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Are you affected by the recent Target hack?

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Target has announced that any credit or debit card used in a Target store in the U.S. between November 27 and December 15 may have been compromised. According to the announcement, the stolen information includes the customer’s name, credit or debit card number, and the card’s expiration date and CVV1 (a security code stored on your card's magnetic stripe).

In light of this announcement, the FTC has this advice:

*If you recently used your credit or debit card in a Target store, check your account. If you see charges that you don’t recognize, immediately report them to the fraud department of your bank or credit card provider.

*Going forward, continue to monitor your accounts and check that the information on your credit report is accurate. Your credit report includes information about your credit card accounts and other bills you pay. The law requires the three nationwide consumer reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to give you a free copy of your credit report every 12 months if you ask for it. To get your report, visit or call 1-877-322-8228. You’ll have to provide some personal and financial information to get your report. For information about how to correct errors in your report, visit

To file a complaint, visit For information about identity theft, visit


did you get my post? I would like an answer

I used my debit card on 12/15 and within the last 3 days, i have had several people from the Ukraine reviewing my on-line profiles. Could this be related?

Could you be more specific when you say viewing on-line profiles? Which ones? How did you find this out. A lot of hackers are from the Ukraine and surrounding areas

Sad that they cause their customers hours of time and money to cancell there cards and all they can offer is two days of sales at 10% off during the holiday rush! That is just plain not caring for this customer. I will not shop with them again. 10% off is a slap in the face when they mark up at least 35% and I would not take that offer during the holiday so I can avoid the check out lines. 15 checkout stands and only 4 open with long lines. Thank you Target for absolutely not caring! I will bill them for any fees I am charched from this and threaten a lawsuit if the don't make it right.

Target swipes my driver's license when I purchase alcohol. Was my driver's license information saved by Target and stolen?

I have been trying to use a target gift card for some time now and it never worked at the store. Today I was finally able to log onto my target online account and saw that two separate transactions had taken place using my on nov 14 and the other on dec 14, exactly a month apart...I never made these purchases. What now?

There should be a customer service number on the card. I would call and report the problem as soon as possible.

I'm going,back to cash only!!! If I don't have it I don't need it!

I had done some shopping at Target over that time frame. I was all set to be cautious about it and monitor my account, I wasn't going to cancel my debit card right away. That is, until my bank called me. Mastercard had called them and said my card number was compromised. I cancelled my card on the spot. Now have to wait 10 or so days for my new debit card and pin to come in. Nothing like putting a big headache in place right away. I live off my debit card. I never have cash, and my bank is not a worldwide branch with millions of locations. I deal with a credit union with one location. I can't get to the bank with any kind of ease. Really but a crimp into my life for 2 weeks. At least no money was accessed! Thanks a lot Target!

What other data was included in the compromise? I used my checking visa and while my bank has taken care of it, Target also scanned my driver's license because I bought some cold medicine. Was the info from the license also in the breech also, this was the FIRST time I have ever had a store scan my drivers license! Why are they allowed to do that and what information are they collecting and where does it go?

It was announced on Jan. 18th that there were 6 more major retailers affected by the same malware as Target. It is nearly a week later, the retailer names have not been released, and having checked with my card issuers, they have not been notified of which of their customer's cards have been compromised. Why is this information not being released? We need to know in order to assess how risk and take appropriate actions.

I lost $5450 in this security breach! Wasn't doing any Christmas shopping, just wanted to pick up some storage bags that cost me about 20 bucks. The worst part is, I just found out that because my debit card was from a bank outside the US, that I am liable for the mag stripe fraudulent transactions because US companies do not participate in CHIP liability shift programs. This is so not my fault and extremely unfair. Ive been told over and over there is nothing i can do to be refunded, does anyone have any advice?

What other companies were compromised?

I've had the same thing happen now a year later that occurred to others here with the previous major hack. Two $50 iTunes cards were charged to my Chase Visa, with e-mail notification of the unauthorized purchase, and then the order was automatically cancelled about 20 minutes later by Target (while I was on the phone with my credit card company trying to find out what was going on after receiving no useful help from a Target phone rep since it was after hours).

Trying to deal with Target by phone or e-mail regarding this has been a waste of time. It happened after I made my first online purchase from Target with that card about 3 weeks earlier (I so wish I had used the PayPal option). It's nearly impossible to believe that a whole year later, they still haven't got their act together and have the same kind of security breaches going on.

well found out today that it is still going on as my son's card was hacked as of today and they took every bit of his money that he was saving which was over $2000 and we will not shop at target anymore

Its still happening everyday! Sons was hacked about 3 weeks ago and mine last night for over $600.00! My bank was wonderful. called target they told me its just posscessing call tomorrow, but made its sound like it might be a problem agent told me "the right pin # was used" are you share I didn't use it. Ya I'm very sure!

we are a Active Duty, husband is head on all of our Credit Cards... Expect for 1, which was opened Fraudulently in the Oct 2013 Adobe Hack, (which to this day the Credit Card Company still won't change the whole Acct & amazingly my husband has a Active Card, but the Company states he does not, they won't do a investigation as to how he has the same card # as mine, PLUS... LOL, he uses his card (which doesn't exist, per the Company), 1 time every week to buy a candy bar, which is always Charged on our statement. He's trying to prove a point bc he uses his pin# that he created with the Representative...
Back to Target... We were not notified until mid April-May 2014, that 4 of our 5 credit cards had been charged 16+ times. PLUS, my husband was already on a 1 yr Active Duty Fraud Alert, still. I contacted by email Targets CEO & the VP CEO called me. All I had asked Target for was the remaining of the yr, monitoring &/solutions team that they had sent emails out to all the consumers that had been victims & then she states & I will say my medical background kicked in really quick to respond to this, "Do you not watch tv, listen to the news, read the papers, get your statements for your Credit Cards".. "Ma'am w/all do respect and this is coming from a Former Federal Government Contractor w/ 15 yrs of Health Care & as a Former Retail employee & 13 years as a Mom/Military Wife & I hold no rank only Security Clearances, and I taught Pre-School as well, however now I am disabled. In the medical field, I would stand up for any person asking questions like:
*Dont you watch tv?
-Possibly I'm blind, or what about the blind.
*Dont you listen to the radio?
-Possibly I'm deaf & it saddens me d/t fact I hear my family.
*Possibly I am deaf & blind or to poor to have home internet or 70+Channels or both, or it wasn't my credit card information it was my actual bank Acct check card used as credit or like I did $890 X 16= xxxxxx now multiply 4 cards swiped... 1 being my Actual Bank check card... Add on those fees.
She started to talked say something.. "Oh now think think way, I do get the paper & never was the Target Breach in my Military base Newspaper, I contacted Globe, I was told no ma'am.
As a Military wife, I've had the call, "Babe, I love u"... And I finish my husbands sentence, ..."It's not just a 6month deployment, your fill in chickened out, did something medically to stop his 6 month deployment & the military has no idea if you will even be home by 12 months. Does that sum it up"? He just stayed quiet... 14 months he came home, finally. I still didn't have the nerve/guts/want to believe my diagnosis... For 10+years I have fought Kidney Disease & by accident 18Aug2013, he was Ordered to my Appt, I'm in complete Kidney Failure, which my former PCMs have known & so have I since May 2011.
I said oh u asked about Statements?
That's easy, we have had mail fraud, bank fraud, cyber fraud, health fraud, ID fraud/theft/several homes & autos bought but not by us, I've been battling every type since 2003.
The Target VP CEO Relations said "sorry weren't going to help you."

I was stunned... FireCracker ready... All I said was, "Ya know next time they want front line volunteers to Deploy I'll give them your name, My heart can't do that, I'm sorry, ma'am. My husband has done this for his country since 1998, he would take ur place in a heartbeat.

This ppl have been making horror sounds from are phones an keeps stilling my accounts an phone account an now it tells me that my phone number is already being used


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