Selling a Car? Watch For A New Telemarketing Scam

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The scenario: You want to sell your car without any hassles for a fair price. So you place an ad on a community website hoping for a quick sale. Shortly thereafter, you get a call from what sounds like an auto company. For a fee, the company promises to put you in touch with a buyer. If your car isn’t sold, they promise to refund your money. So you go ahead and pay the fee, and wait for the company to present a buyer for your car.

The catch? According to a recent case settled by the FTC, the auto company’s claims are false. There are no buyers, and there is no refund. It’s just another scam designed to bilk consumers.  

Steer clear of telemarketing scams related to selling a car by following these tips:

  • Resist making an immediate decision when someone cold calls you in response to an ad you placed. Scam telemarketers are likely to use high-pressure tactics to get you give them money.
  • Research a company before paying a fee for their service. Go online and use a search engine to find out what the company track record is. Look for any complaints that might signal a red flag.
  • Get the specifics of the service you’re paying for in writing. Ask for a copy of the company policy and terms of the service on paper, and make sure you read and understand the fine print before agreeing to it or signing anything.
  • Register your home and mobile phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. Although it won’t stop all unsolicited telemarketing calls, it will stop most. If your number is on the registry and you still get calls, they’re likely to be from scammers ignoring the law.
  • Report fraud. If you suspect a company is scamming you after having promised a service and not delivering, file a complaint with the FTC.

For more information, check out Buying and Owning a Car and Telemarketing Scams.

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Besides feeling dumb is there anything I can do about companies that say they have lists of people who want to buy if they can get a good price. Then all they di is put you on a list with hundreds of other sellers. Is there anything I can do since the company is out of stare, many people have been cheated by this ongoing criminal activity by a group of people (RICO)

Another key is how specific are they being. We received a call and texts for our truck but they were vague and not specific. They say vehicle not truck, car, etc. and bring up no details other then we have this service for a fee. Also pay attention to the # that comes up on your phone. If it’s a non-local number or no number at all, I would be suspicious.

I have someone calling me from "your auto realtor" saying they will sell my car for full asking price. but first I most pay a $499.00 fee. unknown if it is a scam, but skeptical. there web site is yourautorealtor

I am in the same boat and just got a call. Have been going back and forth with this person over phone and need confirmation if this is legit and not a scam. How did you make out?

I got a loan from them at 11% for a truck pretty steep

Hi Tony, Any important update from your side? My husband received a call from them today, I believe it is a scam!

totally unfair to "beleive" without even have using them? unbeleivable.

Who told you we haven't use them? We already did !! and then we have discovered that they are trying to playa dirty game with us

Big Al, how'd it go with that Co. was it a scam? Same company calling me.

I got the same call from It sounded fishy, especially that a buyer would call me and come out to my house with a cheque for $1000 more than what I was asking in my ad. They claimed they needed the $499 so that the buyers (they lined up) would be sure the truck would be here and I would sell it when they showed up. They also said the $499 would be refunded back to me after I sold my truck. I called Mastercard to find out if they had any complaints about this company. They said they hadn't but STRONGLY advised me not to give them my credit card number. Tony, how did it all work from your end? Did they issue you a cheque to take to the buyer? Did you have any say over the price?

Do not give your credit card numbers to yourautorealtor! My husband was a victim of fraud from this fake company.

Arich, can you confirm what you mean by fraud? Did they take money and never sell the car, or something else?

Hello, I'm curious too as to how this company scammed you? I've had a call from them also saying they'd sell my truck. I'd love to go with them as it sounds great, but I'm very skeptical. Any help?

HUGE scam. I stupidly had paid the fee. They lie and say they have a buyer Lined up and go after vehicles that do seem like they will sell Quickly. They give u a timeline and then another time line and then have multiple excuses as to why ur vehicle hasn't sold or why the person lined up to buy it hasn't met the requirements. After constant battling and my vehicle supposedly being up for sale for 5 months by them nothing ever came of it and I was offered a 200$ refund. Which I might add I never received. Don't even bother with these lying scum bags.

Looking for info about YOURAUTOREALTOR. I have heard a mix of info so far from people getting ripped off and having great experiences. Its hard to figure out what is real and not with these people. They say they have a confirmed sale to buy my car but I'm cautious to give out my credit card #, but I would really like to sell this car sooner then later.

Let me know your experiences and thoughts on this company. States they have been around almost 4 years and its hard to run a legit scam for that long.

Help Please!

If they had a seller who wanted to buy your car, they could connect you and you could sell it directly. This is a middle man company trying to scam you out of your money. Please don't fall for it.

I'm currently in a loan with them for 19% the payments ballon to 24% for 3 years , I didn't read it properly those sharks . Watch out read your loan papers carefully SERIOUSLY!!!!

Got the same call from yourautorealtor just now. Decided to do some research and landed here. Will not be giving them the loot FOR SURE after reading this. First off, he talked way too fast over the info I deemed important to understand and was frustrated and upset the further I prodded into it. Second, there seem to be several different reasons they state as to why you need to pay them $500. I was told it's a membership fee. Why can't they bill this said "lined up purchaser" the $500 and take it off the top of the vehicle? Thanks for the help all.

I had a call from them yesterday as well. Wondering if anyone has actually successfully sold a vehicle with them? It sounds too good to be true that they are going to be selling my vehicle for above my asking price, at no cast to me, Im wondering what the catch is, if there is one. I have read people here saying they loaned them money at really high rates, but as I am not in market for a loan, just wanna sell my vehicle, that concerns me less than if they actually sell cars or not. The internet is strangely lacking in any info on these guys at all.

These guys keep calling they got me into this insane loan for 26 percent and now I told them don't withdraw my account cause it will bounce cause I don't have the money and they still did now I owe on the auto payment and bank NSF charges give a guy a break

I'm no expert but I think a company around for four years can't fraud you on credit cards I have been a victim of fraud it's your social security that gets you frauded

I got a truck from them for a crazy interest loan at 17% . I regret this deal I'll be paying for this for 8 years 8 long yearsssss!!!!!

Has anyone used to successfully sell your vehicle?

Just got a loan from them on Friday for a truck I should've read this stuff before hand they do BALLOON the payment after 1 year mine is going from 9% to 16% for the 3 years in between and then it goes back to 9% on the fourth year and on. I was a happy camper on Friday and now I'm in awe of what they have done to me. Do your self a favour get somebody with a financial background to read your documents for you PLEASE...

I ain't no rocket scientist but if they finance vehicles I'm assuming they Sell those vehicles .Nothing is for free anymore not even the water we drink or the air we breathe That's life

Just received a call from yourautorealtor. com about my car I have for sale. She knew my asking price and exactly what the car was. She didn't ask for money, said they would sell my car for $500 more than my asking and that $500 would be there fee. She then sent me an email but it doesn't ask for a credit card # or anything, just explains the process with no firther instructions.Has anyone successfully sold a vehicle with this company? Or is it yet another scam?

I am in a similar position and I'm trying to figure out if they are scammers or not. Please let me know what you have decided to do with the company, many thanks!

I tried to list my vehicle with them I needed help selling my secondary vehicle cause I'm always in and out of town for work. They said they didn't NEED it I was like what kind of people with questionable credit wouldn't buy a 2010 Honda Civic , they said they can't guarantee the sale so they won't list it. I'm confused ver confused what does that mean? So they wouldn't take my money couple people said they were sharks looks like dolphins to me! Confused!

I just got a convertible beetle from them last week I love the car BUT I hate the payments I'll be stuck to. What's weird is that my first year my percent is 22 and then it goes down to 8 for the rest of the loan I don't get how they get these numbers anyway. Anyways I'll be cruising in style even though I won't have money for gas for the first year. Shucks I guess I'm young and naive another willing victim of this company:::::::;

there has been repeated comments about loans and so on but not one single person has actually sold a vehicle through this company? Everyone is asking and there is zero answers!!! come on ppl of the internet someones gotta know something good or bad and not involving their ballooning finance.

I'm reading these posts and laughing cause obviously these guys are selling vehicles probably by listing on one side and then just smacking them with those preposterous rates on the other side. It's an unique business model and I assume the people that go on to these forums haven't actually listed their vehicle to see the outcome. I myself was considering this route yesterday cause I got low offers but today I got my car sold on my own. My opinion the internet can only give you so much.If you receive good service you most likely don't even blink an eye and just go on with your life.

You guys, under no circumstances should you be giving these people your money. This is 100% a scam, and this kind of predatory business should be illegal. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Please, do your research and never fall for the "you need to give us money to get more money" schtick.

I used the service about 6 weeks ago. My truck has not been sold and have hardly heard from them. They said they had multiple buyers and it would only be a few days. Then I asked for a refund and they told me it was a difficult customer but it would be done in 6 days. Don't waste your time or money, the old saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" applies here!

It's now June 15th, did they follow thru on their 6 day promise? I've got them calling again today and idk what to think. I want the car sold but don't want to give away $500!

Do not give them any money. They DO NOT have buyers waiting. Why would buyers be waiting and only using their service when there are so many places and sites that they could purchase a vehicle from. They have a website (the IP is hidden behind a proxy btw so you can't trace their address) that is their front to selling vehicles. They are financed by people desperate to sell their car and willing to give away $499. They do not make money off of the sale of a vehicle because ... shock horror- the vehicles that they have listed on their website are priced $500 over and have very limited internet traffic. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS. This is a scam

I got a loan from them last week in regards to a vehicle they had listed the percentage they charged me was 12% the individual who' was selling the vehicle asked me what rate I was paying and said ouch and offered to give me a two thousand dollar break on his vehicle... BUTTTT!!! These sharks wouldn't let him give me the break and made me buy it for the full amount. The seller bless his soul was so upset too. These companies just take you for everything you got. Sad but happy I'm on the road again!

I got contacted today by yourautorealtor and am wondering if a seller would comment on how the process went. Definitely seems like bad reviews from buyers so I am uncomfortable about the whole process.

I have given them $599 USD on my credit card.

They promised it was a done deal. I called and spoke with someone in "customer service". They are extremely good at their jobs. Not sure if that's just collecting a fee or if they actually set loans up.

They people don't give very straights answers. They will talk in a circle and have an excuse for everything. They seemed to have thought of everything.

Because you sign a contract I don't think what they are doing is illegal. I do believe they spend more time collect $599 than actually setting up loAns.

These are professional shisters and again good at their jobs!!! I'm still not convinced!!! They are good at their jobs! At this point I don't think they do anymore than collect fees from sellers and maybe they set up the odd loan. If they can't make this deal come together sooner we have problems.

A company that claims to do 250+ deals a month to me! There is an overwhelm number reports of people with the same experience. Where are any of the good experiences?

Maybe they do set up auto loans. It makes no sense that they arent putting me in contact with the buyer they had lined up. It's ridiculous. It would legitimize this whole thing for me. Obviously they don't have a buyer.

When I think back he only meantioned where the buy was from after I gave my postal code.

I would like my 599 usd back and they can hold their cancellation fee.

Or put me in contact with the buyer you claim to have and you already approved!!! You claim to approve anyone anyway!!!
YourAutoRealtor professional masters At giving you the run around.

I wouldn't strongly recommend you keep your money.

You can help law enforcement by reporting businesses that don't live up to their promises. Report at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigation. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

It's funny why can't we post anything positive ?

The FTC's blog comment policy explains what you can post here. This is a moderated blog. We review all comments before they are posted. 

I entered into a contract with My Auto Realtor 2 days ago. They were really good right up until this morning when I cancelled the contract. Just looking to cancel the contract they are making it more difficult than it needed to be. I have no problem paying their processing fee as it is stated in the contract.

I will monitor my account and keep everyone posted. Frankly I'm not sticking around two weeks to find out if they are decent. The contract clearly states they make no guarantees to sell my vehicle.

I've given them a warning in email that if they don't return the funds I will have no choice but to contact my bank and file a dispute against them, the better business bureau and i would also open a case with consumer protection act.

I will gladly write about how they refunded my money after they do so. Plus then we will all know how decent they really are!!

They refunded me 350. It wasn't easy to get my money back they tried using all kinds of scare tactics and threats and continued to give me the run around. *pleasenote you must request your cancellation in writing within the three days of signing the contract.

Their customer service representative is an absolute Joke and doesn't know what he's talking about. They told me two different things 1. They are their own bank underwriting their own loans 2. They deal with all the major banks. Their process time is a joke just to push you past the cancellation date.

I work at a dealership and if income and stipulations are met which was told to me a major bank would have this done within the 3 days. Also if they had a buyer and truly were underwriting their loans they could put me in contact with the buyer in that time frame since the deal is "done" or I said I would walk. They stand more to lose by me walking away if the deal was real they would have done more logical things to keep it together.

However " I accept and consider this matter closed with Your Auto Realtor "

Legally these guys aren't off side with their law per say however they do imbellish with their initial phone call to get your money. I would not recommend them I would not use them again and I would request my money right away if I was you.

If you suspect a company promised something it didn't deliver, please file a complaint with the FTC. The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations. Thank you.

Hi .. I got a call from yourautorealtor just a few hours after listing my vehicle on KIJIJI. The Guy who called me told me that he is moving from Saskatchewan to Calgary(I am in Calgary) and needs a new Vehicle. He asked me my email address and later emailed me stating that he is from yourautorealtor. 1 day later I got a call from another female customer care person who told me that they'll help me sell my vehicle for a fee of 499 dollars. I asked them if you are a loan company and interested in my vehicle then why don't you buy my car and loan it at whatever rate you want; pay me 499 less than what I am asking. She got rude with me and told me that we'll ask our buyers to go with the different car:D

Just got a call from them like 15 minutes ago and thought I would do some research. Glad I did. Certainly not even going to talk to them next time they call.
Thanks for all the information.

Similrly to @NG above, received an offer from My Auto Realtor. I looked up the for the site and it was established in 2016, not the same 10 year history claimed by the person on the phone. Offered me $1500 above asking for my truck. Was not willing to submit any contract or information to sign only that the documents would be signed at my bank. Uh-huh. Only one hour to respond and I will be golfing afterwards. Righhhhtt....

I don't know how these goofballs continue to operate. A 5 minute search online yielded this long list of complaints. If you get hosed, it is frankly your own lazy fault. You bit the line on too good to be true. It is obviously a predatory company trying to operate between the grey lines of the law.

Has anyone taken action? Or is willing to join a group to take action?

I received calls from this number/company as soon as I put my ad on kijiji for sale. I denied their offer and ignored. However, I received a missed call (without any message) and i could manage to receive one call but the caller hung up. I returned a call to the number. They knew about my car and reason for the call and explained their process and fees. I also received emails from them. While researching on them, i found this site. I am convinced that they are being very tough on buyers. This is good enough for me to make a decision not to do business with this company. Thanks all for their time writing comments on this concern. very helpful to me.

KIND OF still tempted to go through with this, even after reading all the complaints - just so I can post again if my car is actually sold! Only reason not to is knowing the buyer is put through the ringer on interest rates.


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