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When AdsblendwithContent

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These days, it’s not always clear where news or entertainment ends and advertisements begin. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission is gearing up for its “Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?” workshop on Wednesday, December 4, 2013. Panelists at the daylong workshop will look at advertising that resembles the content it’s embedded with. Representatives from publishing, advertising, and academia, as well as federal regulators and consumer advocates will talk about changes in the way ads are presented, and how readers notice and understand advertising messages.

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The workshop is free and open to the public. Registration starts at 9:15 and the event begins at 10:00 at the FTC’s Conference Center, 601 New Jersey Avenue, NW; Washington, DC, 20001. You’ll find the agenda, list of panelists and logistical information on the workshop page. On December 4, you can watch a live webcast of the workshop.

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Nice work

What came out of the workshop?

Is FTC planning to make any further announcements pertaing to native advertising or content marketing in the near future? I am a panelist next week for a webinar focusing on native advertising and wanted to check in just in case of imminent braking news.

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