What’s a Healthy Weight Loss Plan?

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The most reliable way to lose weight and keep it off? Consume fewer calories and get more exercise.

For most people, losing about one pound a week is a reasonable goal. That can be achieved by eating about 500 fewer calories a day, choosing a variety of nutritious foods, and amping up activity levels. Claims to the contrary are just sweet talk; and they don’t measure up to the legal standard.

The fact is it’s unlawful to make weight loss claims that aren’t backed up by competent and reliable scientific evidence. Read more about safe and effective weight loss and sorting through weight loss claims. For some good ideas about healthy eating, visit Nutrition.gov, ChooseMyPlate.gov, and the Weight-control Information Network.

Diet Ads and Weight-loss Products

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I like your perspectives about solid weight loos arrange as numerous individuals adopt wrong method for getting in shape which is not suitable for their health yet your post helps them to stay sound while getting more fit.

This is the great information you shared with us. To weight loss a proper diet plan must be followed. Thanks for the information.

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this is good and usefull information you shared with us.for weight loss we must follow the Diet plan must be follow and exercise is also good way for weight loss.

for loosing weight, besides dieting we should exercise regularly.

A healthy weight loss plan gives your body required nutrients and also help to burn calories in routine time. To lose weight, most people need to reduce the number of calories they get from junk foods and increase their physical activity.

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Gosh, 500 calories a day looks quite easy in numbers but when you're actually doing it in a holiday season its definitely a different story.

A healthy weight loss plan does not involve taking weight loss supplements.

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