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Millions Choose Do Not Call

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10 Years of Do Not CallYou may be devoted to your phone, but not so thrilled about some of the calls you get. If you want fewer telemarketing calls, add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. It’ll be in good company: the Registry has a total of 223 million active numbers whose owners chose to limit the telemarketing calls they get.

The Federal Trade Commission manages the National Do Not Call Registry. Once you register your phone number, telemarketers covered by the Registry have up to 31 days to stop calling you. You can register your landline and cell phone numbers by calling 1-888-382-1222 from the telephone number(s) you want to register or you can register online. Your registrations don’t expire.

Read more about the Do Not Call Registry or listen to this audio tip.

Sign Up for the Do Not Call Registry


please register me on do not call list.thanks gloria favis

Please visit to register for the Do Not Call list. Or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you want to register.

There is a new call scam out there from foreign Spanish speaking countries abroad calling telemarketing calls asking for donations to there cause. For some reason when they call the caller id shows California, Texas, Arizona, etc. all south of the border states, but the callers are Mexican, Colombian, etc. Usually calling people in the states with Spanish last names targeting them. I have had a few too many and told them they were doing illegal activity calls and that I was tracking them. Just to get them to stop.

Someone really thought they could give their name and the FTC would put their phone number on the DNC list? Am I in the Twilight Zone?

There are many seniors that need assistance in navigating the system to sign up. Don't be so surprised... IF YOU are fortunate you will be there soon enough.

I get repeated calls about Solar Energy despite telling them to stop calling.

do not call

I am past mad !! I am on the Do Not Call Registry and this dose no good because I still get Solicitors, Telemarkers 5 days a week 6 to 7 calls a day and telling them to take me off the calling list dose no good, they are violating the law and what good is the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY ??? hello !!!!

Someone please tell me what is so good about Do not call registry when this dose not stop all the teleamarkers solicitors, I am past the mad point. What will it take to stop them, they a violating the law. this has got to stop !!

You can blame your Cell Carrier for this, they sell the numbers to the violators, theres to much money made by your cell carrier, they even charge you to change your number, so there making profits on both ends, you and the violated.

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