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Veterans and their families deserve truthful information when choosing how and where to use their military education benefits. Are you getting the straight scoop on what your program will cost, the likelihood of graduating and the chances for getting a job in your field? If you’re not getting the information you need to make an informed decision, the FTC and its agency partners want to know. 

A new, streamlined complaint process makes it easier for veterans to share their complaints about their education. The Commission is working with other federal agencies – the Departments of Defense, Education and Justice, the VA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – to coordinate this new way to gather information from veterans, servicemembers and their families about their experiences with a college.

You can file your complaint with these agencies; it will be saved in the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network database. Sentinel is confidential and accessible only to law enforcers – more than 2,000 agencies nationwide. These complaints will help law enforcement identify fraudulent and deceptive practices and take action.

If you think a school or college misled you or didn’t give you the whole picture, file a complaint at VA or DoD – or email the Department of Education at If you’re trying to decide if an education program is right for you, read Choosing a College.

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My husband was a veteran that was in the Army National Guard.For seven years,and just recently they took away his privilages at the Veteran Hospital here in Phoenix,Az

Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20580
(202) 326-2222

Dear Sir / Madam

Wishing you fine and well. It is going to be a whole year I did hear from you. Do you accept complaints against:
(1) Bank Of America Corporation.
(2) 419 Nigeria Advance Fee Frauds.

Thank you very much for replying me at your earliest convenience.

Your well wisher, Raza Iqbal

The FTC is the nation’s consumer protection agency. If any business doesn’t make good on its promises or cheats you out of your money, you can file a complaint at

when ever you try to update or change things on your computer you must be careful of add-ons with every web site because you will end up changing settings or a home page or particularly generating calls to further your education


Some of the Spam email will not allow forwarding to when I try to forward on my iphone it goes to my outbox and stays there.The spammers are a step ahead of the FTC

I've been getting a lot of 'VA' sponsored mortgage offers that are not actually sponsored or endorsed be the VA. Anything I can do about this?

I got a call from "Publishers' Clearing House" saying I had been awarded $3.5 million. I called back and got "Robin B. Smith". He wanted money from me (credit card number) in order to collect the (now) $1 million.
His phone number is 702 609-7235. I guarantee the FTC could "get" this guy if they really wanted to.

i want toreport someone who is using my identity on hi5

Telephone number 312-465-1642 called me and reported that my ATM Debit card had a problem. I was to call them back. This is an obvious phishing attack - it stunk!

Please put Wilber & Associates out of business. Very unethical collecting company. Accuse individuals with other peoples information. Threatens people with suspending driver license when they have the wrong person that is involved. The representatives are very rude and do not listen to anything that an innocent person is saying. This law firm does not ask the proper questions to even identify if they have the right person that is involved. This company bullies the individual on the phone. I thought that this was against the law as it states in the FTC ruling. I guess attorney's do not have to abide by the law.

Techchoice Company sells extended vehicle warrantees on line. They have called 8 times in the last 6 months trying to sell me this coverage even though I traded the car October 1, 2013. I have explained to the representative that I no longer own the car during each call, but the calls continue. I am on the do-not call list, but it doesn't help.

We need stronger enforcement and severe punishment for criminals who steal information and use it. Violators are given so little slap on the hand even after several cases it actually is creating a better way to obtain income. And the internet, mail fraud is impossible to convict anyone. These are federal offenses. How good are laws if not enforced???

I have sent in more then 20 complaints and i never even get an answer. I have a simple complaint. I would just like to get my money back which is the $110,000 the government robbed me out of in the year 2008 when they gave the Washington Mutual bank to Chase bank with out the stock going with it.I have no money for medical or dental. This FTC organization does not care anything about you .All they care about is making money or stealing it from you. They are lower then the lowest dregs on earth.This country needs an uprising to get all these jerks out of office. PS that $110,000 was my retirement and i am flat broke. Is there no justice or any thing left of the old American way nothing left for the honest people of America.

I have filed FCC complaints about TMobile for years and it goes nowhere. TMobile has been doing the same thing as AT&T. I have paid a $180.00 package for about a decade and get squat compared to what I was supposed to get. A few improvements but not much and little to no making good on old losses. I also have a major problem with Microsoft. NONE of this so called easy report stuff is really easy. I have years of effort to NO avail! Pastor Noel

I cannot get unwanted mail stopped, addressed to ................., MD, from AMA INSURANCE AGENCY, INC,, 330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300, Chicago IL 60611-5885
This has gone on for 30 years. I called them at least a dozen times. They require the doctor's signature. The dr. says, he has nothing to do with them. We have not shared addresses for over 30 years. I'm at my wit's end. What can I do?

I am a physician and NOT an AMA member. I too have been unable to stop advertisement bombardment from this very unscrupulous agency. They are constantly sending various insurance products offers in official looking AMA envelopes. It is difficult to distinguish bills from advertisement and many letters get piled up for a couple of months before opening due to sheer volume. They cancelled one of my important policies for non payment of premiums, and will not change their decision in spite of appeals from me.

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