Tech Support Scams: Part 2

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Computer Screen WarningThey’re baaaack!

No, not poltergeists. Scammers. And they want your last penny.

We’ve written before about tech support scams — where a caller claims that your computer has a terrible virus and needs immediate attention. The scammer asks for remote access and then charges you for “fixing” a problem that wasn’t there.

Now, they’re working the phones again, and they claim that if you paid for tech support services, they can get you a refund. We’ve heard about several variations of this scam:

  • They might ask if you were happy with the service. If you say no (and you probably will), they claim they can get you a refund.
  • Or they might say that the company is going out of business and providing refunds to people who already paid.

Once they’ve got you hooked, they claim that they need your bank or credit card account number to process the refund.

They might say that you need to create a Western Union account to receive the money. They may even offer to help you fill out the necessary forms — if you give them remote access to your computer. But instead of transferring money to your account, the scammer withdraws money from your account.

So, what can you do if you paid for bogus tech support services?

  • File a complaint at
  • If you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charges.
  • Hang up on callers who offer a refund in exchange for your bank or credit card account number or a Western Union account.


I also filed a complaint with FCC, my system was so bad and I knew what a virus looked like that they even blocked my phone took all the Microsoft phone numbers I had from my purchase of $149.00 Malware Security I HAD to purchase to use my computer in June of 2013. All Microsoft phone numbers were blocked, appointments were made and after this jerk said "YOU WILL PAY $149.00 OR YOU WON'T HAVE A COMPUTOR TO USE.", which was after about two weeks of making appointments and no one calling back, not even at Beachwood, OH, did I get a call back. Told this jerk he was THE VIRUS and hung up, got three calls in a row, didn't answer. Looked threw notes from months and about 100 hours of watching legitimate Microsoft Support, which I will say are extremely smart, and so was I. Found a gentleman from India who gave me hi email and phone number probably in July of 2013 who I watched work on my machine for hours and days. He called me back, because I shut my machine down for 9 days, let it have no power.ThenI turned them "PUP.OPTIONAL..." THE FCC and wiped out my machine to nothing, and Microsoft Support legit agent and I fixed it, because the FCC told me to get a new computer. I was livid, had enough knowledge and great notes to get ride of them. Now because of great note taking and excellent Customer Support from the best agents in the world, I BEAT THEM, NO NEW COMPUTOR, and they are gone!!!! BEAT YOU JERKS!!!

Just got a call from 'Alex Jones' at 'Microsoft' that wanted to take care of 'messages' that our computer was sending out. Of course, he wanted to take control of our computer. The phone number is 1-567-214-9999. Called ID indicated that the call was coming from 'Bellevue OH' but he stated he was calling from California. He gave a return phone number of 1-818-572-1445. Caller had an East Indian accent. My husband kept him on the line for a bit to try and figure out what he was trying to do, but once the caller figured out that my husband was very computer saavy, the line went dea. I'm posting this here because I can't figure out how to inform someone in the FTC about this scam.

Thanks for sharing your experience so others will know what to watch out for. You can submit a formal complaint about this scam at

Reporting a phone call from the 'Microsoft Windows Server Technical Support Team' and was told that our computer was sending out messages. Caller ID said 567-214-9999. In an East Indian accent, he stated his name was 'Alex Jones'. He gave a call back number of 818-572-1445. He asked for control of our computer. My husband has worked in Information Technology for 30 years, and he kept him on the line for a while just trying to figure out what kind of scam it was. The caller told how to get to the event viewer and asked that we look for red errors that were red or yellow. Having worked in a Windows Server environment, you know that there will frequently be errors that look horrible but are benign. My husband kept him on the line long enough to protect someone else from possibly doing something stupid like give over control or sending money. The best thing is that my husband wasted 20 minutes of these scammer's time.

Yesterday morning around 10 a.m., I received a call from Microsoft Technical Support stating I had a virus problem in my computer. He had a heavy Indian accent and I kept asking him how do I know this isn't a scam...I asked where he was calling from and would only say Microsoft...he finally had me get into my computer to retrieve some # (can't remember what he called it...license #?) and I did a few steps...not knowing this was a scam. He read me the # and I saw my name on the same was the correct # and then wanted me to do something else...hit enter? At this point, I declined to go further with him and asked for a phone # to callhim back...he gave me this # 666-678-0149 in Rivesville, VA...I never called back but contacted Microsoft only to find out this was a scam...they directed me to shut down my computer for 2 hrs. and then run a virus scan which I did. I'm hoping he wasn't able to get into my computer...any advice from anyone? Thanks...Hoping this information will protect the next person...Hang up if you get a call stating they're from Microsoft...Microsoft told me they don't call their customers...

Same here , called windows and they said windows doesn't call

i just received what seems to be a suspicious call from someone who claimed to be a tech support for microsoft windows main server. he said my computer was hacked by people around the world and that they have been using my "computer server"? (I'm not a tech person, so I didn't even know what he meant).

I got all his info below and searched online and seems like he's a scam! can't believe he even made up an employee number! be careful if someone suspicious calls and tells you the same/similar info below!

logan wayne
tech support for microsoft windows main server
Employee id# b0909

Read all the comments above. We had trouble with our computer last month and I called Microsoft tech support. I paid them $199 to fix my computer which they did. I received a phone call last night from "Microsoft Tech" telling me the same story as others noted that they had detected problems with my computer. I thought they were legit and let them on. Tech's name was Daniel who had a thick Indian accent. The number he called from was 666-439-1516. They went through the same scam of telling me about my CLS ID # and showing me all of the warnings on my computer. They showed me that my certificate had expired and I could renew for $7 and that would fix my problems. He then had me complete a form entitled Microsoft Certificate Autorization with my personal information and credit card information. I told him I wasn't comfortable in giving out this info but he was persistent. After he had all of the info he said he was going to fix my computer and would call me back in 30 minutes. I started to worry and called Microsoft. They said they never call that it was a scam and to turn off my computer. As soon as I turned off my computer Daniel called back and said he had lost connection. I told him I was on the cell with Microsoft and they said they never call customers. He became insistent they he was fixing my computer. I hung up. He called back three more times. We quickly cancelled our credit card and the real Microsoft tech could not fix our computer. It stays on the black screen with the name of the computer. They want me to get a plug in keyboard and they will try again. I'm really scared. First that I might lose all of my computer info. Second what did they hack from my computer and third did they now steal my identity! I can't believe I was so stupid!!!

I just got the call from Jason Martins- I strung him out for 8 minutes and then told him I had to go. He called back 4 times. Major scam.

Well, I got the same calls from Microsoft...started to believe it and then something in my spirit said hang up, the INDIAN man called me back a few more times and I told him I was not interested and do not call me again. After the third or fourth time of me telling him not to call me again he screamed, "Shut up, I will call you every single day!!" Needless to say, I hung up..never to answer a call I do not know who it is from. I know the Indian dialect since I place exchange student. For the past week, I am now getting calls from California number (at 8:00 a.m. EST) which means it is 5:00 a.m. telling me they are from the IRS and there is a problem with my taxes. They are fishing for another person. Crazy people....bug your own country!!!

Fell for this scam in 2012, they still call to
say they want to return my money, was a scam using
some company called Mercaway and PC Recure. When
will it end?

206-777-1016 and unknown clls several times a day now. Very annoying!! I made mistake and did a google search becuase my Epson printer had an Error Code. anyhow, called (what I thought was Epson) - gave him access to my laptop then proceeded to tell me for $199 they could fix my computer and printer. Siad my laptop was full of viruses and malware crap....he proceeded to show me since he had control of my laptop. **BIG Mistake** anyhow, again eventhough I allowed him access, I refused to pay $199. Had to get hubby to totally WIPE CLEAN my computer and REBUILD it a new again. Since then, I have been getting calls from both UNKNOWN and the above number as well as other numbers. It has been a female Indian lady and then a Male Indian dude. Today, Feb 12, 2014....caller twice, once a female, to which I asked if she could give me IP address and she had none...said take me off phone list....Then 10 minutes later an Indian dude called and insisted again, my computer had viruses and was alerting Microsoft of the virus alerts. Hmmm...suspcious I thought....I asked him for IP address...(I own several laptops for different work issues) at first he was hesitant, then said I have all this now, I was asking for them to take off phone listing and that I will contact BBB. then Hung up. An certain, I will here more calls again from them but I now know I was SCAMMED and allowed him control of my laptop...STUPID I must keep watch of my credit cards becuase I paid online bills with that damn computer....UUGGHHH...Nightmare is a SCAM....SCAM careful even when doing google searches to fix computer related stuff.

I have been called almost 14 times from the same four numbers, either from IT support, Windows IT or HealthTech 24/7. All claimed to need more info. Immediately hung up and wrote down number! Here are the numbers: (212)077-4568, (201)338-6210, (213)457-4056(646)453-1349.

This happened to me last night.... "Word Tech Support" is what the woman identified herself as... She told me my windows xp had a virus that the anti-virus software wouldn't find. I told her we didn't use xp and she then said it is all the programs... I ended up having to yell at her and hung up twice with plenty of threats to call police.

I keep getting these calls as well. The guy says he is Max or John depending on the day. I have had 4 calls in the last week. The first 3 were listed as private caller and the last one showed up on caller ID as 678-251-4584. The guy has an accent and claimed to be calling from Washington, DC. He would say I am calling about your windows computer. I told him I don't have a windows computer and that I had already told him to stop calling (he called 2 times about 1 hour apart one day and used a different name...idiot). No way was I giving him any information. Beware everyone as I am sure they can steal your private information.

I recieved these same calls from Allen and David Thompson. Both of them convinced me after harrying me for an hour to look at the errors log on my computer and both convinced me to let them connect to my computer. Both roped me into letting them install antisoyware and antihacking since they mentioned some valid problems my computer had been having for years. I ended up paying them just for the peace of mind since I was tired of getting called and harried. (I have a learning disability so it's easy to overwhelm and bully me. I paid $145 for PC Speedy and $369 for Arcadia Technology Inc). Now every time I turn on my computer (I have Norton Antivirus running on it) I get a call a week later from one of those companies. What should I do? It's been months now since I paid both of them. When I asked my credit card company about canceling a charge, they asked if I received a service. Since I did have software installed, that was considered a service and the charge was not revoked. What should I do? It takes twenty minutes just to turn the laptop on so I don't have much patience for dealing with it, but I'm worried that my IP address or network might be at risk.
I have numbers and I called one of them back and got the same guy.

PC Speedy
Charlie reeves

800 935 0798

Rex Smith
806 590 7967
Abernathy, Texas

Anti hacking, malbyte malware, norton, avg 2014 Installed by Arkadia Technologies India Limited

Just got the call from 516-800-0000

Came up Hicksville,ny - we live in that general vicinity so didn't think anything of it.
Answered - person in heavy thick southeast Asian accent said "this is Microsoft and there is something wrong with your PC" I said "no there definitely isn't" to which he insisted "yes there is." Goes on to say that there was an issue with windows and it was sending out messages and that I had to listen to him otherwise my PC would be useless. My response at that point was "there are no pcs in this house, we only use Mac and Mac OS devices." To which I heard silence, hah.

People, please stop being gullible - some of the stories on this page are pathetic - never give out your financial information. Microsoft doesn't call customers.

Got the call for the 900th time and decided to have a little fun. It was the "MS Support" and they tried to get me to go to the "AMMYY" url. I kept the guy going for 45 minutes before he figured out I couldn't be that stupid. At least I kept him off somebody else's back for 45 minutes.

Caller ID said "School District". Phone 215-220-2321. Same as above....

I have received 3 calls from the "windows tech team" to inform me that my computer has been sending messages to them that it has some malicious virus and they were calling to help me. The second caller, Ashley, directed me to and asked for info that came up once I selected "remote session" as directed by her. My computer's virus protection warned me that if I had received an unsolicited phone call to not allow them to access my hard drive. I asked "Ashley" for more information and she gave the phone to her supervisor, Geran. They gave me the number 347-741-8992 to call them back. Received another call today from "Bruce". I decided to play "dumb" and asked a lot of questions and repeatedly told him I didn't understand. After about 20 minutes I said that I was confused because I didn't have windows because I owned a mac. Bruce was confused and I acted confused also. I asked him for a support number for apple. He hesitated and kept saying he was looking it up. I repeatedly told him how nice he was to help me out. Eventually the phone call was "disconnected". I did receive another call from Bruce about 10 minutes later with a support number for apple. (it was an actual number). My thinking was if I could keep them on the line for awhile, then that would keep them from scamming someone else.

I received this cal again today. It came from this # 630-318-4762. Hope this helps.

Just got a call from fake Microsoft. I told the Indian Accented man that I knew it was a scam and I was going to report him to the FTC. He said and I quote:
Ha, Ha, Ha." Then he hung up on me. What arrogance.
V220101112000008 213-271-1644

I received a call from a number that didn't show any number at all... Was just blank. Man with a heavy Indian? accent said he was calling from Microsoft and they had received a message that my computer was at risk and they needed me to immediately turn on my computer. I said no and hung up... He immediately called back..this time caller IID said unknown. Same man said this is Damien and this is an urgent call, go and turn on my computer... I broke in and said Microsoft does not make phone calls ...don't call back! And he hasn't so far. If he does I'll try getting his number.

I haven't figured out why these companies call over and over and over again. Do they think that we'll be more likely to use their service the 12th-50th time we're called?

I keep telling these people that I've asked to be removed from their list, I'm going to complain to the FTC, and what's more, "Windows" isn't a company. Nowadays it's said in a VERY unpleasant tone of voice.

I'm getting tired of being awakened in the morning with these calls.

I like the idea of keeping them on the line to hopefully keep a more naive person from being scammed!

madconsumer, just a suggestion, but I would close your checking account and get a new one.

I get these calls often from these so called Microsoft Techs from India and I tell them I don't have a computer. when they ask am I ( real name)
I so no, he no longer lives here. He has gone to India to help with the Microsoft Scam Program.

(567) 214-9999, carrier is Peerless Network.

I also received a call from someone claiming to be from microsoft. When I asked for a telephone number to return his call, he hung up. Two days later I received another call. I hung up. The caller ID # was 00000000000.

Same here--only I believed them as I was updating my Hotmail account when this number came up to call as I didn't have enough info for my Hotmail address. Unfortunately, I called the number and got taken in. They charged my credit card for over $400 and also a foreign exchange fee on top of that. I called my credit card company and then I called the computer people in my town who corrected the mess on my computer. More money. The numbers I have for these people (man, Umber Bernadette, woman, just called herself Stella are 661 748 024l & 866 607 6547 . I was billed by Acidus IT Solutions PVT. I checked that out and it is in Kangaroo Flat, Australia. I would have doubted it more if I hadn't been on my computer updating my Hotmail profile where I was told to call this number for more information. I was sick and still am. I thought I was always overly cautious but I got taken in. Can't they be stopped????. Of course they said they were from Microsoft. They also said there were Support @Trinity working for Microsoft. Should I file a complaint with the FTC? Would it help?
Your thoughts?

The FTC's complaint database is available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. Investigators and attorneys use the database to build cases against law breakers. You can file a complaint online at

I'm furious! We just got a call this morning from a local number, 253-802-0667, which is Auburn, Wa. The call went something like this: They asked to speak to my husband (by name!!!), he got on the phone, the tech guy (with heavy Indian accent) said he was with tech support and they had noticed that my husband's PC had some serious problems/errors. They asked him to go out to his machine (we were eating breakfast) and boot up and they would help him. They then had him run the program EVENTVWR from the Windows Run dialog box and he had never actually looked at this file before, but found it had over 46,000 entries. Thinking this was completely legitimate (and he DID have real problems the day before with his Brother printer, and the week before with the HP desktop, so he thought this might be related). They then had him run and start a remote session. Not sure exactly what happened next, but they told him there was a problem that could only be fixed by sending him on to a third party support company, that for a fee, would be able to fix it, did he want them to connect him now? He told them no, not right now, he didn't have time to go further right now, and the call ended. He then searched and found website indicating this whole thing was a scam. Later this morning, the 'scammers' called back 4 times (again, using the Auburn Washington phone number) He did NOT pick up the phone and they did not leave voice mail. We're hoping the scam didn't compromise his computer (running malware scans now.) Sadly, my husband has been sick lately and was very tired, so he didn't think twice about the 'context' of the call nor get suspicious of the instructions they gave him. Hopefully my post will help prevent this happening to someone else. Thanks

I got a call from these guys yesterday I almost completely fell for it. The guys name was David smith and his number was 1 (933) 768-8601

I just received a call from a man with an Indian accent who claimed to be from Microsoft. He said there were problems with my Windows program. When I asked for a phone number to call back to verify he really was from Microsoft, he assured me I could trust him because he was very honest. I protested and he said we should have a "Secret Meeting" so he could give me documents to fix my computer problems. We should meet at 11 Kiva Street, Iselin, New Jersey. He gave his name as Brian and his phone number came up on caller ID as 215-220-2321. Another man called back 20 minutes later, but I couldn't keep him on the line very long.
That number was 888-232-1509.

I was receiving phone calls sometimes more than one a day. Keep in mind I own a 2007 Macbook and have never owned a Windows computer. I kept telling the guy that I own a Macbook and finally hung up. Filed two complaints with the FTC giving them the number on my Caller ID. Have not gotten any more calls. Either the FTC is doing their job or they finally took my word about my owning a Mac.

I have received many, fake tech support calls. The last call I kept them on the phone for almost an hour...and I got reported their logmein account as a scammer to Logmein. They wanted me to use aammy remote, but since I'm not running windoze, they sent me to, which redirects to's remote support offering. Too bad they were only using a trial account at Logmein. Is there any way I can help track down these people since I am in the tech industry? I've tried to trap these guys in a Virtual Machine, but while I can hold these guys online for a long time, I can't track them back through the remote service. They won't go to "" so I can't get their address to bring the battle to their network.

I had looked at setting up a vm and using netcat or something to monitor the tcpip connections, when they try to remote it. =/ I too am interested in putting an end to this

I recd a call at 6:30 this morning! I was furious! He said the reason he is calling so early is bc he is getting signals from my computer telling him it has a virus. He said he was with Instant Virtual Computer and that his name was Steve Martin.(funny)And he gave me a call back number 1888-586-3257. What a scam!!!! FYI, on Caller ID, the number came up as Unknown, which is why I answered it.

My mom has been receiving calls from a "Microsoft Support" technician (ya Right!) telling her that her computer is infected and that it will be shut down immediately if she doesn't give them access to fix it. Unfortunately my mom fell for it and gave them access to her computer and paid then a couple of hundred dollars. These "Techs" then really screwed up her computer, so much so that she could not even complete simple tasks like openning up her email. She later got the real number to Microsoft and had them take care of the problem, but these idiots keep calling her and telling her that they have detected more problems. If it helps anyone, Microsoft says that they will not initiate any calls to customers unless a customer has a case number and asks for a call back. If a scammer does not have the correct case number then they are just that , a SCAMMER! Here is the call back number and name of the scammer that keeps calling- Max-1-830-299-3200, This is a bogus number and a heartless scammer. My mom is almost 70 years old and a trusting person who did not grow up in the tech age, but she is learning quickly that people arent always who they say they are. Heres a question: If they get access to my moms computer to install viruses and spyware, can they access all of her passwords and critical personal info? Does she need to change all of that?

Don't take any chances. Have your mom change everything. Best of luck

Got a call from Michigan(278)852-1245 using the Trojan virus "I'm from Windows Technical Team" scam.

John Kendall, heavy Indian accent, caller I'd 347 753 9068. Called 4 times today claiming to be from windows it. They are getting messages from my PC. Bells went off and I asked him for the Ip or MAC of the machine contacting them. He could not provide. I asked how my machine would give them my name and phone number but nothing else. Pushed he admitted he was not from MS. Just hang up unless you feel like playing with them.

WE get a guy with an Indian accent, Says he is fixing our computer.About every 2 weeks Told him nothing wrong with it. $146 he says. Said his name was a( Famous Singer.) This has been going on for about 2 years. A couple of our neighbors have had him too. My daughter lives 65 miles away has also had a call. We are 80 years old. Told him to day we are too old for a computer. he hung up, but i.m sure he will be back.We do not see a phone number on our Caller ID

Got a call yesterday. Was stupid so game him access to my computer. He ask me to pay n I refuse. He got mad. He said he was gonna lock my computer but he just hide all my icon. After thst i Turn off my computer and format it. Will I be ok?
I dont even buy anything online with that computer at all too. Just play game on it.

I have gotten 2 calls today from a 703 area code but it doesn't come up on called ID. Do you recommend the *57? Very belligerent. I threatened to call the police and he said he would stay on hold. Said his name was Daniel Wilson.. When I said it wasn't he said he would tell me his real name. I just hung up on him because I couldn't,t figure out how to trace or report.

I have been receiving call's from a 1002 and 002 number from almost two weeks.
The first time he states he is from Microsoft and he has found problems with my pc, he needed me to open my pc and he would send me a email to fix the problem. I explained to him I was at work and could not get to my pc, if i could get his phone number I would call him back, he became angry with me, then I asked for his name and his bosses number he called me some chose words and I hung up on him.
Well that was almost two weeks ago and I have been getting calls every day or every other day sometimes twice a day from the same INDIA speaking scum artist, today I ended up calling verizon ( my cell phone provider) and explained to him what I have been put through. He emailed me this web site addy to file a complaint.
I pray everyone tells their elderly family/friends so they dont get scammed by these crooks.I was also told by verizon to : DO NOT CALL WEB SITE" and register all of the cell numbers on my acct. I will be doing that after I post this.
I pray these dirt bags get caught and no one else loses money.

I just receives a call from "Max" who had a VERY heavy Indian accent. He told me he was with Windows support and that there was a problem with my computer. I told him I got rid of my computer and didn't have one anymore so how is it that I am having an issue.
I then asked him for the IP address and/or computer information. He assured me that he had all that information but wouldn't tell me what it was. Lucky me, he said what he COULD do was confirm it if I told it to him.
I then asked him what was the solution if we identified the computer and there was this problem. He said he will access it and clear the problem.
He promised that this was legit. Awww, isn't that sweet.
He hung up on me...and that my friends....solved my "Windows/Microsoft problem".

I am so tired of getting these calls. But when they do call, I can act like the most stupid person on earth. At first they really get excited thinking that they are talking to a real patsy, and then after a few minutes I say "Hello? Hello" and act like the call is breaking up. They finally hang up. But at least I have used up some of their time.

So on march 22 my gmail & email stoped working. So I called T mobile and they gave me the phone number to hi tech salution the # 1888-551-2881 the guy came. On said his name was Louis Brown he had a heavy indian accent so he tells me that iv been hacked and I need spywarenow I got this phone number from T Mobile so I'm thinking this is somebody that they work withbut I found out later that they weren't supposed to give me the third-party numberI'm not upset at them because I think they thought it was a real place tooso the guy asked me my nameand tell me that the spyware will cost $99.99 so like a big dummy I get itwell a couple of days go by and I get a phone call I called the number back and I and ask did they call me they told me know they have no record of college I told him someone just call me so I asked for the Lewis Brown the guy who had help me before they told me they didn't know who was brown one so then I said may I speak to a supervisor supervisor got on the phone then after about another minute the supposed to be Louis Brown came to the phone I asked him why is it no one knows who you are he told me he was in a different part of the office then he got real nice real fast he told me everything's okay with my phone and everything will be just fine so after I hung up that's when it hit me its gotta be a scam I got on the ball I call T Mobile and ask them about this number I asked the supervisor at T Mobile they told me the young lady that gave me that number shouldn't have so then I got in contactwhats my credit card company and tell them to close that car down to send me an all new oneafter that a couple of days go by I get a phone call from a lady that says that she's from their billing department she asked me if I got a phone call from there bank I told her no by now I know it's some kind of scam I just was listening she had the gall to tell me that their people be get in contact with me and when they get in contact with me to tell them that I authorize a payment of of my card I chuckled said no then hung upI would have never got gotten if it hadn't been for the fact and that T Mobile gave me the numberlike I said I'm not upset at T Mobile I'm more upset at mebut haven't gotten any more calls back from.

10 Calls from these caller in past 4 days ... finally started having fun with them ... claim my computer hacked into their computer ... really asked for the computer name and address and service provider information ... they would \could not supply that info ... played all concerned and informed them they have just call a seasoned tech support specialist .. turned into them calling me a fool

This morning got a call and had to stop lady with Indian accent in the middle of her obviously reading a script, and ask for what company she was calling from and she said she was from tech support from company called IT Secure and that they showed my computer has been downloading malware, and I stopped her in the middle of her reading her script that no computer is on, she continued reading the script and said computer doesn't have to be on, but then I stopped her again and said no computer on because dont have a computer, she stopped and there was complete silence for several minutes, and I hung up.

Same scam. the caller ID shows 4072052090002080040. I lost it and told him (John) a few things he could do to himself. I also asked him to hold while I finished running "TRACERPRO". He hung up. This call came in on my home phone through Comcast telephone service. We are on the Do not call list.


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