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Another chapter in free grant fiction

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money in the shape of a present with a bowFree grants for regular people? The chance at some string-free money might seem like a godsend. But promises of free grants are just another scam to get your money.

That was the case with Cash Grant Institute, the FTC says. In fact, the man behind the scam — Paul Navestad — was ordered to pay more than $20 million. But he didn’t. So today the FTC announced that a federal judge has ordered Navestad to be jailed until he pays up. 

Here’s the backstory: Cash Grant Institute told people they’d already qualified for grants — up to $25,000 — that were readily available from federal, state, and local governments, private foundations, and wealthy individuals. But the grants didn’t exist, the FTC says. Instead, people were sent to sites that charged them for general information about getting grants. Even after paying, very few people qualified for any kind of grant, and those that did found it was a long, difficult process.

If that wasn’t enough, Cash Grant Institute also was a massive robocalling scheme, making more than 8 million robocalls — almost a third of them to numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.

In addition to the importance of filing a complaint about illegal robocalls, here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t give out your bank account information to anyone you don’t know
  • Don’t pay any money for a “free” government grant
  • Know that scammers can fake phone numbers to look like they’re calling from Washington, D.C.

A real government agency won’t ask you to pay a processing fee for a grant you’ve already been awarded, or to pay for a list of grant-making institutions. The names of agencies and foundations that award grants are available for free at any public library or on the Internet. The only official access point for all federal grant-making agencies is

If you think you've been a victim of a grant scam, file a complaint with the FTC at You also can report it to your state Attorney General. Read Government Grant Scams for more.

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I was scammed for 700.00 how do I file a complaint.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at

OMG!!! I just received a call from them as well. I'm like this is the best day ever because I don't usually have good luck.. But I sure did think the heavens were opening up for me. They had all my information and gave me the " your name came up in our system" spill. I did give an account # (how stupid ik) but I did follow up with my bank and let them know about these people claiming to be from the Government, I will be filing a complaint as well. WATCH OUT FOR PRIVATE or BLOCKED CALLS!!!! Also this number of a person claiming to be a senior account manager...253-843-6148

Like omg I was told the same thing to buy a green dot card and upload 500 this is completely out pocket they messing with people heads giving them false hope they should go to jail for that

I just received a call from a person who said that he is calling me, that was picked out of a 6 month survey from the Federal government. In the amount of 92,000 dollars. This is the information he asked me to write down: 315-675-4060 and the confirmation number and ask for a Peter Walker178. Then he asked for my bank account number. That's when I hung up. I am a homeless disabled 58 woman. I was hoping that prayers was answered.

Oh Wow! I almost fell it as well. They called and said that I qualified for and Government Federal Grant because I do not owe the government, have not filed for bankruptcy, and don't have an criminal record. I called the number they gave me and the "agent" said that his name is Oliver and that I needed an iTunes card and that needed to upload $92.00 dollars on it and then call him back at (315)203-6827 and ask for Oliver102 so that he could instruct me as what to do next. I am so glad that looked up about Federal grants and came across this article.

Same story new day this one wanted me to call another number because I have been randomly selected to receive a $9,000 grant that I've never applied for which we know is not true. They just wanted me to call another phone number and they would send it the money Western Union what you know that when you get to the bottom they're going to want you to provide proof of who you are so now they have your information and now you're in trouble. Be warned the government never ever ever just randomly select you for free grant money for no purpose but personal and sends you a phone call instead of a registered piece of mail

Hello ! I receive the same call - so I should not buy an activation card to Wester Union right ? Is this definitely fake ?

The government does not give free grants to people. The government does not use a wire transfer service to send you money.

Do not buy a prepaid card. Do not send money by a wire transfer. The scammer will take your money, and you can't get it back.

I have been called close to fifteen times, each time a little different, but common is an amount of money I would need to pay out for what this one is calling an activation card. Another one called it necessary for me to purchase two walmart debit cards with certain amounts of MY MONEY, to activate the well's fargo amount they were sending. Give the well's fargo card's number, after I apply My money, and wait for the Grant money so I could apply the money promised to my card.

I just recieved these same phone calls. And if we all pay attention to everyones statements about this matter it will save us all. (1) The government will not just freely show that kind of love to it citizens. (2) And 90% of the population in the united states are hoping and or wishing to be lucky enough to be blessed from the 1% the government that has this kind power and control to set other lives straight that a scammer can use the goverment name to rip individuals off because they do have enough to live off of. This a very sad ordeal and corporate empire.

Just got off the phone with Marvin#121. He's the guy that I was told to call at (646)975-9480 or (646)580-0377 by my VERIFICATION OFFICER Kristy who called me from (646) I was promised 9,200.00 and that I would have to stay on the phone with him the whole time while I go to Walmart to purchase my FEDERAL GRANT REGISTRATION CARD for 199.00 and from there to the bank in which I would give them my bank grant reg.#. Resulting in the bank handing me the cash. All 9200.00 plus the 199.00 returned back to me. Lol...I don't have that kinda luck...not in a million years.

So they have a ext. Number and call back number is it a scam same 9.700 grant from the government

I believe I just got scammed by same bunch. Everything you've said happened is identical to my transaction with them. I feel so stupid.

Just got off the phone. And if I didn't look up the information. I too would have been scammed. I asked questions and they get agitated, when I ask. So for all who have gabe money. The government will send you information on the free grant and you don't have to pay anything. If you was selected there is no reason for you to register your name.

Did it really go all well ? Because i got The same call exactly

I just recieved a phone call from a indian guy by private number saying i have received a 9000 dollar grant from the goverment. Mind you he knew my name. I then asked why have i recieved such generous donation from from the government. The guy stated because i did not have a criminal record. In fact which i dont hmmm but this was feeling suspect. He then says he will need my bank information credit card info lol to confirm who i am. At this point he is getting frustrated because i begin to blast him with serval questions regarding his phone call to me and this goverment none sense then he hangs up in my face. Watch out people these people are good i just got a new phone with a new number two weeks ago and they called me by name hmmm. Todays date 11/6/15

We just got called too with the same song and dance that my husband qualified for a grant from the federal government again because he had no criminal record. Which he doesn't but still this is the third call we've received today from these people whom I can barely understand as it is. Next time they call I'm getting out the whistle !!

I just got a call too. Claiming I got a 11000 government grant because I never filed for bankruptcy. Bs I was so excited till my four kids started laughing as the Indian lady asked for any plastic card I had card numbers. Lol it came from a DC number. Messed up

I just got a call as well stating a grant of$7800. They wanted me to go to Walmart or Dollar General, pay $250 to activate the grant.when I asked where they were they hung up. If anyone gets a call from 253-243-9660 just hang up. SCAM....

I just got the same call to go to Wal-Mart and purchase a card for 225.00 and gave me a code number and a phone number 202-930-3492 ask for Ryan Watkins ex# 201 and do not give it to no one onces I get there I'm to call and ask for him to verification that its me I will need my driver license and cash in hand and I will get my grant money its a scam there not going to get me. Lol

2017 October16th. They're still calling folks trying to scam. All Indians it sounds like too. #2028731256.
Gave me a confirmation #EC885 and told me to call a#202 6480732 which is a Google#... Scam alert...

12/4/15 just got a call from the same india accent scammers let them run the gammit...first a woman calls, says says you are one of 1500 people to recieve $9600.00 because i have no criminal record and pay bills on time.. just can't spend the money they give you on gambling, smuggling, or drugs. Give you a confirm number ask you to call the finance manager who proceeds to ask if you want the $$ depsited at your bank or "cash" wired to a Walmart of your choice..(said Walmart to see what happens) and he explains I must first fill out some paperwork for the grant that i will receive "same day" at Walmart and funds were already waiting for me but I must also first send the $260.00 security deposit while he waits with me on the phone and then wires me the $9200.00. First:red flag:you don't get anything from the gov't for free..Second:to pay money to get money...hmm!!

Can u tell me the number because I got the same thing today saying that I had money waiting for me but had to pay 250 as well and wait on the phone with him

I just got a call today... they had most of my information. They said I will receive a free grant for 14,566.00. They called from a Washington DC number. They also wanted me to pay $250.00 as well and wait on the phone with him at wal-mart. You don't have to pay any fees for a free grant. The number they called from is 202-455-6947.

I just recieved a phone call like this and they said i didn't have to pay anything then they told me that i had to pay 400 dollars to recieve the money. The number came up as an unknown caller. His name was DR Richard J Johnson and he gave me a website to go to, to look and see if it was a scam or not and when i typed in the web address and his name it came up something about rats. I wish there was somewhere that i could get a grant and dont have to pay to recieve it.

Well they called me ....If Gov knowns this why haven't they put a stop to this .... Well I gave debt card number but not the real acct as soon as I said I don't have 225 $ they end the call smh GOV GO GET THEM ....sad

Same happened to my wife today. Indian accent. Free money grant. My wife refused to give him his info. He said to her that she wasted his time. Scam.

I got a call from the same guy today twice. When I told him the US Government would never wire me money and to destroy my file he thanked me for wasting his time. At least in that time he couldn't scam another person. Glad I wasted his time. Here are the numbers from where the call came 646-093-7723 & 646-193-7723

Well, it has happened to me as well, but not with a grant, but a new car and a big sum of money. Wow, they are good and harassing! Woowee! I fell hard for it thinking I finally received my motherload and can finally have financial serenity. Well, they don't stop. It is insane!

I just had a call to. Wanted me to buy a fever card Put 250 on it then let her know so she can call the bank and add the money on it. Don't know????

If you buy a gift card and put money on it, but you tell someone the code from the card, they can take all the value immediately. You will have nothing.

I just received several phone calls from an unknown caller. By call #5 I picked up because I am waiting to here back from a final interview. I should have known better. Legit organizations have legit numbers!!! lol Indian ancient but calling from the US department of disrespect. the amount of my grant $14,566.00!! Well...Latty Latty!!!! lol! I told them I would call them back and went straight to google!!! They will not be receiving a call back!!! Thank you just ha ha ha!!!! LL

Oh my that's the same amount and the guy says he is Portuguese American Alex Foster... He says I won $14,500 for not having a criminal record nor filing bankruptcy & oh my I had to pay a $250 registration fee. Then they told me to call another # #James" to make sure that they "guide" till I receive the money. Here are their #s 202-864-0179 & 202-634-2315

I received the same called,explained how I was selected & all for $14,566.00 Individual Grant.I was to go to Wal-Green having my pic ID,Cell,Visa Card & $200 which would be refunded.Gave me a confirmation #,their names David Morgan & George Tucker,phone #s,address & badge ID #,even though The address & phone #s were different.

Told me they worked with NIH.Website  grants.NIH. gov. One address is Maryland & the other from Washington D.C.After talking with David,I guess he saw that they weren't getting anything,I gets a call saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Same thing JUST happened to me and i got excited and gave my bank acct number too. (Fool i am) ..They said i would definitely get the $ 8,300.00 because it is my money already registered to me, when i paid the $ 200.00 for taxes. Nko money in my account right now though thank God!! The number they gave me to call to confirm was 202 753-9768. Guess I'm gonna have to call my bank now.

Did anyone receive money? Here's the number that called me 813-577-0785. Here's the number they told me to call 360-702-5013

I received the same call today woman told me after she hangs up to call 3607025013 and talk to Charlie Evans to continue with my money code I found out it is a scam dont fall for it

I got the same call yesterday same amount and number and everything the guy name was George Tucker and the lady name was Constance Parker beware they had all my information I just had to confirm everything and go to Wal-Mart and register and pay $350 which I would back once I got my momney

(202) 930-1148. Just got the same call for $9200.00 grant for pickup @ Walmart.

I ask can I get it cash in hand from Walmart they said yes and gave me the number845979774646and code mp569 said I didn't have to pay nothing just take it to Walmart.

So did u do it? Did it work?

I just received same call from 202-455-0408

I had the same phone call a couple of hours ago. Told me the same thing and I would have to pay $250 to receive the money but it would be refunded when I received the $7000. So she said she would stay on phone during transaction at Walmart and I would walk out with $7250.00. oh and she assured me this was no SCAM! Yeah right. She also said there were only 1500 people to be receiving these grants. The number that I had to call and give my conf number was 646-504-3790.

I am glad I came across this post because I just got a phone call with the same type of accent giving me the exact same story. I never gave out any information, but I just wish I could report them. The fact that there are people that are out there doing this sort of crap makes me sick.

I just got called for the same but dumb of me have them my last 4 digits of social and driver license number what do I do??

If you're concerned that someone might misuse your information, you can read the information at

This information is for people who think some of their information was exposed.

what happened to your situation? same thing happened to me

I just now got that phone call from a Indian guy calling himself Randy Johnson. He told me he had 7,600.00 waiting for me and all I had to do was to go to the locations mentioned. That's when I decided to check them out and found you guys. Thank you for documenting your experience.


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