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Honor Our Vets

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Veterans Day is a special time to honor all those who have served our country. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 22 million veterans live in the U.S. today. And yet, for all the grateful Americans who celebrate these heroes, there are scammers trying to take advantage of veterans and current servicemembers.

The FTC’s Consumer Center has loads of information to help veterans and their families fight back against fraudsters. For example, it has helpful tips for veterans making decisions about their pension, looking to further their education, take the next step in their career, or even hoping to make charitable donations that benefit veterans or the military community. Check out the FTC’s page for Military Families to get these and other resources to help servicemembers, veterans, and their families avoid marketplace pitfalls and steer clear of fraud.

You might even want to host a Consumer Protection event for vets in your neighborhood. Visit for free resources to put together a program, to distribute, or share on your site, blog, and social media networks. Empower yourself and your community with information – it’s your first line of defense.

We may commemorate veterans on November 11, but every day is a good day to celebrate those who have served our country. 

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