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Shopping For a Home Appliance?

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Is it the right color? Right size? How does it stack up in terms of energy efficiency? Those are some top questions for anyone shopping for a home appliance. EnergyGuide labels, created by the Federal Trade Commission, are one key source of information. They show an appliance’s estimated annual energy use, energy cost and key features.

Some refrigerators and clothes washers are sporting new EnergyGuide labels, which reflect updated testing procedures. If you shop in stores or online, you’ll see both the new labels — those with bright yellow numbers — and the original labels, which feature black numbers. Before you compare the features of different models, check the labels. When you compare yellow-to-yellow or black-to-black, you’ll know you’re evaluating models tested with the same energy efficiency measures and getting an accurate “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Here are examples of the labels.

comparison of older label with newer label for clothes washer

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Okay here is what has happen to me since 6-12-2013. The very “First Unit” I bought and installed myself, was on 6-12-13 it had to be replaced on 8-10-13 then that A/C had to be replaced on 4-15-14.

Now after I bought an extended warranty two weeks later That one had to be replaced, This one has been in 8-22 or about the 24th of 2014. Now it’s went out on 6-22-16. so now I’m dealing with the extended warranty people.. I’ve been without air conditioning in above 95 degree F. heat since 6-27-16 before they got back to me.

And Now? Well I’m awaiting for their service man to come by to say I can fix it or it will cost more to fix than to replace and they tell me it will be another eight days or more from now 7-7-16 9:00 a.m.! A service call plus an Evaporator Coil, will cost twice as much as a new Unit will and them put it in. I’ve experienced from Frigidaire Window Unit a 15,100 BTU.

But first here is what’s on their website.. And I quote!

“A brand new product, if needed: It’s true. Our replacement coverage entitles you to a brand new major appliance with comparable features if yours can’t be fixed, or if it simply makes more sense to replace it.”

I thought they would do what they have done before with these sorry products replace it.No so the want me to take it out take to their service people wait the remainder of the summer then go get it and put it back in after I’ve already had to do the same thing three times.They will not compensate me or give me any credit for a new one If I buy so I’m not here at home in 95 degree weather even though this last one has been in only two month less than two years..Can you help? RO

If a business isn't living up to its promises, you can file a complaint with the FTC at, or contact your state Attorney General’s office.

Or, you could talk with someone at the company’s national headquarters. Many companies provide a toll—free number or address for their customer service department on the product packaging, warranty, or receipt. Or you can go to the company website and look for a "Contact Us" link. If the first person you speak to can’t help, ask for a supervisor.

This FTC article about solving consumer problems has other ideas.

AC is very important especially on a summer months. Thanks for sharing this type of blog. Well Done.

Consumers are paying inflated prices for refrigerators that break down and cost more to repair than they are worth. Most of them are imports and have a warranty lasting only one year even though they may cost thousands. A review of most major brands with consumer reviews reflects this. Why are we allowing substandard refrigerators into the U.S. that do not stand behind repairs or provide the repair parts here? Is there any standard available besides energy use that could be used to improve this situation?

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