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Easier Said Than Dune

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sand dunesA dune buggy struggles near the top of a steep sand dune — some optimistic off-roader clearly overestimated what it could do. But wait — a Nissan Frontier suddenly zooms up the hill and powerfully pushes the buggy over. It’s amazing — even the people standing there can’t believe it! No really, they can’t. Because it didn’t really happen, the FTC says.

According to the FTC’s complaint, the reality behind this YouTube-style ad that touts the power of the Nissan Frontier is that the buggy and truck were pulled up by cables, and the steep dune was made to look much steeper than it was. But a lot of viewers wouldn’t know that, the FTC says.

The FTC has reached a settlement with Nissan North America and its ad agency, TBWA Worldwide. The proposed settlement forbids Nissan from misrepresenting any feature of its pickups through a test, experiment, or demonstration. The order against TBWA bans similar misrepresentations for any pickup. 

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Glad to see Nissan got busted on this one. I think
a random investigation of ads should be employed. There are thousands of "claims" just like this one that are totally manipulated. It IS an unfair means of doing business. Good for you FTC!

Oh lord, are people really so stupid that they didn't spot these ads as imaginary? There's a point at which dumb is just dumb and should look out for itself.

Why should they still be premitted to pull the same stunt with an SUV?

Why is Nissan allowed to sell a car that has a flawed transmission, the CVT?

Nissan extended my Altima transmission warranty to 120,000 mi. Then denied warranty due to fliud test results. Please help. What to do?

Thought FTC could help me. No help at all. Feel like filing the complaint was a waste of time. They could only tell me to get legal help.

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