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Selling a Car? Watch For A New Telemarketing Scam

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The scenario: You want to sell your car without any hassles for a fair price. So you place an ad on a community website hoping for a quick sale. Shortly thereafter, you get a call from what sounds like an auto company. For a fee, the company promises to put you in touch with a buyer. If your car isn’t sold, they promise to refund your money. So you go ahead and pay the fee, and wait for the company to present a buyer for your car.

The catch? According to a recent case settled by the FTC, the auto company’s claims are false. There are no buyers, and there is no refund. It’s just another scam designed to bilk consumers.  

Steer clear of telemarketing scams related to selling a car by following these tips:

  • Resist making an immediate decision when someone cold calls you in response to an ad you placed. Scam telemarketers are likely to use high-pressure tactics to get you give them money.
  • Research a company before paying a fee for their service. Go online and use a search engine to find out what the company track record is. Look for any complaints that might signal a red flag.
  • Get the specifics of the service you’re paying for in writing. Ask for a copy of the company policy and terms of the service on paper, and make sure you read and understand the fine print before agreeing to it or signing anything.
  • Register your home and mobile phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. Although it won’t stop all unsolicited telemarketing calls, it will stop most. If your number is on the registry and you still get calls, they’re likely to be from scammers ignoring the law.
  • Report fraud. If you suspect a company is scamming you after having promised a service and not delivering, file a complaint with the FTC.

For more information, check out Buying and Owning a Car and Telemarketing Scams.

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I entered into a contract with My Auto Realtor 2 days ago. They were really good right up until this morning when I cancelled the contract. Just looking to cancel the contract they are making it more difficult than it needed to be. I have no problem paying their processing fee as it is stated in the contract.

I will monitor my account and keep everyone posted. Frankly I'm not sticking around two weeks to find out if they are decent. The contract clearly states they make no guarantees to sell my vehicle.

I've given them a warning in email that if they don't return the funds I will have no choice but to contact my bank and file a dispute against them, the better business bureau and i would also open a case with consumer protection act.

I will gladly write about how they refunded my money after they do so. Plus then we will all know how decent they really are!!

They refunded me 350. It wasn't easy to get my money back they tried using all kinds of scare tactics and threats and continued to give me the run around. *pleasenote you must request your cancellation in writing within the three days of signing the contract.

Their customer service representative is an absolute Joke and doesn't know what he's talking about. They told me two different things 1. They are their own bank underwriting their own loans 2. They deal with all the major banks. Their process time is a joke just to push you past the cancellation date.

I work at a dealership and if income and stipulations are met which was told to me a major bank would have this done within the 3 days. Also if they had a buyer and truly were underwriting their loans they could put me in contact with the buyer in that time frame since the deal is "done" or I said I would walk. They stand more to lose by me walking away if the deal was real they would have done more logical things to keep it together.

However " I accept and consider this matter closed with Your Auto Realtor "

Legally these guys aren't off side with their law per say however they do imbellish with their initial phone call to get your money. I would not recommend them I would not use them again and I would request my money right away if I was you.

If you suspect a company promised something it didn't deliver, please file a complaint with the FTC. The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations. Thank you.

Hi .. I got a call from yourautorealtor just a few hours after listing my vehicle on KIJIJI. The Guy who called me told me that he is moving from Saskatchewan to Calgary(I am in Calgary) and needs a new Vehicle. He asked me my email address and later emailed me stating that he is from yourautorealtor. 1 day later I got a call from another female customer care person who told me that they'll help me sell my vehicle for a fee of 499 dollars. I asked them if you are a loan company and interested in my vehicle then why don't you buy my car and loan it at whatever rate you want; pay me 499 less than what I am asking. She got rude with me and told me that we'll ask our buyers to go with the different car:D

Just got a call from them like 15 minutes ago and thought I would do some research. Glad I did. Certainly not even going to talk to them next time they call.
Thanks for all the information.

Similrly to @NG above, received an offer from My Auto Realtor. I looked up the for the site and it was established in 2016, not the same 10 year history claimed by the person on the phone. Offered me $1500 above asking for my truck. Was not willing to submit any contract or information to sign only that the documents would be signed at my bank. Uh-huh. Only one hour to respond and I will be golfing afterwards. Righhhhtt....

I don't know how these goofballs continue to operate. A 5 minute search online yielded this long list of complaints. If you get hosed, it is frankly your own lazy fault. You bit the line on too good to be true. It is obviously a predatory company trying to operate between the grey lines of the law.

Has anyone taken action? Or is willing to join a group to take action?

I received calls from this number/company as soon as I put my ad on kijiji for sale. I denied their offer and ignored. However, I received a missed call (without any message) and i could manage to receive one call but the caller hung up. I returned a call to the number. They knew about my car and reason for the call and explained their process and fees. I also received emails from them. While researching on them, i found this site. I am convinced that they are being very tough on buyers. This is good enough for me to make a decision not to do business with this company. Thanks all for their time writing comments on this concern. very helpful to me.

KIND OF still tempted to go through with this, even after reading all the complaints - just so I can post again if my car is actually sold! Only reason not to is knowing the buyer is put through the ringer on interest rates.

I worked for your auto relator it is a complete scam.

Has anyone successfully sold a car with Your Auto Realtor when the buyer needed loan approval to purchase your car?
If so, how long did the approval process take? I've been quoted up to 25 days which seems very excessive.

They are scam they collect your fees for nothing , they give a service for just advertising your car then keep postponing till pass their 3 days probation .So by law you can't collect your money back .There are no buyers , I had another 2-3 companies doing the same from Las VEGAS Be careful every body

If it's a scam and they don't have any buyers, how are some of these people buying vehicles from them at ridiculous interest rates?

These guys put me into a truck and I paid $4k over the real price and into a 8 year term for 23% , I should have researched the price and rates I was In a desperate situation how can these guys get away with this REALLY

I am currently listed with them for 2 vehicles one work truck and a sports car.The truck was sold but for 2000 less than what we agreed to I understand it was a $40,000 truck.The other car its been 4 weeks and nothing is happening although Im hopeful the weather will change that.These bad credit things are unfortunate but people are grown ups they can make their own decisions.

I was called by autorealtor about a week ago. I asked them to send me the info via email. I did some research and found this site. Thanks for all the comments. They called again today. I was disconnected twice and then they called back. They told me today they have a buyer looking to pay $900 more than my asking price. Why wouldn't I go with them. I asked them why not send the buyer to me, and they stated these buyers need financing. So they finance at outrageous rates to people who are desperate and rip them off. They called back again and I ignored their call. I won't be giving them the $499 that they say is refundable after I make the sale. They said once I subscribe they'll pass my number on to the buyer and put them in touch with me. This last lady was also very pushy. I'll stick with my Kijiji add and Autotrader add.

I was denied from my bank for a work truck I ended up contacting this company for a different work truck they were so nice and helpful , BUT all a rouse they ended up getting me into a loan for 10% the first year and and and %25 the following years and I just found out that I over paid on the vehicle too .I thought I was the only guy this happened to apparently not I'm truly disgusted that there are companies that take adavantage of you bad situation and in turn I'll be barely able to make ends meet. So my credit is bad but if you can give 10% on the first why not keep it that way . Utterly DISGUSTED

The scam is what they charge for interest rates just like any bank or credit card company it's all the same

Your Auto Realtor is a TOTAL SCAM. They quote you $499 well actually that's in US dollars which is almost $700 CAN and will tell you that if you sell your car on your own they will give you a full refund. NOT TRUE. Once you pay them your money is gone forever

Those guys very diligent with follow ups, kept calling me .Do not like when people want up front fees for their job. Almost give my credit card # but something clicked inside and I said would call them back in 30 min. Then the guy said "no" no more deal and hung up. I do not see here who sold successfully but mostly unhappy buyers with high interests. This blog sounds quite confusing not giving you any clear massage. Do not forget.... those guys from yourautorealtor could write a post and make you to sway in any direction they want.

I'm so upset at these guys they really screwed me over I got this dumb loan for 20%%%%%%for a car from their site they car BLEWWWWW up 5 weeks later and now I owe on the loan for payments for a car that doesn't work I called them they gave me the run around they said if I fix it maybe they can help me sell it and get a cheaper car listen you guys I can't afford anything that's why I went to them screwed over royalty pissed

Please report this to the FTC The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report to your state Attorney General.

I got calls from yourautorealtor and good that I preferred to Google about them before making payment of 499$. Thank God, I am saved.

Just got off the phone with them; she told me to increase the price of my car for an additional $500, to get my money back after I paid the $500 to have them post my car. So... why would I do this???

These guys are horrendous made me wait like 21 days for a 2009 truck and then when I got there it was 2008 like don't they screen these vehicles also I'm into this stressful loan payment stuff with them for like six years at like 19 percent I hate dealing with these chumps but I had no choice couldn't get the credit I needed I would recommend to steer clear of this company and any company like this never again

Yourautorealtor is a scam. Their website is through a proxy so their location is unknown. You are throwing away $499 which you will never get back

I buy car from them the payment I make 2 time month I get loan 14 percint I make big mistake now I stuck with this company for 6 year no good this company rate I want to sell car they tell me to sell privite I new here I don't know what do no good this thing


You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

You can also contact the attorney general in your home state, and in the state where the business is operating.

I made a complaint with them! Lets all do it~!

They just called me today and asked for $500 fee and said they had two buyers for my car. Wanted me to pay $500 fee first on my credit card and then the buyer would meet me at the bank and then auto realtor would transfer me the money directly into my acct. I said to them send the buyers first to look at the car because North York and Mississauga Ontario is not far from Brampton Ontario. He said they have bad credit so that's why they use them. I said it doesn't make any sense that someone would pay $17,700 for a car that they don't see first even if they have bad credit. I would not give them my visa I told them to send the buyer to look at the car first. They hung up on me. TOTAL SCAM!!

Half the peeps here seem upset about their $500 fee how about the compassion on the other side for these guys who have nowhere to turn to and just get smacked with all these huge rates I'm betting their single moms families hard up in hard times if you have the money to pay the fee then don't complain of even talk to the company clearly if you don't agree with their business motto then hang up but atleast stop being selfish and see the other persons side and what this world of loans and credit cards do to people whatever happened to the good old days of cash and carry

What a joke these darn rates that I'm paying through them 25 percent for 5 years like the guy who can't afford it has to pay the most they make me sick I have been up to date for 6 months now and still no relief they said after another 6 months maybe qualify for 22 percent like I need my payments to be lower I think of these companies as jokes who get away with anything

I know this company very well these pathetic excuse for human beings gave me the around for a year I got a work truck from and it's transmission blew then they got me another truck for a higher amount and higher percentage I was patient and polite with them hoping you get more bees with honey in the end after almost a year finally got the truck and payment worked out I missed one payment that's right only one payment after 13 payments made in time that's over a year of being good the put up the percentage to 27 from the lack lustre percentage of 22 I was already paying dealing with these guys really stressed me out for over a year thank heavens I haven't had to talk or deal with them in a few months as payments automatically come out of my account I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THEM THUMBS DOWN NEVER DEAL with them

They are so nice and charming they make you feel relaxed and like your sitting with a glass of milk and freshly baked cookies buttt they tell you one thing and do another they told me they will give me an acceptable rate for my loan yes the first year is acceptable 9 percent but afterwards a couple weeks later I read it it goes up to 15 percent for 3 years and then to 12 percent 2 years after , shysters I tell you don't deal with them you will avoid heartaches and headaches

I got scammed by YOUR AUTO REALTOR!!!! I lost my money!!! Do not deal with them they are horrible. They called me names and got aggressive with me as soon as I started blowing the wistle on them. Innocent professionals do not call customers names over the phone - no matter how irate the person gets. I'm a nice Canadian girl, I didn't swear or anything. I called the cops who said oh yeah - for sure a scam after I explained what happened. The cop was super nice and sympathetic. but bottom line these guys are good at scamming and they use fine print to get around the law - which is complicated becuase they operate across the border. Just don't do it unless you like to give money to idiots for nothing - they are predators.

I was scammed exactly like all of you. I advertised on Kijiji. Auto Realtor called me right away and offered to sell my car for $600 more than my list price. They claimed to have buyers lined up to purchase a car exactly like mine (I'm an idiot). They charge $500US to advertise the car. Calls could come in as early as that weekend. That was Thursday late in May. I was strung along week after week after week and we are now at just about 100 days without a single expression of interest. The person I spoke with was Jordan. Could be any name.

I even had my CC company call them and look at the contract. They advised that I have been scammed and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. The latest advice I have from Auto Realtors is that they expect to have a buyer by the end of this week. I will update here

In the mean time I am starting my process of advising people where I am, how I have been treated and giving a weekly update, as Auto Realtor give me an update I will post it here on this site and on every other site where I detail my story.

I am in the course of looking for any site I can to let people know about these people.

You can report your experience to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Hey why wouldn't y all sell ur cars to private people directly ? My husband n I looking to buy one at the moment but couldn't find no offer like that. Just in case you interested? Cause we would rather buy it from a private person then a car sells man too

I was in a vulnerable position and had to get a loan from them they have been decently nice to me but then again who wouldn't with the rates they charge I'm stuck with them for five years at fourteen percent I wish I hadn't done this last life is hard but I guess it's harder without a vehicle I just wish these companies would see the human side and actually try to help as opposed to taking advantage of my dire straits

I have paid them & they couldn't sell my car. They are 100% fraud, please save Ur money & don't pay them one cent.

Bad debt loans that's what I ended up with these crazy rates I thought we as a country were doing better to risk institutions like this to stop charging whatever they want I'm in a loan for four years for 27% that's right 27% for the whole term I might be medium risk yes I admit that but this outrageous amount like how is that possible also dealing with these people really stress me amount one min I understand them the next I don't it's like smooth talkers who hide the fact of what they are doing to me hate this company for real

Do not and i say do not do any business with Your Auto Realtor. They will take your USD$499 and do absolutely nothing for you. They may sound professional and eager to help on the phone but they will not return calls or update you on anything. Next thing you know your credit card has been charged.

I got burnt into a fast pace deal said they would approve me ya they did for a truck but it was a facade cause I didn't read that my payments are 21% for two years then goes down to 12 percent all I heard was 12 percent just straight burnt and toasted got a truck at what price won't even be able to afford rent these guys got me looks like they got you too

ya, put my truck up on Kijiji... got a cold call out of the blue about this service who, for $500 will sell my truck to people who can't get credit. Told them to send me something in writing... they did and I honestly forgot about it.

Today, heard from a guy who said they had 2 offers of above my asking price and that for $500 they would have a certified cheque at a local bank if I agreed to it. Again, skeptical about it- told them to send me something in writing. got the deets via email but nothing that was legally binding. After reading all of the above- I will pass on this too good to be true offer.

Hey guy what was the company called? I’m dealing with one that’s called (vehicle connect group) they said after I’d send the 500$ or what ever, it would take 15 to 25 days for the buyer with bad credit for his loan to go through.

Read the tips at the top of this blog, and remember to

  • Research the company before you pay for the service. Go online and use a search engine to find out what the company track record is. Look for any complaints.
  • Get details in writing about the service you are paying for. Get a written copy of the company policy and terms of the service. Read them and make sure you understand before you agreeing to it or sign anything.

put my suv on kijiji and got a call from them.. 500 fully refundable deposit and have buyers today.... total scam.. im mad i even wasted 20 minutes talking to this guy.. like everyone says. if its to good to be true.. IT IS! total scam

Be ware of a new scam of company calls VCG-Vehicle connect group-they pretend to sell your car on a higher price then advertise your car with hundreds or more cars and coming up with all kind of excuses why they are not succeeding to sell your car

In my line of work I deal with scams and scammers all the time. I research the companies to find out if they are legitimate or not. In this case, we had listed our vehicle for sale on Kijiji and as explained in previous posts, I was contacted by one sale person from Vehicle Connect Group telling me about the company. They sent me an email which read as a scam. I was then called by the Finance Manager, Kevin CLarke, who told me my vehicle was actually worth more than what I had it listed at and they had not one, but two buyers in my area. We talked for twenty minutes and when I told him what I did for a living and that I was researching his company as we spoke, he got quiet. Then when I told him I found complaints registered through the BBB he actually hung up on me. I guess they really do not want my business. I have the vehicle you need and you hang up on me!!! It just seemed too good to be true!


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