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Tech Support Scams: Part 2

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Computer Screen WarningThey’re baaaack!

No, not poltergeists. Scammers. And they want your last penny.

We’ve written before about tech support scams — where a caller claims that your computer has a terrible virus and needs immediate attention. The scammer asks for remote access and then charges you for “fixing” a problem that wasn’t there.

Now, they’re working the phones again, and they claim that if you paid for tech support services, they can get you a refund. We’ve heard about several variations of this scam:

  • They might ask if you were happy with the service. If you say no (and you probably will), they claim they can get you a refund.
  • Or they might say that the company is going out of business and providing refunds to people who already paid.

Once they’ve got you hooked, they claim that they need your bank or credit card account number to process the refund.

They might say that you need to create a Western Union account to receive the money. They may even offer to help you fill out the necessary forms — if you give them remote access to your computer. But instead of transferring money to your account, the scammer withdraws money from your account.

So, what can you do if you paid for bogus tech support services?

  • File a complaint at
  • If you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charges.
  • Hang up on callers who offer a refund in exchange for your bank or credit card account number or a Western Union account.


I fell for the same scam, and it cost my only $100.00 by Western Union. He called back 30 minutes later and said that because this transaction was not conducted through my bank. I would have to pay the full amount of $200.00. He wanted me to go to a different Western Union to do this. I refused and told him that I would be contacting a supervisor. while still on the computer and the phone He, at the same time the dialogue box indicated that I was re-connected and that a support tech would be contacting me shortly. He said that he would be contacting me on Monday. When I tried to sign in to my laptop the next day. I couldn't. The administrative password had been cleared out. I had to contact the manufacturer and them conduct a default set which took me 3 to 4 hours. The scammers name was Sadiya Abdalla Ganamo, going by the name of Leon Wilson. He never called me back by that name. I did get three calls the next day from a person going by the name of John Parker, same service, Indian accent and American Name. Please be advised.

Same scam, asked him for his phone # and Christopher said 800-791-2878 also used caller ID 987 654 3210. figured out it was a scam as soon as he tried to tell me he knew my computer license by typing assoc in the command line. Also, I don't know that many people from India named Christopher Paul LOL. If the 800 791 2878 # works feel free to ask for Christopher and tell him you are Abbeet and you are calling from Microsoft. Tell him his computer is infected....

I love when these guys call. They have consistently used the name "Richard". Generally the accent is Indian, but that's really of no consequence. My first angle with them was to say my computer was having problems but since your mother has come over I've been too busy with her to worry about it. They don't last long with this sort of dialogue. The best I got was "Have you f**ked your wife?" To wit I said just after your mom and sister left. My next angle has been to interrupt them and say I've been waiting for hours for you to call. I then start asking them about issues with my NT Kernel being stuck in my bowels and that they promised they would send someone over to get it out. Again they don't last long down this road. Finally as soon as they call, in a very meek voice I say, "Richard, I've missed you. Why has it taken you so long to call me back? I'm so very lonely." This is probably the best. They get off the phone so quick. It has my wife in stitches. She can barely keep from laughing out loud, which causes me to fall out of character. Anyways, now when they call I get all excited. Its really quite fun.

Caller ID showed 99-910-0100 but I didn't see that until after the call. Heavy East Indian Accent from first caller and when I complained I couldn't understand, I was quickly handed off to a "supervisor". The caller claimed to be a Microsoft Tech Rep and since I was a registered user, my Windows system had been automatically reporting problems. At the time of the call I was waiting for some tradesmen to show up and was distracted. I told the caller I couldn't work with him at the moment but he was insistent. I was dumb enough to follow his instructions up to the point he tried to have me access a website, Thankfully my McAfee software flagged it and cautioned me not to go there. I broke off the call. I then found a number of posts about this Ammyy Scam. Checked my system for any of the mentioned software, scanned the registry, ran a full virus scan, recovered from windows from a week ago then reinstalled the MS patch Tuesday updates. Ran a couple more scans and disabled all points I could find in Windows dealing with remote access. What I find the most disturbing is with everything known about this scam and being reported, how are these scammers evading being shutdown and brought to account? Come on FTC, you have ample information, act on it.

I can't believe it! I had the Microsoft tech call as well. It came up as Private Caller on my phone. He accessed my computer remotely and showed me the red and yellow errors, etc. and just kept un repeating the same things over and over. I asked him what they were going to do about it. He then opened up a text box and typed out three different protection plans and their cost. I told him that I already have a protection plan, but he just kept saying let me finish (typing). I told him that I would talk to Microsoft or Dell and have them fix it if I decided to. I restored my computer to a few days before the call and ran my antivirus software.. hopefully that takes care of anything they may have done to my computer!

Got a scam call this morning. Caller ID said 989-683-2111 Kingston Iron & Metal. It's a scrap metal recycling center. It was a woman with an Indian accent and she said she was "Suzanne" from Windows Technical and asked if I was the owner of the computer. I said "Yes I am but I know this is a scam." She said "This is not a scam but if you think it's a scam I will hang up because it will be useless to talk with you", and she hung up. How stupid of them to use a recycling center as their caller ID number! Like anyone is going to believe Windows runs their technical support office out of a metal recycling center. LOL!

These people are using Voice-Over-IP (VOIP - like Skype), and so the number that you see is going to change regularly - it probably doesn't do you any good to try to capture their "number". I suspect they use the name of someone else they have recently called. These are not people trying to sell you something (not that they honor the "do not call" list either) - they are thieves, so being on the "do not call" list isn't going to deter them, at all.

I've been getting these about once a week now for months. Apparently this scam has been going on since at least 2008. Back in 2010, the Guardian (U.K. Newspaper) had the source narrowed down quite a bit.

Can't we hunt them down and put an end to their nonsense?

I've taken to telling them that I write Anti-Virus software (for Microsoft) and therefore have lots of virii on my computer, for testing purposes.

I've got a unknown phone call from a Hindi or Indian accent guy named Alex.He said he was from working for Microsoft,knowing my name and number made me believe him a little. He told me that my cpu had infections sending out messages to him and that this infection is more problematic than a virus. He said he can prove it to me and took control of my cpu. He asked for my cpu id and told me to download Ammyy from and told me to download teamviewer to connect with him on my cpu. He showed me the errors and warnings by clicking[flag+r] and typed in "eventvwr" in the run box. He said inorder to clear the infections I need to pay $199.99 for 5 year, $299.99 for entire life time. I said I don't have money and he said he wasn't asking for my money and that it is better to pay for the antivirus that he is offering rather than for buying a new cpu. I told him that I don't have money and he said:"Alright Mam,I'll log off your computer for you ok? and have a nice day."-Beep. Then I tried reopening my cpu and it didn't work. I figured that he stole my datas and was controlling my cpu when I was out shopping after the scam. Glad I did not pay him my credit card number else he be spending my money like a billionaire. I spam called him 11 times. Revenge number:(800)492- 3960.'s time for some pay back :)

2nd call in as many weeks from 855-210-3300. Ryan from says that my computer has been sending "error messages" and that he would like to walk me through removing the malicious software. Got the number and to call him back and looked this up online. Someone really should shut down this kind of scam. I don't know how he received information on me (phone number/address) but it really burns me up that my 80 year old parents might field a call like this. SHAMEFUL!!!!

I received a call from a "Windows rep", Daniel Wilson, who told me my computer had a very bad virus. I asked him which of my 3 computer had this virus. He skipped around a bit then told me to go to my keyboard and hit the CTL button. I told him I was busy now but asked if I could call him back. He gave me 209-813-2925 which I googled and that number is registered to Level 3 Communications in Stockton, CA. Oh, of course I will call him back real soon, yeah, right! BEWARE!!

Would you believe this guy called me back about an hour later and tried again to get me to do to my computer and do as he instructed? He threatened to pull the license from my computer and I'd never be able to use my computer again. He was yelling at me these instructions over and over. I finally said that I was not going to do anything to my computer from someone I did not know over the phone. I said "This call is over. I'm done." He hasn't called back again...yet.

I received a call a guy that had a Indian accent telling me they got error messages from my computer. Saying also that hackers got into my computer. He supposedly worked for Microsoft. He told me to open command prompt and giving me these steps to follow through. Any way I did everything except when he showed me the prices and I came here and saw all the comments I quickly clicked out everything he was controlling on my computer and hung up on him. He called back and I didn't answer. I restarted my computer but now I don't know if my computer is infected? I uninstalled what I was told to download. He called from a 178-3050#, the name wasn't available.

Keep receiving calls 6 times a day from 23456 or Out of Area. Claim to be from Windows Technical Support. They switch lines when they think they have a sucker. I ask more questions of them and even played a game of Number Wang while shouting every sentence at them. This is bad and I feel for those of you that fall for it. This is why I never answer the phone and rely on the answering machine much to the chagrin of family members.

We received 3callsover the last 3 :days from the same number. The telephone ID was New York, no company name. The incoming phone number was 1-212-777-8457. I figured it was some politician or a fund raiser, so I answered in a manner intended to make him know to stop the calls.
This apparently through him off his game for a moment, but he "Brad" announced in a dialect that he was from Microsoft Headqurters in NY and he was warning me that I had inadvertently down loaded sme nasty virus and he was authorized to work thru it with me to get rid of it.
I didn't buy it, told him so and I wanted to do a little checking after which I would call him back. I asked what number he could be reached on, and after he asked an associate he stumbled around a little and gave me 1-800-635-6969.
I haven't tried to call the number, it might end up billing me for unwanted services given the last digits of that number!!
What a world!

I just had a call from someone with a thick Asia accentl similar to these! He said I had my IP address hacked by a very serious internet crime and wanted me to get in front of my computer immediately! I ak for the IP address and he stumbled stating, the one with windows. I said all three have windows what's the bop address he couldn't tell me. I told him I use one computer for work and he said yeah, your work computer, like I'm an idiot! I told him I was busy and to call back at 7 pm! Of course, I won't be here then. I won't be giving him any information but will be tryiing to extract some!

I'm SO sick of these calls..

I get about 6 calls every single day claiming there is coming wrong with my network and my servers.. BULL!

The last time they called, they claimed that my main home computer is crashing on a daily basis, based on their database, I asked them how this could be even possible when I have multiple computers in my home that isn't set to just one main computer.. Then they switched their story to being "we are getting multiple reports".. These people are so freaking desperate it's pathetic.

Advise for anyone getting these calls.. IGNORE THEM!!! It's nothing but LIES! and SCAMS!

I just told them I couldn't understand him and I didn't have a computer. Problem solved.

they have called me twice. I tell them the same thing each time, "You are full of crap, you are not from Windows and you are not from Microsoft. Quit calling me."

GOT UNSOLICITED CALL YESTERDAY 5-1-2014 .HEAVY INDIA ACCENT .I ASKED WHAT HE WANTED HE REPLYED THAT IT WAS ABOUT COMPUTER SUPPORT . TOLD HIM IN NO UNCERTIAN TERMS WHERE HE COULD GO AND HUNG UP .CHECKED CALLER I D PH# IS 281-593-3503 .did a white pages search .Wound up at 10221 Fostcria rd. cleveland texas 77328 .which is a vacant lot out in the brush.28329555

Techvedic called me from 855-859-0057 out of the blue. They claimed to be affiliated with Microsoft and said there was a problem with my computer. I was actually having problems with my computer and printer at the time, so I thought they might have been legitimate. They offered to fix all of my problems for only $199 so I gave them my bank card. They worked remotely on my computer for nearly three hours and said everything was fixed, so I went on the internet and used my computer and printer, and everything seemed to work okay. However, the next morning I could not get on the internet! I called Techvedic and they tried to remotely log in, but they couldn't, so they told me to unplug my modem and router and that they would call me back... they never did! I tried calling them back several times and could never get a person again, so meanwhile, I had to hire some local computer gal to come and fix everything. She was at my house for a few hours trying to figure out everything they did, and all in all she said that Techvedic had reprogrammed all of my DNS numbers, whatever that means, and said that Techvedic was "redirecting all of my traffic" so that they could spy on me! I was seriously pissed off, so I went to my bank to get my money back from Techvedic. Well, not only did Techvedic charge me an initial charge of $199, they charged me another $99 the next day! So in turn, my bank refunded all my money, made me change all my account numbers, gave me new cards, and they reported Techvedic to the feds! Beware of Techvedic remote computer access scams!

I am not sure if it’s going to make sense or not but I strongly feel posting this.

I am a professional IT consultant holding a Masters from Northumbria University U.K., holding 7 Cisco Certifications, 2 Checkpoint, ITIL and about 8 years of industry experience in Consultation and deployment of various IT solutions like Network, Security, Datacenter, Storage etc.

I am from India and definitely not a spammer.

I incorporated my company last year in India and I am currently in the process to expand my services overseas. I was just curious about the operations of a TECH SUPPORT COMPANY so since past few days i was doing my research on it. And I end up to the ftc website of US GOVT.

As far as I understand the issue, since the past few years a lot of fake TECH SUPPORT COMPANIES have emerged in the market and somehow they got success in obtaining the name, telephone number etc of American and Canadian citizens. They make spam calls and lie about virus or something just to get money out from them. As a result Google has stopped advertising the tech support companies(I guess govt. made them do so) but now the situation is even worse as the spam calls are increased.

The way any tech support company markets itself and reach the end customer is either through Google/bing or by directly calling random people(making a spam call). THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY SOMEONE CAN FIGUREOUT THAT YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED BY A VIRUS OR IT’S SLOW. So if anyone call you and claim something similar they are simply fake. There are more than 1,00,000 people making 30-50 such calls on daily basis so there is a good probability that most of the people in US or Canada have experienced it.

The other problem is that the caller will call from a US telephone number which again confuses the people. Let me put this in another way, US govt is helping all those callers and I am going to justify my statement now. Visit India and you will find that you cannot get even a prepaid sim card without showing your passport and visa on it. However getting a US toll free number or local US number is as simple as logging into a website. NO DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT ALL. Anyone can get as many local US number as they want. They can provide any fake name, any random US address, any email and NO ONE IS BOTHERED TO VERIFY the details before the number allocation. The US govt need to fix this before they can stop the spam calls.

Not every Tech Support company is fake, there are good ones as well but they will never try to make fake calls. It’s a humble request to the US Govt to make changes in the policies to kill the odd and help the legitimate one by providing easier way to first register their company in US and then provide genuine services.
I came across a lot of other issues related to tech support business but those are irrelevant for this post.
Help me pass this to the right officials who can alter the policies for good.

They called yesterday. The man was from India. When I told him that this was a scam and gave him some choice words, he said "We love to make fools of the Americans." He also said that Americans were stupid idiots. I wish the media would spread the word and tell people to never let anyone into their computer. Some people are not computer savvy and don't know the damage this could cause.

I got a call from 309-474-0863, with very similar "Microsoft is broke/corrupt" as above. I think when I started fishing for information, he got suspicious and hung up.

Just got another call from these guys, but instead of saying they were from Micro soft, they said they were from Global IT tech.

So what is Microsoft's stance on scammers using their company name? Surely with support of FTC and FCC these people could be tracked down and brought to justice with criminal charges.

Got a call from 1-888-414-1831. stating my pc was
infected and he and his technicians would clean it
up for me....he said he worked for Microsoft windows...fortunately, I was just leaving my home...he is to call me back tomorrow morning to resume repairs.....what a scam!!!!I will deal with him in the a.m.....

I got a call tonight. The guy didn't speak enough English for me to understand where he was calling from other than he was a microsoft engineer

I just got a call from a supposed Geek Sqaud tech wanting to scan my computer for viruses. I knew right away it was a scam...seriously broken English for starters. So I had fun playing along, messing with the guy, pretending I was doing what he told me....until I told him he should find a more ethical way of making a living and stop trying to scam he asked why I was wasting his time...ha!!!I said because he was wasting mine :)

I had phone call from windows global tech support last night Indian lady saying my computer had a virus that was affecting others uses and and my ip had been used in unauthorised criminal access She needed to fix it now or I may be prosecuted by international aurthorities. I told her if that's the case I will have to computer destroyed immediately. She hung up very abruptly... I think say my have been lying to me lol

I used to get these calls. When I asked them how they knew there was a problem with my computer, they said something about the technical department. I then asked if they were with the NSA. They hung up.

Just got another call from a guy who said he was in South Korea. Same deal. Technical department, etc...When asked the NSA question and asked if he was stealing my personal information and data, he paused for a while, then said "Yes, ma'am"! What a hoot! I hung up!

Wow! At least now I know I am not the only one who fell for the stupid scam. I got several calls from what looked to be a business on my caller id log. The day before yesterday, I decided to pick up the phone. I was greeted by an 'Jerry' India(Indian) sounding gentleman - I use this term because they were VERY polite, courteous and respectful to me - so he proceeded to say the Microsoft server detected that it could not send me updates because I had a 'run32dll.exe' virus and it puts a LOT of errors in your system. So he told he would transfer me to their IT tech so now I am greeted by John Ward sounded Slavic or Russian (I have a degree in Graphic Design and many of these guys were in my html and other computer classes so I recognized the accent). He showed me by having me go to a folder where 'event viewer' is located and it showed I had 75000 errors, which made me sick to my stomach; given that my husband had just bought this laptop for me last November, it's an Alienware gaming laptop almost cost just shy of 4000 dollars only to have me find out I have that many errors. The other thing they pointed out was that almost every single major update was 'stopped' in the list of running programs, including Microsoft and Windows Installer, and my Alienware updates. So I gave him 'remote acess' he went to a site and got 'CCleaner' which is a real and legitimate program they are simply exploiting it, and and 'AVAST' anti-virus which is also a real antivirus software program that they exploit. They then hit me with we can fix thses errors free so I hang up as they said they would call back when they are done. I watch, and everything looks correct or not fishy. They call, and say we got rid of all those errors for you and you are now protected because 'Microsoft Security Essentials' is NOT anti virus only malware and spyware. Then the catch gets thrown out however, we cannot 'unstop' the critical programs until you subscribe for a monthly fee of 15.99 or 1 year for 149.99 or 2 years for 249.99 or a one-time fix for 99.99 to which my reply was, Well I'm sorry my husband is the money guy in our household and he isn't here right now but I'll talk to him and see what he says. Call ends. I could not reach hubby so I at bedtime, shut down computer and go to sleep. Next day, I fire up my laptop to find it acting strange, so I call Alienware and their Tech told me those guys are good they knew just what to say to me, he checked and discovered yes they had Avast on there, but it was a 'fake' they rendered my laptop helpless until I paid them AND they had gone in right under my nose and deleted/uninstalled ALL of my protection including Alienware Respawn (restores system) and Alienware Autopsy (PC/Laptop diagnostics program similar to PC Doctor) so, they sent me dvds and I allowed them remote access to completely reformat my hard drive-basically it was restored to the way it was when I got it out of the box. I notified my ISP and they said I wasn't the only one that had that happen and that is why my IP Address is not static it is random (dynamic) so it changes everytime I log off and back on. So, NOW I also blocked that phone number they claimed by the way to be in Houston and the phone number was a Texas area code (my sister lives in Texas). Lesson learned at 55 years old, I felt like a complete and utter moron for falling for it.

Someone just called me and said that my computer was sending them warning messages. I asked which one (I have two Apple computers), and their answer was inaudible. They also said they were tech support, which I don´t believe at all. If it was really Apple tech support, they would´nt call me. Like ever. Also, call me crazy but I´m pretty sure that Apple workers don´t have accents, usually. Is this a scam? Just making sure.

I just received a call from someone obviously from India saying he was with "Windows" And that I had a malicious virus sending emails. Hung up on his butt!!

Just got a call from 933-768-8601. Same line about my computer having a virus attacking it as we speak. I asked for his physical address and he told me he was in LA. Then gave me a bogus address with an AK zip code. Total scam. I had then on the phone for about 10 min asking to speak to a supervisor. I told the supervisor I was recording the call and the would be forwarding all info to the FBI. I did not know someone from India could cuss so fluently in English. Lots of fun twisting these guys up. last time I pretended to be 101 years old and told him to bear with me while I found my conputor. Then spent 10 min while I "looked" for it inside several rooms. He hung up when I told him I think it might be in the barn.

Martha I received a call saying they were windows tech and my computer was generating errors for the pass couple of days. This person had a heavy Indian accent, he ask me to turn on my computer. I told him I did not ask for help, he knew my first & last name and ask me if I was the person, I said yes and told him don't call me I will call when I want help, he was insisting on trying to scare me that something was wrong with my computer.. The idiot don't know, but I'm a technical person and I know for a fact Microsoft windows do not operate like that. I knew right away it was a scam.. And they need to learn how to speak English the big dummies!

Just got a call from one of these clowns and I played the game. Told him I was on my computer and he kept telling me to press the ctrl key and Fn key then the windows flag. He says "what does it say on your screen" and I said, giggling as I type this "This call is a scam so hang up now" he says "Maam, you're joking with me" and I said "NO you are the one joking, why would I EVER give you any information about my personal home computer?" I haven't paid for any service through microsoft!!" This went back and forth for a little while, and we eventually hung up. Me laughing of course because thankfully I did read about this scam. So sorry for the people who have been taken by these types of con artists. I wish there was a way to get rid of them once and for all!!

I got this call today too. I told them I was so glad they called but they we to late that I took my PC into my repair guy yesterday,and it is still in the shoppe. They hung up after I said that. HAHAHA

Today, 5/24/2014, have received 8 phone calls over a 4 hour period from a heavily Indian accented guy. Last call he said his name was Jack Sparrow. Same rhetoric others have reported, my windows computer is infected, etc. Asked him which computer, he gives me a string of alpha-numeric characters. Asked him for the IP address of the computer, and he said the one I use all the time. Told him it was a Unix machine, and he just continued on with his message. Finally he asked to power up my machine, at which time I terminated the call. He just keeps calling back. Finally placed a block on the phone number (410-889-5647), so he began calling from another phone (Unavailable, 8008). I even told him I was on the DO NOT CALL list, and he belligerently said technical support is not subject to the DO NOT CALL list. Told him he was full of it, and to stop harassing me. If the calls continue, I will be getting either an airhorn or whistle, and letting him have it on every subsequent call.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at We appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

I received a call on May 19th from a woman who said she was from Microsoft and she knew my name. She said my computer was logging a lot of error alerts. I told her I was not interested in telephone solicitation and hung up. The number logged on my phone was 1002566, and said, private caller.

My mother got a call from these guys today (claimed to be from a company called PC Health Risk) and passed the phone to me saying they had told her they needed to update her computer. I took the phone (btw I've worked in Networking and Securities for the past 4 years) and said 'Sup. He was definitely Indian and hard to understand as is the norm for scammers and illegitimate companies like these. I asked who he was (Steve) and how he had illegally infiltrated my private network and gained access to my devices so that he could call and tell me they need updated. I told him it was a scam and to hold on while I google his company to confirm (oustounding that I end up here). He sputters about a website to which I respond that may be a website, but it doesn't mean it's yours. He then said he had a 1-800 number to which i responded so do a lot of people, that doesn't really mean much. I asked him to kindly exit my private network and not re-enter and that I will look kindly forward to seeing him in court for invading my privacy and disconnected. I am not amused. BOOOOOOOOOO

Just got a call from these guys. They are very persistent! They have been calling me for at least three years now. Will they ever stop? Although, I have to admit,
that when I'm in the mood it is really fun to wind them up!

I cannot believe that you guys could fall for this scam!
Microsoft would never call you! Especially, with the "your computer is about to crush" remarks. If there's a problem with your PC (i.e. Microsoft update that cannot be installed or some system widespread virus)) than you DO CALL Microsoft. There are bastards from India who do claim to be from Microsoft. I love the name of John O'Kefee with the heavy Indian accent!

beware of 888-888-8888. it is a robocall and they claim to work for Windows and/or Microsoft. The number they say they are dialing from is 888-732-3037 and are based in California but are actually in Miami Florida.

cell phone number called saying my computer was sending error messages. when I told him that there was NO WAY he could get my home phone number from that he hung up. Upon redial error message. BE WARE clearly a scam

pc tech just called me and "JOHN DAVID" who has a very heavy Indian accent, and told me my pc was sending them messages that 4 people had hacked my computer and were using it for illegal purposes..
786-664-7971 from florida

I experienced the same deals as the above illustrations and was 'taken' for $333, so far!!

My sister, who is disabled and has memory problems, got a call like this on May 31st. She was not able to clearly articulate all that happened but said that the person told her that she had something wrong with her computer and it may have been a virus. He asked her to sit down at her computer and do some things and tell him the result. He wanted her credit card number but she did not give it out. He called back on Monday and said his name is Andrew and number is 704-325-9110. He had an Indian accent. I called the number back but no answer.

I have been getting these calls for the past 3 years. They only stopped after I learned some curses in Hindi. One of them lectured me for using such language, that is when I really let him have it. :) The cleaned up version, when you call my house and are trying to rob me, I will say what ever I want to you.

I almost wonder if some of them do not know they are scamming...weird.

BTW - I work for a very large IT company, I would know before them if I have something wrong.

Called and said from Microsoft. I told them I had to verify. they gave me call back # of 205-813-2925. Luckily I didn't buy into it! Beware


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