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Dream Creams

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Gingerbread…eggnog...champagne. The holiday season is over! After enjoying some end-of-the-year indulgences, you may be thinking about how to reshape your body. What if you just had to slather on some cream to get a slim sculpted shape? Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Unfortunately, it is just a dream. You won’t sculpt your body with a miracle cream. In fact, the FTC recently settled its charges against L’Occitane, Inc., for touting its skin creams, Almond Beautiful Shape and Almond Shaping Delight, by overpromising their results. The company marketed the products as cellulite fighters “proven” to sculpt up to 1.3 inches from the thighs and slim the body in just 4 weeks. But according to the FTC, L’Occitane didn’t have the proof it needed to make those claims. As part of the settlement, L’Occitane agreed to stop making claims for these products without the required scientific evidence to back up what they say – and to pay $450,000 in refunds to people who bought the creams.

Which brings me back to those pesky holiday challenges. Remember that getting to your desired shape takes work. Take a pass on any product that promises miracle results without the effort of diet and exercise. There’s nothing you can apply to your skin that will cause you to reshape yourself. Dream creams that claim to sculpt your thighs?  Let’s just say they’ll rub you the wrong way.

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Your writing and blogs are great. You should be writing those ads!

Thanks for the kind words!

When researching scam creams stay away from Equinox! I just filled out a report to the FTC-very fraudulent and deceptive practices including not cancelling after my request, charging more than they said and more-stay away!!!!

When will the FTC go after Algenist? There Is NO proof that algae does anything for the skin, the company won't make public the details of their very limited "study", and the results they refer to are impossible without surgery or cosmetic fillers.

Today Algenist is the TSV (today's special value) on QVC. Several thousand people will fall for their exaggerated claims. Price is $110 plus shipping. I urge the FTC to monitor their claims and keep them honest.

Don't purchase Hydra Gold. It is an internet scam and they used my debit card illegally to send me creams I did not order. It starts out as a trial for the cream plus a bottle of Hydra Gold vitamin C capsules for 4.95 and 4.99 dollars. The shipping was supposed to be free but they charged me 12.00 for that. Also, they charged $85.00 on my card for something I did not order. This is illegal and needs to be stopped. I made a mistake and will never order online again.

Hi Chitchc,

If you fell victim to a scam, please report it directly to our complaint line at

Thank you.

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