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Getting Information About Funeral Arrangements

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When you arrange a funeral, you have many decisions to make. Accurate information makes it easier to sort through your choices. The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Funeral Rule, which requires funeral providers to give consumers certain information about their goods and services.

Every year, the FTC sends mystery shoppers into funeral homes to see whether they are complying with the Rule. After a recent inspection, the FTC sued a New York funeral home and its funeral director-owner for failing to give consumers the price lists that the Rule requires. The defendants agreed to pay a $32,000 civil penalty. They also are prohibited from violating the Rule.

You have the right to get an itemized general price list before you talk about funeral arrangements and to get a casket or outer burial price list before you discuss those items. You’re also entitled to:

  • get information by phone from a provider if you ask for it
  • buy goods (a casket) and services (a memorial service) separately
  • buy only the items you want and need, instead of a “package”

If you think a funeral provider hasn’t complied with the basic provisions of the Funeral Rule, you can file a complaint with the FTC.

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This info is not likely to get to those in most urgent need of it, cuz most people don't think about the FTC when they're making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Everyone deserves to know the options and costs. So I hope the FTC will either get in touch with newspaper columnists & bloggers, Parade or Reader's Digest reporters (& hopefully AARP already links its site to the FTC on this topic) - in print & online (Twitter, fb, etc) and TV venues

This is good information. Just today my husband called with a question to a cemetary. They were telling him he had come in. He refused and asked that they answer his questions over the phone. they said they'd call him back with his answer.

We currently have off island visitors who pass overseas and have no where to turn. How important do federated state offices comply with helping their own families when a family member passes away? On Guam we it's so expensive and there has been numerous problems regarding funding and liability.

I'm not a funeral director, nor do I play one on TV, but I'm pretty sure the Funeral Rule does not apply to cemeteries. There is no Federal regulation covering cemeteries, crematories and others that sell final disposition goods and services to the public but are not considered "funeral providers" according to the rule.

This is perhaps why are hospitals are over loaded. The fiancial burden that Federated State Families endure come from public and monitary donations and from relatives and immediate family members.

A big THANK YOU to the bureaucrats at the Federal Trade Commission. Your over-regulation does nothing but put family owned businesses out of business because they cannot keep up with all of your B.S. It is obvious that you bow to big corporations, because they are the only ones that can afford the staff of attorneys and accountants that can keep up with all of your requirements. Thank you for limiting our choices and raising prices for families at their most difficult time.

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