desparate to scam me, since they called today with this number: 800-375-5283, displayed as CID four times in about 4.5 hours! No VM message left, however.

I hope some federal agency is looking into finding and punishing these low lives. But, I am not holding my breath either.

So, if I feel like it, I will answer their call if they continue to call, and waste their time.


I've also received call today from same 800-375-5283 and I immediately realized this is scam. I asked guy over phone not to call but he said he is going to call thousand times. These guys have no fear!! I'm amazed to see this has been going on since 2013 and these guys have not been traced or caught!!


Received call from this number, said that USCIS sent a letter, have you received it? started conversation with my name, wondering how did they get name and number. When I asked why are you calling me? said that site police will be sent to your place and hung up the phone.
Please don't fall into these creepy calls and don't give any personal information.

i am victim of this scam , donot know what to do , simply lost 2986 $

You can report this to real USCIS at 1-800-375-5283. Tell them what happened.

I recently received a notice saying I owe customs 2500. If I don't pay it supposedly I will go to jail for 16 months. How can I find out if this is true or a scam.

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