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An Online Payday Loan Or Window To A Scam?

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Strapped for cash? You might think an online payday loan is a quick and easy way to help stretch your money. But before you enter your bank account or any other personal information on a payday loan website, back away from the keyboard! That online payday loan might be a window to a scam.

A federal court has granted the FTC an order for contempt in the matter of Suntasia Marketing, Inc., a company previously involved in a telemarketing scheme that bilked consumers out of millions of dollars. This time around, the scammers took advantage of people looking for online payday loans by tricking them into completing an online application. The catch? The website and application were a pretense – an attempt to get people’s bank account information. Once the company had their account numbers, they enrolled unaware consumers in an ongoing membership program for an online mall. But because the terms of the program were obscure and buried deep in the website, there was no way for the consumers to know. And the company took their silence and failure to cancel as acceptance and permission to regularly debit money from their accounts on a regular basis. 

So how can you avoid a scam like this one? It can be tough. But knowing how some scam operators work can make you think twice about the sites you visit and what you do when you get there.  

  • Keep a close hold on your personal information. Whether your visit to an online payday loan site results in a loan, simply entering information on the site may come back to haunt you. Even if you never hit "Submit" to complete the transaction, your information can be captured through keystroke logging – a program used to see and store everything you enter on application. Scammers can use this information to commit identity theft, or debit money from your accounts.
  • Read the fine print. If the details of any online transaction, application or membership program aren’t apparent and understandable, don’t follow through. Incomprehensible or hard to find details could be warning signs of a scam.
  • Review your bank account and billing statements for unauthorized charges. Regularly reading all your account statements can help you see where your money is going, and help you flag unauthorized billing charges. If you suspect an unauthorized charge, ask your bank or the merchant about it, and dispute it.

If you suspect a scam, file a complaint with the FTC. For more information, check out our Payday Loans and Online Payday Loans article.



they had had me going a year thinking I was going to be garnished from work pay, finally took out of my debit card with out card company and disputed it # they call from..707-637-0905...209-207-7416...800-228-1188...319-731-0157..i really thought I forgot to pay something..took 260.00 one time and just today 275.00 which I did not authorize either...

They change their phone numbers constantly and if you ask them where they are located they will say different places in the U.S but they are located in India. Change your bank account and check your credit reports too.

They been calling my mom my sister telling them if I don't pay 500$ they taking me to court for checks fraud harassing me all day

They been calling my mom my sister telling them if I don't pay 500$ they taking me to court for checks fraud harassing me all day

I was called by Amanda from Johnson's law firm and has anyone been called from 760-230-8069.

I have been called by them too!

Williams just ignore the call..tell them that you know this is a scam..there is only one thing we can do to stop this scam is nothing.As this calls are from india.if we stop green dots card it will be a good blow to them..coz dis is da only way they earn....and collect money.

I've been getting calls from 209-207-7416... The # says California... If they call me and I don't answer they light up my phone and then start calling work and asking for a manager or supervisor... What do I need to do to end this

Same here is it payday loans and they have a forin language like middle eastern.

learn how to spell before you post a comment

There's no need to be a dick. Just skip over that comment and move on with your life.

Please listen to me, b/c I have NO time to write this & would hate to think I wasted the effort!Im an Asst Dist Atty & see fraud day in and out. Im amazed when these stories get to me. What kills me,is when victims fail to IMMEDIATELY close that account...THE 1ST TIME IT EVER HAPPENS! Open a NEW account, then. With the NEW different account number & debit card, the thief has no access! It is NOT your name or phone number that matters...ALL that matters, IS: the BANK #, car #s, Date of Birth,Soc. Sec. #, etc. +Go to the bank in person, if you are able. It is good to show a real live person whats going on. BRING ID!(&dont waste time w/ a big story to the teller. Just say, "who do I speak with, NOW, about faudulent activity in my acount?...then, you'll get someone behind a desk.)YOU NEED NOBODYS PERMISSION, BUT YOUR OWN, TO DO THIS. & dont feel like you have to "get them to believe you", either. Just state it as fact. Then...MAKE IT REAL, BY FILING CHARGES, which gives you TONS of financial protection-&you need NOBODYS PERMISSION to do so. You dont need to know who broke in your house, exactly, do you, before you go tell the police you were robbed and they better catch the robbers!, right? The law is different in some states about who and how you report it to the law, so the EASIEST way to cut to that chase is to TELL(not ASK)the person who is helping you close the old and open the new acount...this: "I already know, that, of course, you guys help out with any law enforcement dealing with fraud - but I want to also make a report of the theft, myself, personally. Will you please find out the best contact name for who I should call, and their number from your corporate office? Or, at least get ME in touch with them to get some guidance. I do NOT want to just wander into a police departmment & have it be ignored. NOT enough people bother to prosecute - or even ASK the police to investigate and follow-up, but I DEFINITELY will be." The bank person will tell you all sorts of things and excuses - cuz in truth, they DO NOT want you make a REPORT OF THEFT OF INCOME OR PROPERTY claim, and FILE HARGES (make ERTAIN you do this)...because -- the bank knows they will probably not catch the guys who did this - and would RATHER have you to blame for it, if necessary.**Make CERTAIN your old account is COMPLETELY closed & withdraw every PENNY. You MAY have to take it in cash. Thats ok. Just hold it in your hand for the 5 min it takes her to open the new one, and then deposit it all. Tell her that you want HIGH security & wont accept any automatic charges w/out a call to you 1st. If you have reoccurring monthly bills or debits, call them w/ the new account info, because they wont be able to find it, from the old one (which is the point, right!)Be VERY VERY careful whaT NUMBER YOU ARE CALLING TO SET UP THE NEW AUTO DEBITS! DO NOT CALL THE NUMBERS YOU ALREADY HAVE, INSTEAD, LOOK UP A MAIN SWITCHBOARD NUMBER, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO WAIT. iF YOU CANT FIND ONE - THEN WHEN YOU GET THE PERSON YOU NEED TO TALK TO...tell the your prob, and have THEM call or email YOU back, as confirmation that they ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!!! lastly--at the bank.. JUST THE FACTS. You are NOT asking them to do you a favor. This is business, and YOU are the customer. Be VERY polite, to the POINT, formal and serious. DO NOT TAKE NO for an answer when they try to discourage you from filing charges. Politely. With a smile. You do NOT need to sound like youre "trying," at --either convincing them that it is TRUE (or of anything) OR like you want to explain and explain so you can "hope" they let you "get out" of paying for the charges and withdrawals made...THIS IS YOUR TRUTH: It does not MATTER if it shows that you DID give these people permission to get in your account or use your debit card - because ANY "permission" they have from you, was OBTAINED BY FRAUD. In other words: Yes, you probably WERE tricked into giving someone access to your debit card...beause it is VERY difficult to just "make" a charge on one of those. ***SO IT IS CRITICAL, that you say: THEY WERE ONLY ABLE TO MAKE THAT CHARGE BY stone cold fraud as REPRESENTING themselves and what company they were with, as one that I would recognize doing business with. Tell them: It would be the same thing, as hearing a daughter ask from the next room, "can I get $20?" Its ok, since she's your daughter, so: You give your permission & tell her where your wallet is, and how to open the tricky clasp to it. BUT, IF YOU HAD KNOWN IT WAS ACTUALLY SOME NASTY THUG PLAYING A RECORDING OF YOUR DAUGHTER'S WOULDNT have given "permission/authorization," would you have? So... ***YOU DID NOT, in reality, AT ALL, in ANY WAY...authorize or give permission to the people who took that money from you. They are criminals, and you SHOULD follow-thru. We have caught a few...and forced them to pay their victims back!!! THEY RELY ON MOST PEOPLE NOT GOING TO THETROUBLE TO PRESS HARGES AND FILEA POLICEW REPORT. so do it!!!

wow that was a very strong comment. I appreciate your insite.I have taken your advise in consideration. These basterds have been harrassing me for more then 2 years.I will do anything to make this stop so thank you I'll give it a shot.

I was taken for close to 1000.00 I had a loan which I did not completely pay off.. I had been getting calls at work everyday from these crooks..I set up a payment plan for it paid off 2_weeks later I getore calls saying they would arrest me etc... I called the first company which I had paid in full they ask who is call you I told them then they put me on the line with a supervisor who called the company turns out my account for the loan had been sold to 20 different places all of which where trying to collect in the same loan...

225-331-3020 <--This phone number has continually called me at home, work, and my cell phone! Recently he left me a message threatening me stating that if he does not hear from either me our my attorney I will not like the hell that will be ensued on me and my family! After googling the number online I found out that I am not the only one and he uses a different name every time... Please someone stop this man and put him and/or his company in jail!!

These people are from India pulling the same scheme on tons and tons of people. People have gotten fired from their jobs due to them calling them constantly. They don't only change their names they also change their numbers quite often too. I am doing my research to catch these scumbags because jail is where they belong!!!!

I don't understand how these places were allowed to begin with unless the Government got a kick back off the 400% profit. They are just modern day loan sharks. /if you're in a pinch, take out one of these but pay it off when it comes due. They don't encourage this because they don't make much off it. Be careful or you'll find yourself on that long black train to payday hell.

I don't care what anyone owes these vulchers, the low life collection agents have no idea why your account is delinquent and they are not paid to pass judgement. So if a company is using rude or fear inducing tactics as a way to manipulate vulnerable and decent people, then they have already broken the law because they are prohibited by the law to use aggressive tactics to collect on bad debt. So ignore these bastards as they clearly don't respect the laws that govern their own conduct in collecting debt.

these people are scam artists scamming tons and tons of people, they are a fake company constantly changing their names and phone numbers, they are a group from India with the name of their company DFF, look up DFF complaints and you will see what these scumbags do.

I applied for a online loan, they asked me to put
$250.00 on a green dot money pak. I did and was
told I have red flag on my social security card and to call the federal trade commission and pay them another $100.00 to get the red flag lifted.
I did not the first number for the loan is 818-945-1877 and the number for the federal trade commission is 424-245-6138 can you provide me with any help getting my money back

You most likely will not get your money back. Sorry. The number to the TFC is 1-877-382-4357 File a report

The Federal Trade Commission doesn't collect debt from individuals. The agency doesn't "flag" people's Social Security numbers because of debt either. This is another version of an imposter scam where someone claims to be from a government agency and demands payment. We've written about this in several recent blog posts:

Hello, James, I recently did the same thing, applied for an installment loan, and purchased a green dot money park card and loaded 200.00 and was told I could get a refund back once , I complete the loan transaction. Then I got back telling me I owe taxes for a previous loan and it was reported by FTC. Call Green Dot. Fraud division, they wwill need a copy of receipt and the front and back of the great dot scan, to investigate. I still trying to get my 200.00 refunded. Good luck.

I just got scamed for 400. My last $400 til payday nearly a month

James this just happened to us also. Scum. We got scammed our last 296.00.

I keep getting phone calls the last one was from 717 447 7840. the man on the other end said he worked for the Federal Trade Commission and that he was calling me because of an outstanding balance with US Cash Advance. he said he name was Erick Johnson. I asked when did the FTC call citizens regarding debt. I never got an answer.

I too just received a phone call for a guy representing the FTC. He said he was an officer and he would arrest me. Phone # 850-910-8076.

I have been working through personal debt for a little bit now. If he can't send me something in writing then I pay him no concern.

I have received emails and phone calls as well asking for money for a payday loan in which I never heard of this compay. I did google number and saw it was a scam. Its annoying. I can send you a copy of the latest two emails I received. I told them to go to hell.

The one thing no one seems to be mentioning is this. Most of the calls, if not all of them, are coming via VOIP (voice over internet phone) and they are coming from India yet all the thick accented scammers have very American names. If they were in the United States, this would not fly, but considering they are outside of the country, they will make threats, call repeatedly, curse and try to threaten legal action. Incase you didn't know, here's a few tips. NO law enforcement agency collects debts. They will not call you, they will not ask for money over the phone, they will do none of the things described in previous posts. If law enforcement is looking for you, they sure as hell aren't gonna tip you off and tell you. Secondly, as far as eing sent official looking court papers, again, if they ask for money its a scam. Court papers will be delivered by hand by the local sheriff or other law enforcement authority or sent by certified mail with legitimate contact names and numbers.

Yes you are right they are from India and they change their names and numbers constantly. They told me they would continually call my work until I paid them $300.00 and they called my work 3 days straight robo calling and calling my co-workers names when they answered the phone. They somehow even tied up our lines at work too. Big time lowlife losers they are, cant wait to see the look on their faces when they go down because these scumbags will get caught, I am researching to make sure this happens. Do a search on DFF complaints and you will see the havoc they have caused in peoples lives. Also I believe they read these sites too.

They leave a recorded message stating Hello my name is Arthur Abrum I am the director of the Claims Processing Department of Check Services. I am attempting to service notice on to Michelle Boggs in regards to case file #3134607 naming you as the primary person of interest. at this time you are now considered to be in contempt of this deposition due to lack of response from respoonder. This is your official notification of this process, if you wish to enter a statement on your behalf press 9 to be connected to a processor or you may call us at 877-669-0522. I have received these calls several times and the one time (1/27/14) when I called back they told me that I was going to be charged with Theft by receiving and fraudulant check writing on a payday loan account with Advance America. I requested that they send me a copy of where I owe and they said you will get the copy when you are served with a warrant tomorrow. I called Advance America on the same date and spoke with Lisa whom stated I did not owe Advance America anything, I had paid in full in 2010.

it is a scam, do a research on DFF Complaints and you will see the havoc they cause people, don't send them any money as lots of people have and they still continue to harass them. They are from India scamming lots of people. They change their numbers and names all the time.

You are certainly right...these scammers are from India and they are using good phone technology to have their numbers change frequently....they are professional thieves...THEIR FAVORITE METHOD IS GREEN-DOT...and of course, people who are naïve fall prey to their mischievous tactics.

How do they come to know you took a loan from Advance America..this guys are from india right ? Is somebody from Advance America involved in this ?

Received email from FTC stateing that I had commited fraud by getting a payday loan and not paying on it ,yes I have 2 payday loans but not with the company they are saying and the comp.take themoney out 2 x every month msg.threatened to inform my employers They should be exposed as scammers

The Federal Trade Commission doesn't email individuals about debts. This is another version of an imposter scam where someone claims to be from a government agency and demands payment. We've written about this in several recent blog posts:

My family received a call for someone looking for me saying I was about to go to jail for payday loans. Coincedently it was the same time I had defaulted but I had read about these crooks before. Needless to say I filed my taxes this year and someone has stolen my identity.

I was looking online for a loan I could get without having to use a physical check since I do online banking that was set up with my college a few years ago. I got a call from someone stating I needed to finish my loan application and I needed to pay $1 to a site that would give me my credit score from 3 companies. I didn't do that, but then I kept getting calls from various numbers such as 888-980-1520, 750-432-1533, 643-928-7900, 673-684-4346, and the list just continues. They finally stopped calling once I had my phone's auto block feature turned on to block all calls unless they were in my address book. I left that one for a few days then turned it off and I haven't received anymore calls, except for one. This guy claims that I am being sued by someone, but the guy wouldn't tell me what I was being sued for. When I asked what kind of situations his "law firm" handles, he told me he couldn't tell me and that I would need to talk to his partner and they would give me the information. The day before I actually talked to the guy he left a voicemail stating that I needed to contact him at this number 785-433-4070. After searching for the number I found that it was a scam that other people had encountered and on one of the websites, it gave me a map of the location of the call. After talking to the guy for a couple of minutes, I hung up on him and he called me right back and left a voicemail saying that me hanging up was not appreciated and just for that I would be going to jail the following day at 11am. He said that I would need to have an attorney to represent me and that because I hung up on him that it was not a smart idea since he had my DL number (which I don't have a DL), my address, phone number, email address, social security number, and bank account information. Now when I applied for an online loan, I never entered my bank account information, I'm not exactly sure how or whom I would inform about my SSN possibly being stolen from this guy, if he really does have it. So I waited a few minutes before my husband called the same number, pretended to be my attorney and asked if he was located on street, such and such, in this city and state, the guy claimed he couldn't hear my husband and started blowing into the phone before hanging up. My husband waited 5 minutes then tried calling back only to not be able to get through because his cell phone number was blocked.

These are scam artists from India, they are scamming tons and tons of people out of money they don't even owe. They have gotten people fired from their jobs from constantly robo calling them. Do a search on DFF complaints and you will see. Check your credit reports, these scumbags have somehow gotten a lot of peoples info.They told me my whole social security number, my drivers license number, my email, my home address, where I worked and my checking acct. number(I changed banks but that was my checking acct. number when I banked there). How scary is that? I am researching these people and they eventually will be caught because I am hot on their trail. Lowlife scumbags they are who have no life, I want to see the look on their faces when they are busted from their elaborate scams they are doing.

Someone please help me!! Yes I did attempt to take out an online payday loan. I was told I was guaranteed to receive the loan, but they wanted me to put $120.00 on a green dot card as to show them good faith to them that I would repay the loan. Once they received the green dot payment I was then told that they couldn't give me the loan after all and I would be charged like $490 to cancel the request for the loan. They said they could television it from my bank account, so I quickly notified my bank and had that account closed to keep them from taking my money!! Now they are threatening to arrest me for check fraud!! I'm really nervous about this because I have never been I trouble for anything in my life!! And I NEVER recieved a dime from them to be considered a fraud!! Someone please tell me they can't do this!!!

Please do not feel threatened by these people in any way. They are nothing but scammers. like you said you did not receive anything from them so you owe them nothing. these people took my mother for 1200 dollars. don't worry you have done nothing wrong.

I have a friend who can not seem to believe me when I tell him it's all a scam. He insist on believing he'll get his money any day now. How can I convince him other wise? I even told him to look it up.

The same thing just happened to me. They can not bring any charges against you. They scammed you. Dont lose any sleep worrying about charges against you because they are the criminals.

Wow this just happened to me. They called saying i owe an outstanding payday loan but could not send me any written paperwork. And then when i said i wasn't paying they called me from a 911 number saying i was going too be arrested. I got worry and sent the 100 dollars. Now they said i need too pay 500 more or i will get arrested do they get ssn number and home address? I have observed that people to whom they call have taken loan on past.Is that loan companys provide information to them? I am with you to catch those scammers.

A suggestion.. No matter how enticing those payday loans are, they are in fact, legal predatory lenders and will charge you around 300 percent interest. You will not be able to pay these back, next pay day. Sorry to say I have learned from experience.

716-951-7764 number with recorded robo call from I knew right away it was a scam but it's still annoying when it's calling at 6 AM. Just wanted to pass along this information so they can hopefully be stopped. I also filed a complaint.

I recently went online to apply for a payday loan.. The next I was flooded with all theses phone calls325300165 saying I was approved for a loan and all I had to do was go in a site and pay 1.00 to get my credit score... I told the person with the heavy accent that I already got my score for free but he insists that I need to pay for one on there site.. I told them no and that I know they are running a scam and I told them I was gonna call news channel 7 and expose them.. He hung up.. I tried to call back but it just kept ringing.. Only thing I'm worried about is that they do have my personal info but my credit is so bad that they wouldn't get anything from it... Just the point of them having my info is scary.. Don't know what to do

I got a call from them today at work an then my cell and my work again back and forth for an hour,claiming they were from a law firm called brumley law firm. The guy said hold I'm going to transfer you to an officer so supposedly this officer works there too whatever.they said I got out a payday loan which I didn't they couldn't tell me when I supposedly did this. Just that I was getting sued and going to jail for 30 days. The number that called me was 785-408-7670 it's a number from Topeka,kansas

High-pressure tactics to scare you into paying, such as threatening to have you arrested, are signs that this caller could be a fake debt collector. Report it to the FTC at if you think you've received a call from a fake debt collector. It might help stop the scam.


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