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It might not be you they’re after

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If you’re lookin’ for love (sometimes in all the wrong places), chances are you’ll wind up on an online dating site at some point. Those who use dating sites can attest: you’ll meet some nice people there – and you’ll probably meet some weird people, too. You’ll have good dates and bad (and great and awful). And, unfortunately, as some people can attest, you might just meet some scammers.

We hear these stories all the time, and they tend to go a little like this: “I met this really nice woman on [fill in the name of the dating site]. Her membership was about to expire, so we switched to email. She’s from the US, but she’s working in [fill in the name of another country]. We connected right away, and we’re planning to meet. But things are a little tight for her right now because of [fill in reason for no money]. So I wired her the money for the ticket….”

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. It really is. You’re on a dating site to meet people, and it seems like you have. But let the warning bells ring if you see or hear:

  • an immediate request to leave the site. Many online dating sites have protections in place to help protect you from scammers.
  • love at first sight. Most of us are hopeful people, but wow – love based on a profile and a couple of emails?  Hmm. Sure, explore that, but watch out.
  • any request for money. ANY request. For any reason: plane tickets, visas, a child’s (mother’s, whoever’s) hospital bill, expenses until their ship comes in…. That is a sure sign of a scam. Block and delete them and move along.
  • any mention of wiring money. If you wire money, it’s gone. Buh-bye. You’ll never see it again. Good for scammers, bad for you.

So, in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, do us a favor: keep in mind that you want someone who’s after you, not your money – and that warning bells can sound like wedding bells if you’re not listening carefully.

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He's on too. Pretty depressing how many scammers there are. I've just been doing this a couple of days, but I'd say scammers write out misspelled words for numbers to get you to text them. They don't reply to questions but repeat their message. Misspellings and confusions. A single picture. Patterns of language from one profile to another.

Anyone of ever hear of Michael Solomon? He claimed to love me and is from Utah but is stuck in Nigeria and says can only use cash to fly back. When I refused to send money he got nasty and said I killed my husband and he was going to prove it.

I just had someone from asking me to buy Itunes cards for him, he claims to be a 57 yr old, petroleum engineer from Texas on an Oil Rig, and cant make online purchases .. right !! Of course, I didn't believe a thing he told me .. The interesting part is that I don't remember meeting him, however, he has my number. That scares me a bit. I played alone till he asked me for the gift cards, I then asked to facetime, no response, of couce. the name used is "Bruce Patterson" I have his email address as well, I am not sure it is ok to show here. But I would love to, as well as all the pics he sent me.

I have just recently been scammed by a man calling himself Joseph Russo. Widowed, single dad, works on oil rig. Took a job in Nairobi wants me to send money for a new cell phone.says he's getting ready to retire. Sent loving emails every day. When he was told he wasn't getting any money, he became very nasty.i blocked him and cut off all contact.

Has anyone came across a Jonathan Ace Gareth?His father moved him from Lithuania to California when he was 14.He has a 17 year old daughter that ironically is in the UK for school. And of course he is a windower, who has now lost both parents also.He lives in Topeka Kansas,but is working the pipelines in Arizona.he contacted me on fb messenger,but prefers to text or email.His number is a Kansas exchange, but when I call it, it's automated saying please say your name and global voice will try to connect you. I've looked into global voice and it can be used anywhere in the world and you choose your area code. He has not asked directly for money, but asked for my address and wants to send me money to purchase steam wallet cards for his daughter. And he keeps asking me to open a bank account so he can help me! I have his email and pics if anyone thinks that they know this guy.


Has anyone been contacted wanting to send money to you by a security service ? Money he earned but can’t accept it? He’s on a off shore drilling rig? He needs my adddress to have a security courier deliver it. I think he’s a scammer. I will not give him
My address.


I've just had 2 men try the same scam on me. One wanted $8000 transport fee when the security company delivered his $1.8 million to me for safe keeping, the other said I could take the $ from the $6mil in the box to pay the unknown fee when it was delivered. I refused both times because I don't want the FBI and/or Homeland Security on my doorstep. It's either money laundering or financing terrorists. Oh, and both men fell madly in love with me after just a few

Has anyone heard of Arthur Milton from Seattle, Washington an Engineer, son studying in Oxford working for shell petroleum in Dubai, his Attorney , client wiring me money to send to him in Ghana. Any one familiar with this person.

I met someone online, similar story. From US, divorced, with a daughter in London boarding school. Working as a sailor. Wants my address as he wants to post me a surprise present! Not sure how to reject him without offending him, because I am still not sure if he is legit or what are the implications like drugs etc if I did give him my address. Are there any other way to receive the present?





I've been communicating with a man online for 3 months who says he is an independent civil engineer working on a project in Dubai but lives near me (in Jersey!) and also has a home in Miami. I believe he's a scammer. His name is Jamie Eldora. Has anyone heard of him? I can't find him anywhere on google.

I am updating my comment above. Jamie Eldora is a scammer and confessed that to me in early January 2018. LADIES BEWARE of this low-life scum. He didn't get me for any money because I was smarter than he was but he did hurt me emotionally.

I think this is also a man I met through Our Time. David M. Rodriquez, an Electrical Engineer from Orlando, Fl. Originally from Quebec. Showed me of himself and his son and granddaughters. Had an official looking website. Got a job in Dubai and couldnt cash the check without a checking account, they took his paassport, needed money to come back to US

Has anyone been contacted by Eric Fleishman in CA? Widowed with a daughter. Supposedly working in Dubai, an electrical engineer. Met him on Match. I was also contacted on FB by Roland Luka from Florence, Italy. Widower with a daughter in boarding school. Working on an offshore oil rig in Istanbul.

I was contacted by Eric Fleishman also from Match also a widow with a daughter and electrical engineer. What was the issue you had with him. This may be the same guy!!!!Please let me know
Thank you

I to was just recently contacted by this Eric Fleishman who says he just moved to Sarasota Fl, same, widow, dgt, engineer. just wondering whats up before I get involved with this man. please do tell.
He says he's the whole package, wants to settle down etc.

Man with same info has contacted my step-mother who was recently widowed. Asking for money to be wired to him, stuck in Dubai, electrical engineer, needs money wired ASAP. Over $30k. Has anyone confirmed this man is scamming women? It sure sounds like it.

Any info on Eric Fleishman. Same guy same story. In touch by email & stating he is the perfect man. (Red flags—too good to be true)!! Sent me a copy of his e-ticket to Dubai & away for 6 weeks & wants to stay connected)! NO!! Keen to know what’s up!

My Mother contacted Oct 15 by Eric Fleischman same story. Do you have a picture. Want to see if it is the same man.

Unable to upload photo on this

He sent 2 pics to my mom. Can’t post them here but they are of a decent looking guy by himself in both pics - one in a blue shirt at what looks like a resort and the other in a black shirt at a restaurant.

Anyone heard of a Tyler Baker from Alabama with son ?

I have Alex Ray, doing business in Qatar... on oil ship

Does anyone know if you keep communicating with someone that you suspect is not who he says but give NO personal info, already told him I will send nothing ever if we have never met and vet each other - what harm can come from just talking?

My mother in law is dealing with this now He goes by marvin bill and keeps telling her lies upon lies upon lies he now is saying he is sending her money and a document to sign so he can retire early from the military. I did some research and found out his real name is prince and he lives in Ghana Africa. He is a dj and a dance instructor. We had her block him a few months ago and delete him.. SHe has since started talking to him again. She was all ready scammed by another one 6 months before that and lost over $2000. Which we where hoping she learned her lesson. Guess not. Need help getting this through her head that Marvin Bill is a scammer and isnt who he says he is.

Has anyone heard from someone named Josh Rodriguez?From a dating site. Says he is with Grand Barclays Capital Investments. Says he is in London but will be returning to the US. Asks for your full name and address and says he is putting stock shares in your name. Then, he says he will sell the shares. Has not asked for money yet but definitely something is up. I just cannot figure out what yet. Thoughts?

I believe I’ve been set up by a guy named Jefferson Clyde Elison, aka Jefferson Elison, Elison Jefferson. He claims he is widowed with a son who lives with is mother. He claims he’s engineer on a oil rig Gulf of Mexico. He tried to con me out of $4560 he said his lawyer is demanding the money for a contract. I asked for his Lawyers name? No response. Told me he would find someone else to help him! Hope this helps someone. Save your money...true love does not ask for money!

I don’t know if Eric Flaishman is a man who get my email Match too. Please tell me, he is a widow and has a daughter, told me lives in Orlando/ Fl. Please let me know about him. I think he is a bad person. Thanks

I had 2 separate men ask me to accept a pkg from a security co that was going out of business. One wanted me to pay $8000for the transport fee from England & keep his $1.8mil safe in my home. The other said I could use the $from the safe box when it was delivered to pay the unknown transport fee from Germany to safeguard his $6million. I refused both, telling them I did not need the FBI and/or Homeland Security on my doorstep. NEVER offer to accept a "secure"pkg from overseas from someone u have never met. This is either money laundering or financing terrorists. Oh, and both men fell madly in love with me after just a few days of chatting on

Recently scammed by a man calling himself Gary Hilton from Texas working as an offshore contractor. Son living with mom in U.K. widower. Sent pics of self in car, boat and jet. “Fell in love” with me immediately. Would only text. Sending me olive notes from an online website daily. Refused to FaceTime or use the phone. Did not ask for money Never gave him my last name

Has anyone gotten contacted from a person from Ourtime, using the name Celia Spearman, supposedly lives in CT. But overseas in Pretoria So. Africa working a job making Jewlery. Needs money for business deal gone bad, travel money to get back to states, can't access bank accounts until back in the US. The business that she states is called Merek Jewlery. She is polish,but claims to be a US Citizen, both parents dead. Some. Friends and family live in Poland. ASked for money , and can never get out of the country due to owing money to the govt. We did text and talk before she left, but now has no phone, and only emails. She has sent pics. Of her with friends, and one kid. What is the deal here? SCam? Or just someone who has hit some bad luck.?

I have recently met up with a guy who says his name is Josh Rodriguez and that he works for Barclay's bank. He claims to be in my hometown. I met him through a website called Plenty of Fish. I am well-versed in the art of "catfishing" by predatory men who troll online dating website. I can spot them a mile away. You can't be TOO careful when on an online dating website. NEVER send money to anyone you meet on line for ANY reason!

I'm speaking to someone at the moment I'm getting the same photos and he's so lovely..hes gone over to south Africa on business and says he can't access his bank account and needs $100 for his child's medication in Texas..i want to believe him so much but am so scared


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