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Time to Change gDiapers’ Product Claims

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When you’re caring for a baby, diapers and wipes rank high on the list of essential products. And when a company advertises those products as biodegradable, compostable, or “eco-friendly,” it’s essential that those claims are accurate and truthful. Down to Earth Designs, Inc., which makes gDiapers, has settled Federal Trade Commission charges that the ‘green’ claims it made for its disposable diaper pants, liners and baby wipes were deceptive.

According to the FTC, gDiapers’ claims of biodegradability for some of its products failed to meet the legal requirement: If a company says its product or package is “biodegradable,” it should have proof that the product will completely break down and decompose into elements found in nature within a year after being put in the trash.

The FTC also said gDiapers’ claims of home compostability for its gRefills and gWipes were misleading: According to the complaint, the company failed to adequately disclose that you can’t safely home compost products that are soiled with solid waste.

For more about the definitions of various ‘green’ terms, read Shopping Green.

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I'm a mother of two who's happily used the GDiapers product for the past 5 years and I think that it is ridiculous that the FTC is going after a responsible, environmentally friendly and groundbreaking small business on what are effectively technicalities. Why doesn't the FTC use its significant clout to go after real corporate "bad guys" and actual green washers. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that cloth diapers are infinitely more responsibly than the alternative (disposable plastic diapers), because they prevent tens of thousands of soiled plastic diapers from going to a landfill, where they will sit for hundreds of years. GDiapers cloth inserts are reusable and that is mostly what GDiapers users use - when they use the flushable inserts, (for poop) most users flush them down the toiler. Since they dissolve in water, they will be treated like the rest of sewage. So YES, flushing poop is more environmentally responsible than wrapping it in plastic bags and sending it to landfill. This whole thing makes me sick - stop picking on well-intentioned small businesses!


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