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You Know Something We Don’t Know

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Want to know what kind of scams we’re hearing about related to the Affordable Care Act?  Some of you have told us what you’re seeing. And we’re hoping that more of you will fill us in.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Some of you who have Medicare are hearing from scammers who say you’ll lose your Medicare coverage (or access to your doctors) unless you get a new Medicare card, or sign up for a certain Medicare Advantage Plan. None of that is true. The Affordable Care Act doesn’t say that people with Medicare need a new Medicare card or any new health insurance.
  • Some of you are getting calls with offers for discounts on health services or products.  These offers sound like – and some flat-out pretend to be – insurance, but they’re not. Instead, some of these discount plans are scams that don’t deliver what they promise.
  • Some of you have gotten calls from a person who’s supposedly from the government. Without even going into further details, we can promise you: they’re not from the government. Nobody from the government is going to call you and ask for money or your Social Security number.

Based on years of fraud-fighting experience, there are other kinds of scams we expect to see. But we’re depending on you to tell us: What are you seeing? What are you hearing? Who’s calling or emailing you? Please report any scams or suspicious things you see. It’ll help us catch the scammers and shut them down.

Meanwhile, read more about the scams we’ve heard about so far.

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Thanks for the information

On February 9, 2012, I received a call from 347-418-0487. A man with an Indian accent told me that I was going to be getting a new medical card. I told him that he was trying to scam me. He insisted that he was not. He was after my banking information, but he didn't get it. I'm a Senior Citizen on Medicare.
This little con game has been going on for quite some time.


IRS hostile call. Received message from a John Smith with a heavy indian accent stating he was with the IRS & I was subject to being arrested or police sent to my home. the number left was 347 559-7963

I received the same call today. What's up? He said he was a federal investigator with the IRS?

I received the call this morning. I told him that he in fact he was not with the IRS and that i was going to report the call. The fact is, I dont know where to report calls. anyone know?

Hi Joel,

You can report it to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at and also file a complaint with the FTC at

I received 2 phone calls informing me that I had won $500,000 from "Consumer Clearing House" (a sister to
Publishers ClearingHouse!!) On the 1st call I don't know what I said but he abruptly hung up on me. The 2nd call (the same day) went into detail where a private courier would deliver the money on a Wed. between the hrs. of 9-10 A.M. I finally asked how much was this call going to cost me and....he hung up!
Today I received a call from Mr. Robert Johnson of the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked me if I had won anything from a lottery or contest. I replied that I supposedly had but never entered one. He "mickey moused" around and I finally asked what was the nature of his call. He wanted to know if I had paid anything to receive the money. No, if I had won, I would not have to pay anything. Then he said I would have to pay a "delivery insurance" fee to get my money. I hung up on him!
I am believing that my name is on every scammer in the whole USA!

I received a call from irs as well from two Indians stating their names were Marcus Littleman and Michael Johnson from phone numbers 530-235-6136 and 530-217-3707.I was threatened with arrest,suspension of my drivers license,and closure of my bank accounts..They should throw all these scammers in a barrel of oil,I will light the match...

there is someone going by the name Stephenie Grant that has 35 different accounts same person 20 pics are of a young lady same lady but from different states 10 pics of an old lady different states same states as other 3 that dnt have pic and other one with forgnine lady all of these r the same person not sure what this person is doing but be aware.In one of these profiles this person has many friends from overseas in a country that we are in battle with so am not sure what to think I hope someone sees this and investagates futher

Scam call - caller "Brian Cruz" identifying himself from IRS (heavy accent sounds Indian - possibly Gujarati). Asking to call 347-559-7963 and speak to case officer "Damon Marshall" about issue from last tax returns. This is a scam trying to scare people and demand to collect money.

Received a call from 347-559-7963 saying that IRS is investigating me and I need to call this number back. Searched the internet and found out this is a scam. I called the number from a different phone, just in case, nobody answered.

has anyone received a scam call from

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