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Thanks to a request by the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court has ordered a light bulb company to ante up $21 million for refunds to consumers who bought their LED bulbs. At issue were misleading and exaggerated claims by a company called Lights of America Inc. The FTC proved that the company, which sold the bulbs in big box stores including Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart, overstated claims about light output, life expectancy, and how the brightness compared to incandescent bulbs.  Check back to the FTC’s site for information about refunds.

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How will they even know who the consumers are? Looks like Costco/Sam's Club/Walmart will all get refunds and no one else.

Do we need our receipts?

The procedure to get a refund is not yet final. When details become available, the FTC will issue a press release with all the relevant information. Stay connected to the FTC via social media or email to get the latest news related to this refund and other topics.

Excuse me my boss just ask me to return that 2box of light buld common just look who's credit card name it is and u think I'm gonna give u my ID if I know that is scum are u for real just think about it

Great. I already tossed packages and used the bulbs, so don't know if the Costco stuff I bought was that brand(lights of America). figures. consumers almost never get decent refunds. here's hoping Costco system will credit buyers as they know exactly who bought what and when.

I keep getting charges on my credit cards, from "Tech Support", Magazines, Savings Clubs, and more that are fraudulent charges. I fill out disputes, 6 this month already on one card, only to find more on other cards. How do these people get charges placed on credit cards without authorization? Drives me nuts! I have to go over every statement with a fine tooth comb every month, it takes up too much of my time fighting these criminals constantly. Can't anybody help to prevent this from happening all the time? I get new cards, then a few months later, it happens again. I am getting weary of this, I am thinking of closing all my credit card accounts but one, maybe then I can spend my time with my family instead of on the phone, computer, and fax to the credit card companies that allow these fraudulent charges on people's credit cards daily. Surely they have a security force that could assist in putting these people out of the credit card fraud business. The 6 separate charges on my card this month, all different company names, but all had
the same 800 number. which was an automated system with no one to talk to, or even leave a message. I am fed up!!!!!

If you need to dispute credot card charges, you can find information on how to do that in this FTC article..

Where is link to where to apply or get refund as stated here in 1st paragraph? Search on and google return no useful results on getting refund

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