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Funeral Planning: Your Right to Information

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If you’re planning a funeral — either making arrangements with family or friends before you have to or when a loved one dies — you need information about all sorts of things. The FTC conducts undercover inspections of funeral homes to make sure they’re complying with the federal regulation that gives you the right to get an itemized price list before you commit to any arrangements.

After recent inspections, the FTC charged a funeral home in Alabama with violating the Funeral Rule, alleging that it didn’t share casket price lists before showing the caskets to their customers as required.

You have additional rights when you’re shopping for funeral goods and services. For example, you can get information by phone from a provider if you ask for it; you can buy goods and services separately; and you can buy only the items you want and need. It’s good to know there are consumer protections in place at an emotional time.

If you’d like to tell about an experience you’ve had with a funeral provider, file a complaint with the FTC.

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Un fortunately they still prey on the heart strings of the people trying to get arrangements for their loved ones. some people in this condition can end up spending their money to survive with. after all old Sam would want a 6000 dollar casket.

It is a good thing that there is an authority that makes sure that funeral homes are up to code, most funeral homes that pass the inspections usually display the certificate, letting you know that they are up to code. To get the best service from a home though, it is important to go and talk with the director in person, and get an idea about how they conduct their business, they are actually generally quite friendly.

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