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Additive Adjustment

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Use less gas. Save money. Help the environment. Just by adding a little pill to your fuel tank? Not likely.

Green Foot Global has agreed to settle charges that it made false, misleading, or unsubstantiated claims that its fuel additive “EnviroTabs,” when added to any type of fuel, will increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and save people money at the pump. According to the FTC’s complaint, Green Foot Global, calling EnviroTabs the “World’s 1st Multi-Vitamin for Your Engine,” also falsely claimed that EnviroTabs are scientifically proven to be effective. The company will pay $800,000 to be used for refunds.

Be skeptical of any gas-saving or environmental claims for automotive devices or fuel additives. Even for the few gas-saving products that have been found to work, the savings are small. Read “Gas-Saving” Products for more.

You can take many free or low-cost steps to save on gas, including buying only the octane level you need, watching your speed, properly maintaining the vehicle, and checking tire pressure.

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