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North of the Border, Up Canada Way

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North of the border, it’s Media Literacy Week. This year’s theme is “What’s Being Sold: Helping Kids Make Sense of Marketing Messages” – which, of course, is a theme that makes sense in the US, too.

In fact, every time a kid plays Admongo, she learns a little more about marketing. For example, the cute shirt with the store name across the front? That’s an ad. The soccer star posing for pictures with a sports drink? Also an ad.

Admongo is an interactive video game that teaches kids critical thinking skills, and how to apply those skills to the ads they see. When the FTC created the game, our Canadian friends at Media Smarts, a non-profit center (or, as they say, “centre”) for digital and media literacy, were there to help us learn from their experience.  

So, in honor of Canada’s Media Literacy Week, I have an Admongo challenge for you: go make yourself an avatar and start playing the game. Then let us know how far you got. (And no judgments on those of us who don’t have the gaming skills to get beyond level one. We are not the 8-10-y-o target audience!)

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