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Tech Support Scams: Part 2

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Computer Screen WarningThey’re baaaack!

No, not poltergeists. Scammers. And they want your last penny.

We’ve written before about tech support scams — where a caller claims that your computer has a terrible virus and needs immediate attention. The scammer asks for remote access and then charges you for “fixing” a problem that wasn’t there.

Now, they’re working the phones again, and they claim that if you paid for tech support services, they can get you a refund. We’ve heard about several variations of this scam:

  • They might ask if you were happy with the service. If you say no (and you probably will), they claim they can get you a refund.
  • Or they might say that the company is going out of business and providing refunds to people who already paid.

Once they’ve got you hooked, they claim that they need your bank or credit card account number to process the refund.

They might say that you need to create a Western Union account to receive the money. They may even offer to help you fill out the necessary forms — if you give them remote access to your computer. But instead of transferring money to your account, the scammer withdraws money from your account.

So, what can you do if you paid for bogus tech support services?

  • File a complaint at
  • If you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charges.
  • Hang up on callers who offer a refund in exchange for your bank or credit card account number or a Western Union account.


Same thing today. Ongoing calling, heavily accented individual saying from Windows and that they received a message my computer was infected. I told him that's funny, I don't own a computer (which I really do) and he was really confused and asked how could that be as my name has a computer registered to me. I kept up the act, no computer here! Terrible that here is no way to stop this!!!

I just got called by these guys and I wish I had done more then cuss them out and hang up. Its sounds like some of you have a good bit of fun baiting these pests. But it also sounds like I will have further opportunities in the near future.
I did like the idea of telling them you dont own a computer to get rid of them. If they insist you do own one, all you need to do is tell them you dropped it, it broke, and you are done with computers. I also wonder if it would not be equally effective to tell them you have a Mac. Or mention you are a network security analyst for a large bank or insurance company. Anyone harassed by these guys is doing a public service when they keep them on the phone for hours, wasting their time and protecting the somewhat more naive computers users from harm. No offense to those folks who got stung but I find it really difficult to believe there are people who think their computer would initiate such a call to tech support on its own.

Got the call today from Josh, heavy indian accent. He stated that they had reports that my computer was not receiving updates for Windows 7 and that my computer was infected.

I had heard about this scam and thought I would try and had a little fun!. He stated that he would need remote access to my computer. I told him that I was at work and asked if this was about my work computer or my personal computer and he said yes. I told him that since I was at work that I would need a charge card to charge him for my time and the cost would be $30.00 for every 15 minutes. He stated that they was no charge for them to access the computer. I stated that I needed a charge card so I could charge him/them.

Again, he stated that they would be no charge. I explained once again that i need to charge him/them. He then said, with some attitude, do you think I am kidding? I said no, them asked him for a charge card once again. He asked aren't you using Windows 7? I stated that i was using Windows 10. How is that possible he asked? I said i worked for Microsoft and thats why I need a charge card. He stated that iI was wasting his time, that they would not be contacting me again to correct help the problem.

With all the calls I receive at home from "junk callers" It felt good to get a little pay back!

Good luck to all and have a little fun with them if possible!

I just received yet another call from these guys. I've been getting 2-3 calls a week for the last 3 weeks. The first time they called, they stated they were from Windows Computers (1st red flag) and that they were calling because my computer was pinging to them that it has a virus. (2nd red flag) My laptop has been dead for months, due to a dead battery and fried power cord from said battery. While they guy was talking and giving his spiel, I did a google search. When I explained to him what I was reading, he hung up on me. That first guy had a very heavy accent, but it wasn't Indian. Then 2 days later, they called back. Different person this time, now calling from Microsoft Tech Support. To which I very cheerily said great, and explained that my computer had been broken for months and maybe he could fix the battery for me, since there was no way it could be sending them alerts that it has a virus. Another hang up. Fast forward to call number 3 last week. Sounded like the same guy, this time he asks if I have a computer, I say no and he hangs up. Next day, call back, asks if I have a computer, I say no, they say I'm lying. Really? I then proceed to tell them I will be tracing the call and adding this to the complaint I've already filed with the FTC, since my number is on the DNCR. Today, guy doesn't even ask about computer, but goes right into his spiel then asks me how I'm doing. I calmly tell him that before anything else is said, I wanted him to know that I am recording the call and that I would be sending the recording to the FTC, since I have repeatedly asked them not to call and they keep doing so, even though I'm on the Do Not Call Registry. There was a long pause and I told him to proceed, and he hung up. Only the first call had a real phone number, from Baldwin NY. The rest have been 911-8 or 0-000-000-0000 or some form of a Not Available number. It has been very frustrating, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down or stopping. Ugh!

the experience I had is slightly different from what I've read so far. my family owns a small business and i work in the office (answering phone calls). i have made an effort to save all important 1-800 numbers into our phones (at&t, pg&e, etc.) so i know which to take and which to let go to voicemail. but all other calls i take regardless of area code just in case its business related. recently I've gotten a number of calls from different numbers, one of them being: 262-901-2547. and even though the number is always different i know its the same people because they always say the same thing "hello i am calling from Online PC Support and our company is giving refunds for software that was purchased due to us going out of business" . the first time my response was "we never bought any software from you but i'm guessing you need a credit card anyway huh?" he said no, so i said to give me a phone number and i will call you back, he said fine and gave me an 12 digit number. now i live in the states so i'm used to phone numbers looking like : 1(415)555-5555 which is eleven digits. so i asked where as he located with a number like that and he said "Texas" first off the number started with a 5 so i said "are you sure because thats the wrong country code" and he replied "we are in the united states, in texas and the country code is 5" then told him "no its not" laughed and hung up.

a few days later i received another call from Online Pc Support. this time i wanted more information so i played nice and this is what i got:
company name: Online Pc Support
representative: Steve Butler (apparently a very, very indian one)
reason for calling: wants to give a refund for software we bought in the amount of $199.00 (when asked when did we make this purchase he told me july 5th and i told him we are not open on saturdays so thats impossible and he said "oh it was july 4th then" i told him we were definitely not open on a holiday celebrated in all the US... even in Texas he replied with "we don't really know when the purchase was made we are having bad radio activity here" *eye roll* what does that mean?)
phone number: 010-862-7318 (which is constantly busy and i'm not sure what kind of number that is)
located in: Texas

so needless to say i told them we never made any software purchase so therefore we don't need a refund and he kept insisting we did so i just hang up but they continue to call!!!

i just wanted to post this so other people can be aware that there are other scams besides the one that try to "fix" your computer. these guys are A-holes that need to get a real job like everyone else instead of tying to scam people out f there hard earned money!!

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. The details in this complaint are great for a complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

Same thing as most here... Microsoft tech...

THE STRANGE THING though is my PC started having issues, I then turned it off and within 2mons I get the phone call..

Was this a coincidence or is there something already on my PC communicating with them?


Never have given any info. What gives?

I got a call from someone saying they were from comcast saying I had a problem with my computer and they could fix it. Stupid me let them into my computer and then they said they needed $149.00 to fix it and they wanted my visa number and I told them they were not getting my visa number then they started yelling at me and told me I can forget this computer and they locked me out of my computer. I called someone to see if they could fix and they said they can fix it for $35.00. I feel like a complete idiot falling for this crap but i'm glad I didn't give them my visa number.

My friend was told she has an FBI virus and cannot access her computer at all now. "HP tech support" told her she needs to have someone bring over a laptop with thumb drive so they can access her account with an alternate computer in order to repair hers. I am skeptical and worried that this is a scam and that my computer will also end up with the same virus. Why can't they do this remotely, if they are legitimate? Do you think this is safe?

I, too, have been deluged with the non-English speaking tech support people from India. I keep a whistle by the phone and I "serenade" them with loud "music". Hope they like as much as I enjoy their calls.

Received several calls from someone claiming to be a Microsoft Windows Network Technician. Told my Mom that they have been getting reports of my having a virus on my computer. Just spoke with him, he gave us two different names Max Brown and then Mark Rogers. Speaks with a thick accent. Said not a virus, but an internet infection and that he could help me fix my system if I would log on. Being a Computer Technician, know for a fact that no one is monitoring your system for problems. In fact you would notice something and then call for support. Also informed me that my Virus Software and Internet Protection Software would not detect the issue. Number that shows up on phone is 605-223-1807. Do not be fooled by their calls. It is a SCAM.

Received a call from "I-Tech" [855-210-300), asking for my brother (my brother is dead). Person with Indian accent told me that my computer was going to explode any time now. Told the guy he was full of $#1t!!!!

last night, call from number 91 22, etc. first woman heavy and faint indian accent, told her I could not hear nor understand, she picked up the phone, told me hackers were doing illegal acts with my computer new this week; I said, what company are you with,'Windows' Windows what? why are you really calling me. & what type of illegal acts. then she said I was going to be responsible for illegal acts, I said let me have your company name and phone number & I will call you back with my brother; or I will bring my computer to the police. She and the man on the line with her hung up. Sick of scammers, they are everywhere and need to be stopped. (by the way my caller ID shows they have been calling for weeks)

I take care of the computers for a few older friends of the Church. One of the ladies called me and told me she had received a call from someone saying she had a virus and they started asking her questions.
She said she would have to call them back and they gave her a number: (760)283-1706.
She called me intermediately and gave me the number. I called them back and I put them on speakerphone and you could here the idiots talking in the background Then I suddenly heard a professional sounding voice saying they were from the Windows Response center how may they help you.
They told her she had a virus on her Windows 7, the Jokes on them she has windowsXP this is a total scam and they need to be shut down.

Thi s has g OK need on long enough fraudulent accounts suck

Just got tne same robocall. 7/28/14 4:30 p.m.
Why can't this be stopped?

I kept getting these until I told them I had a Mac. The calls stopped. I don't have a Mac, of course. :-)

I've had my current phone number for over 10 years and this week is the first time I have ever received any sales/telemarketing calls... and I have probably received over a dozen just this week.. I just received a call from a gentleman with a very thick Indian accent and very poor connection who identified himself as "John Newman". The number was 861 201 6658. From what I could understand he was claiming to be some type of Microsoft employee and was calling because they were receiving reports of my computer being slow and other things that were not clear enough to understand.. He also said there were issues with my Windows operating system. Having received a dozen sales calls already this week I thanked him and told him I was not interested. He started raising his voice and told me, "this not marketing call", he needs to help me, there are problems with my computer with Windows. I asked him how he got my telephone number and he became angrier and told me it is registered to my Windows purchase. I realized at this point that he was lying, first because I've never purchased Windows, second because I never give out my cell and even use a standard fake number for anything that requires a phone number (and third why would a Microsoft employee be so hostile to a customer?). I asked which computer was in danger, he replied, "Your computer, your Windows, are you sitting at computer now"?
I asked, "What if I told you I don't run Windows on any of my computers"?
The telephone connection became much better at this point and he said, "Well if you tell me you not use Windows or not have computer then we disable your account, you don't need computer".
I said, I have two computers and I need them both but I run Linux on one and an OS I wrote myself on the other. He repeated, nearly yelling at this point, "If you don't use the Windows or do not have computer then WE DISABLE YOU ACCOUNT NOW, you NEVER use computer again".
I replied, "I don't understand why you are yelling, may I speak with your supervisor"?
"Can I please speak with your supervisor"?
And then he hung up.

Alex (Indian accent) said he was with Cyber Alert
(caller ID said Cleveland TX) & that my computer was sending them warnings that security has been breached. He could fix it remotely and to turn on my computer. I asked for more details and said I thought this was a scam--he immediately hung up.

I too just received an unsolicited call from a heavily accented man claiming that my computer has been sending error reports to a global server and that Microsoft applications on my machine were causing programs to fail. He asked me to check my event viewer logs and see how many errors there were and then gave me his website address where I was supposed to enter something that would allow him access to my computer to fix the errors. During the conversation I was Googling and found this website. When I told this guy about the scam reports online how he shouldn't be calling me because I was registered on the NDNC list and then stated my intention to report his company to the FTC he told me I better not or I would be in very big trouble because he was calling to help me. I promptly hung up on him but recorded the calling number: 213-337-0014 and company website he told me to go to: GBMTechSupport I will be reporting this info to the FTC immediately.

I just received a call from a man with a heavy Indian accent named "Eric". He told me that he was from windows and that my computer was downloading viruses... I was like .. Huh? how did you get my number... said the same as others have reported, it is linked to your windows account. Well I figured ok I will let him go on ..he then asked me to please go and turn on my computer... lol my computer was already on... i told him it was unfair to be scamming people and he needed to get a life.. I hung up and looked at the caller ID and it said 00066200-0062. what the heck kind of number is that? I don't understand why people thing its ok to take advantage of others.. geez get a real job!

I have had many calls by apparently the same man, East Indian accent, asking for my under-age daughter. I keep telling him her age and he keeps phoning for her. He says she has a refund due because some government somewhere say so. This man is an animal and I have told him so. Anyways how do these people get our phone numbers and other information. I strong feel that the Customer Service agencies in India are Moon-lighting with our confidential information.

My mom was scammed in a similar way, but they used the company names Support4All and Go Tecknow. Once I confirmed that the address and information that they gave was fraudulent, I asked her to shut down her computer and cancel her credit card, which she was able to do before any pop-ups or charges showed. Now I'm wondering what I should tell her to do because we live on opposite coasts and won't be going home until the holiday.

I'm concerned that they have stolen information that she has stored on the computer and that she will not be able to remove their control software. Any advice that anyone this list who is an expert can give? She has antivirus, but it's running on Windows XP so I am concerned that it will not be updated and secure. Thank you for any advice.

She may want to change the passwords she uses for sensitive sites like her bank and email account — really any site that has important financial or health information. Make sure each password is different so someone who knows one of the passwords won’t suddenly have access to all her important accounts. We have some tips for creating strong passwords — strong, as in hard to guess.

Just got a call today from "Scott Wilson" (with a very thick Indian accent)of "Microsoft Windows Support". He was supposedly calling from Ontario, CN. He stated that "your computers are contacting them & telling them we have a "virus". I need to verify your "certificate number." When I asked for a # to contact him back, he gave me 408.757.4112. I then asked for a supervisor name, he told me "John". When I asked him for a mailing address, he said go to microsoft to get an address. He then proceeded to continue to ask to confirm/verify "certificate #". I told him that I was not verifying anything. He then gave me a "certificate #" & a name & an address (Which was not valid) Part of the info was, but I presume some info is public info..... So, I will be posting this info on social media, along w/ contacting the FTC - as that sounds like who we are supposed to contact. Scams stink!!

I have been receiving the same type of phone calls during the past year, thought they had stopped after we had the computer completely restored, but now they are back and called again today...3 times!!! I am so frustrated because I spent hours this morning clearing all the crap off my computer. What I'd like to know from others having this problem, is if they have the same types of things happening that trigger the phone call. It is practically 5 minutes after a similar incident that we receive a phone call. today my son tried to log into his Call of Duty2 and it sat there and did nothing then suddenly the phone rang. We hung up, then tried again an hour later and the same thing happened. It is only our 1 computer, and it is the only one with games on it. We have noticed that when our computer tries to ping a server for joining, the phone calls suddenly appear. It's not just for our COD2 either. Today he wanted me to "run an offline scan to check my computer error". I told him no, hung up, and he arrogantly called me back from the same number in TX. There must be something on my computer that is sending them a message, does anyone know what triggers the phone calls? If I knew then I could do something about it. Could it be a "certificate" verification type software? Could it be a tracking program I deleted? I can't get anything to work right on my computer now, I'm so frustrated I need to figure it out so my 3 kiddos can play the internet without being hacked!!!

Amazing how many idiots fall for this crap.

First and foremost....
Microsoft (or any other "windows" support team) would NEVER, EVER, EVER......EVER!!! call you about a so-called "virus" on your machine. Your machine doesn't "ping" any support team to notify them of any viruses!!!
So, now that we have that out of the way, these scammers are truly low-life creatures, and they knowingly rip people off. The best way to handle it, is to KEEP THEM ON THE PHONE for as LONG as you can.... NEVER give them any information, but KEEP THEM on the PHONE....why?, because they only make money on people who fall for their scam. The longer you keep them on, the LESS money they can make because you are WASTING their time!!
So, have some fun. Tell them you have to turn on your computer.... then wait, and wait for the loooong boot-up process. Then when they ask you for certain keyboard keys, tell them you don't have those keys.... be creative! Remember, they are at YOUR mercy because all they want to do is to get into your machine. YOU hold the key!! And so, after all is finally done, tell them you have LINUX operating system..... at which point the steam will pop out of theire heads, they will not be able to do anything else. They will then hang up, but you will have wasted 10-15 or more minutes of their time.
If EVERYONE did this.....they would be "out-of-business" at least until they try some other method.
As a recap.... NEVER EVER EVER give any financial, or credit card info, or private info to ANYONE over the phone - no matter WHAT they tell you, or what info they give you!!
This one simple golden rule would save many people from this and other headaches.

I have received three calls so far. The latest said they were calling from Argent Inc. from the computer technical department. He had an Indian accent and said his name was Edward James. I kept him on the phone for a while trying to get information out of him. He wanted me to hold down the windows button and push the R button at the same time. I refused and he proceeded to get angrier and angrier telling me that my computer was infected. After a while I finally told him I was hanging up to which he responded, "You have wasted 12 minutes of my life and God will NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS! Have a nice day" and he hung up. Very strange and a bit unsettling.

These animals have been calling for three months, every single week day! We've used whistles, every dirty name in the book, messing with them, hanging up, not answering...everything! But it seems like when we mess with them, they call back to mess with us and tell me sexually harassing things. The calls came from Bellevue, WA, and we reported them to the FTC. Those calls have stopped, but now the same people are calling from San Fernando, CA from the number 818-493-1971. Definitely considering shutting off our land line. It's exhausting! :(

We've received two of these calls in the past two weeks. Tonight husband just shouted "YOU"RE A SCAM" and hung up.

same here i lost 1269$ to the same bunch they said my pc was going to crash stupid me let them in to it and they crash it and i had to pay to get it fix another 249$ from micrsoft tech suport they put firewalls now it seems ok DON;T LET ONESOURCE TECH SUPPORT HELP YOU THEY WILL SCAM YOU

We are living in Europe and received this same scam phone call. Last time I told them we have a Mac and they hung up. This time, when I was told their support center was receiving error messages from my computer I played along with it..."Oh no! But how could this be?" and "What EVER will we do?" and "Please, please tell me more!". I'd had a glass of wine and was having a good time. Unfortunately, my Indian friend soon figured out that I was playing him and hung up on me. :) Until next time...

I cant beleive about this all! How all this happens in todays world . It's very disguisting..

My call was from 310-285-8717. The lady from Gmail support said that she got many complaints regarding my gmail sending out spams. They will be canceling the email and wanted to confirm whether it was me sending out the spams to collect credit cards information from all these people. As I panic, she offered to help by asking me to open my computer so she can show me that my ip was compromised and the locations where emails were sending from. She knew my location and said that the email has been sent out from all over the country. Forturnately I was at the vet with my dog, so I told her I don't know how long it will be and I'll have to call her back. I didn't have time to call back until the next day, but the operator answered the telephone with ORV company which turned out to be a cosmetic company. So I knew it was a scam!

I'm getting two to three calls a day from these scam artists. I don't have call display on my phone so I don't have a phone number to report. So, now I ask for their phone number, and some won't give it, but I did get one last night, and the area code she gave is coming from New York but the accent is very foreign, so she may have given me a false area code. Now, I'm keeping them on the line, giving them no information, and then telling them I'm recording the phone call to report to the authorities. I'm hoping this stops at least some of the calls.

I'll be honest, I have no sympathy at all for anyone who falls for this unless they have some severe cognitive impairement. My father is 86 and has Parkinson, my mother is 70 they still shouted at them to go do their scam elsewhere. Seriously, what are you guys thinking in giving them the time of day! As for tracing, its mostly useless since they seem to faking the caller ID (which is not that hard to do BTW, especially if you have access to a trunk). The sound quality is so bad that I think they're using some VOIP provider on their side.

jesus age Christ people,first off im hearing a BUNCH of crazy people talking about somebody telling them to open their PC and let them just do what they please,,,are you people literally insane? First off I can understand if you went to a website by accident and got phished or gave info of your bank account to some bogus website but letting a total stranger into your private PC is just Ludacris.Thats like me calling saying im a sex therapist and I need to talk to your wife or G/F and ill fix the problem for 200 bucks.Wake up America!

Got the scam call today. ID read out Guam 6715550151. Man said he needed to fix my Microsoft computer and I needed to go to it.
I hung up.

I don't answer calls that are from "1" or weird stuff, but I have to answer calls that appear from legitimate phone numbers because of the work I do and the fact that I also manage two disabled adults. I was skeptical of the number, but it identified as coming from FL, where I have relatives. Turns out, it was one of these a-hats. Indian accent, started talking "we got a report your computa is running slow" and at that point I interrupted him and said, "You can stop. I know this is a scam. Don't call me again." and he earnestly continued, and I said "I'm hanging up now," He said loudly that I didn't understand, and I said, "I understood perfectly well, I'm a computer scientist and you're full of s**t." He then told me he was going to f me in my a, and I laughed at him and told him to f himself, then hung up. I have a friend that fell for this, and he was taken for quite a bit. They're getting more aggressive; I think there has to be something done about how they hide their numbers behind seemingly legit numbers. I can't screen all my calls, and I shouldn't have to. Is there something I can do to get even with them? Blow a whistle in the phone?

I have gotten these calls at both home and work for the past few months, every few days. Of course I would never let them anywhere near my computer, so I try to engage them to see if I can glean any more info. They all sound exactly the same and have clear Indian accents. I just got another call in my office (9.10.14) from "windows technical department." This one said his name was Ron Thompson. (unlikely) They always know my name. They read from the same script and keep saying "ok?" after every sentence. I said that I knew it was a scam and just to stay on with me so that we could track the # and report them. He seemed unfazed by that and kept talking. Denied it was a scam. He said he was from Salt Lake City but caller ID said Ft. Lauderdale. I called him on that but he kept talking. I said, OK I will let our IT dept know about this terrible problem and they will call you right back. The # he gave me: 1-800-22-4020 (he kept saying "double O and double 2.") I said that's not enough digits, just give me the # again, and say each number. He just kept repeating the same #s the same way. He denied that it wasn't enough digits. The other day at home another scammer did the same thing and gave me the # 1800-1605-404. He said he was from Instant Windows Support but sounded exactly the same as the other guy. I would never give out

Got a call today from a man with an Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft. Said they had determined someone was trying to hack my computer and that I needed to let them get into my computer to fix some files. I told him I didn't let anyone access my computer when I didn't initate the call. He began yelling at me to listen to him. I said I was hanging up and he said he would just call back. Number on ID was 4-545-454-5454

I just got a call on my cell and the caller ID said, "23456". I didn't answer but I have never gotten a call from a 5 digit number. I have gotten text from 5 - 6 digit numbers but this kinda freaked me out. Is this the "tech support scammers"?

I also received a call from someone with an Indian accent asking if I was the registered windows computer owner. They called from 1-818-493-1971. What is weird about my call is that that call came on a phone that I have forwarded.... I thought someone canceled the call forwarding, but after the call I tested it and it was forwarded and wouldn't ring.

I was having a problem with my TW internet connection and the young lady on the other end said my TW connection was fine but that my CISCO router was a concern. She gave me a number for a CISCO tech who told me my IP address was corrupted and he needed $300 to fix it. I told him no way and he insisted I needed to get it fixed pronto. I hung up and the dude called me back twice.

I received two calls on the same day. The first one, I told them that their "report" was wrong, and I did not have a computer. He asked me if there was another computer in the home, and I said no. The second one, I had to play with them. He told me to press the windows key, I told him that I did not have a windows key, when he kept on and asked me what was next to the control key, told him it was the space bar. Then asked me what search engine was used, said this is a, heard him say to someone else about website. Second person came on and asked me to type in a website, and did I see a beautiful woman on the side, and said no, told him that I saw Allah and Achmed eating goat stew. It ends up he told me that I was waisting his time and my time. I told him that he was waisting my time because he called me...He finally hung up....ten minutes later.

I tried to set up an aol account. another site popped up called Box support. They called me within 5 minutes & was into my computer. Telling me I have alot of problems, for $125.00 they could fix it. I called the computer store & was told this is a scam. I couldn't believe how fast & easy they got right into my computer & took it over. Be careful, I didn't even click on it

Got a call this morning from a man with a heavy East Asian accent, like Indian or Pakistani. He said he was calling from Windows, that my computer was sending error messages and had a virus. He then asked me if I was near my computer and I said "No." So he asked me to please turn on my computer, and I replied, "No," again, 1606at which point he hung up. I usually have an answering machine on, and these scammers don't respond to answering machines. This morning I made the mistake of picking up the phone.

I keep getting calls from (caller ID) "Unknown Name" the number is "1" just the one digit. Normally I don't answer. Anyone that blocks their caller id I don't answer. Now and again I get in the mood to yell and pick up for the heck of it and yell at the caller. Just a bit ago "1" called again and I answered with "WHO IN THE F*** IS THIS!?". After a moment of dead air I got a foreign accent that said "Sir this is Josh with windows". I replied "WHAT THE F*** IS THIS ABOUT!?". "Josh" said it's about your computer sir there is a problem. I then calmly said "No there is not and asked him to hold for a second. After a minute or two I told him he had called an NSA field office and the authorities should be knocking on his door in three minutes. He hung up! What the heck. I wanted to exchange recipes.

Received 5 calls today plus multiple calls throughout the year. Told them not to call me but they keep calling. Today I had a whistle and on call #2 told them to listen to me and blew the whistle in the phone and hung up. Can you believe they called back 3 more times immediately afterwards? I didn't pick up the calls, but they left a nasty message.


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