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Putting the Squeeze on Bogus Weight Loss Products

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Looking for a product to help you lose weight? Ask some questions before you plunk down any money. For example: “Will I really lose a pound a day if I squirt a few drops of homeopathic hCG weight loss drops under my tongue before I eat?” No, you won’t, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s recent settlement with HCG Diet Direct, LLC, a company that marketed and sold the drops. The drops were advertised on a company website and popular social media sites and touted in testimonials made by the owner’s relatives. They generated sales of more than $3 million despite the fact that hCG has never been scientifically proven to work for weight loss.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to lose weight and keep it off, stay away from any product that claims it will help you lose weight without changing your habits. It just isn’t true. Consider your habits and health concerns: what makes sense for you? You may want to team up with your health care provider to design a nutrition and exercise program that works for your lifestyle and metabolism, or check out these sources for healthy eating tips:,, and the Weight-control Information Network.

Please report fraudulent weight loss claims to the FTC.

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The new high-tech HAPIfork is pretty expensive as eating utensils go. But this one is really the most recent gadget launched to the country's multibillion dollar a year diet industry. The fork, unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January, measures eating habits and alerts you if eating too much or too quickly. It may well be worth its price tag if it works where other devices have failed.

Great article, but still people believe that fat burning pills or some supplements will help them melt those unwanted fats. Strange that people believe all those scammers, who say you don't need to exercise and change your diet... Usually we hear that you need to take pills and those fats will melt over night. Isn't that funny? But i also have to say that supplements still helps to reach they're goals. I found this website about fat burners but even this fat burner site tells that you need to change diet and workout hard to reach your goals. Anyway i just wanted to say, that i read some article which said: that supplements alone can't do anything to help you lose weight, but they can help to get where you want to get, but if and only if you have good diet and exercise plan and also that article mentioned that fat burners only increases around 15%, so yes it won't work alone, but it still can help you to get where you want to be just little bit faster. BTW: also fat burners have one good thing that it helps you to be motivated, i think its something have to do with psychology, but still it helps you get motivated and workout harder and eat cleaner.

I believe zeal for life products are one of the newer scams in my area. Many of my family members have fallen victim to this pyramid scam and my heart goes out to them. I wish there would be more control over the supplement industry as a whole.

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