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Phantom debts and fake collection notices

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Imagine getting an official-looking letter — with a seal, signed by a judge — that says you owe a lot of money for an unpaid payday loan. Awfully intimidating, right? Especially if it included your correct name, address, and maybe even your Social Security number.

In a new twist on an old scam, criminals are impersonating law firms, judges, and court officials. They send out scary letters and make threatening phone calls about phantom debts to try to convince people to send them money.

So, what should you do if you get one of these nastygrams? No matter how convincing a letter or phone call seems, check it out. Look up the real number for the government agency, office, or employee (yes, even judges) and get the real story. It’s likely to be a scam.

Be suspicious if anyone — no matter who they say they are — asks you to wire money, or load a rechargeable money card as a way to pay back the debt. There’s no legitimate reason for someone to ask you to send money that way.

Curious about other imposter scams? Check out some of our previous scams alerts. And if you haven’t already, sign up to get new scam alerts by email.

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Just received call from Global litigation or acquisitions saying I owe US BANK $2900.34 I never had a credit card with them and the lady stated we are going to send someone you your work to arrest you. 214 504 2986

Someone has called and left the number 214-504-2986 with several of my family members to conclude that I have been involved in an act of fraud. It also talked of an appearance in Court if I did not respond. It has really extended to people receiving calls that are in my phone call log. It truly will be a Blessing when the individuals are caught behind this fraud activity of phone calls.

I just got a call from this number. The pre-recorded message said it was looking for someone I personally haven't seen or heard from in a decade. Same deal as listed above. bank or check fraud, going to call my employer, call 214-504-2986 to stop court action yadda yaadda yadda.

Glad I googled the phone #

Just received a call from a guy who claimed I owed over 19 thousand to a hospital that I have never even been to.he called my work. He claimed my SSN matched trying to get me to say what mine is, but I told him I didn't give a F what he had, that I had never been to that hospital and wasn't paying a cent. He said "we will do this another way" and hung up. I talked to the hospital and they have no account with my name whatsoever, so I confirmed it was a sca.

I've reported on this number and we even filed a report with local law enforcement and notified CapitalOne in writing- a pain in time and effort- but the Feds do wait to build an overwhelming mountain of evidence and take time to track these perps before coming down hard. Have faith- too many cases are lost not having enough evidence and foreign law enforcement (even friendly countries) won't help us without a mountain of evidence. Please ensure everyone you know reports any and all scam calls- it does help at the end of the day. Law enforcement can't even make DUI/DWI's stick sometimes unless every I is dotted and T is crossed so go figure how hard it is to prosecute some clown in broken English claiming he is after a couple hundred dollars.

678-608-1349 complete scam. they call and claim you have an unpaid online payday loan. When I challenged them and asked for a supervisor; I got hung up on. When I called back, I told them I know this is a scam and I will sue them. They replied the call is being recorded. I said great, record this: "I WILL SUE YOU IF YOU DON'T STOP CALLING ME!!" Haven't heard from them again yet.

Also been receiving messages at work and to family that I committed Check Fraud with Chase Bank and that this is Officer Brian Jones and currently has a warrant package on his desk and this is an urgent matter. The number they are using is in Philadelphia, 215-475-4509 with carrier Mcimetro Access Transmission Services Lic. I notified my Bank and no such check fraud is out there against me. This guy has an American accent which is a new one. Please do not provide any information to these people. They are just looking for that small piece of info to confirm what they need to open a can of worms up that you don't want.

I received a call from 866 331-5538. It was a Steven Cain stating that I committed fraud by receiving a loan that was deposited into my check acct back in April 2013. This is the second time in a month that they have called me. The first time they gave me the last four digits of my ssn and then the acct number they supposedly deposited the money into. The acct had been closed and was no longer in existence. I fell for it the first time because he made it sound legit. I called the company called ASG working for Evergreen Lenders. The person who answered the call claimed I had a case pending on me and if I didn't handle it or set up payments that they would send someone to arrest me. They would get an warrant for me. It scared me because it sounded so real. When I hung up the first time I called the bank and they said there had not been any deposits to my account from ASG or Evergreen Lenders. I even called the courthouse and did research to see and there had not been any cases for this. I was told to call the Atty General and the police to report this. Today they called and left a msg for me and said I needed to call them back. They are now calling my place of employment the HR and the operators and harrassing me. How do you get this to stop?

We've been getting calls from a blocked phone number, "No Caller ID." Someone named Kelly Burton leaves a voicemail saying she will be delivering legal documents that she has received in her office from a company filing a claim. She then leaves an 855 number to call back. When called, this person says he is from Lion [something mumbled] Holdings. He wants to verify a bunch of information for the claim that "has already been sent out in the mail." Yeah. Ok. I made a police report and tip report to the FBI.

Just got one of these calls. today Nov.19,14 Knowing how the law works we quickly knew it was a scam Their number comes from SanAntonio TX 210-485-4565. Just know Legal Paperwork will only come from the state you reside in and will be delivered by a local processing company or sheriff. Never from out of state. Never give these people money or personal information.

Received a call from 225-245-3094. Stating that they are from Global Litigations. They asked me to load a pre-paid card. I contacting the original creditor and I had already paid off my debts.

Every time you call a woman changes her voice. Betty White, Stacey Cooper and Karen Jones. There is also a man claiming to be an investigator.

The reverse call says it is a cell phone device. Be careful

My husband received a VM today from someone who stated she was from the clerk's office and they were going to send us a package with document number NC152514 to our address (which they then read out loud). The call came from an unknown number but they left the number 844-387-6928 to call them back on. They said that NO call back would deem the address and employer verified. Only they never mentioned any employer. Additionally, my husband has received a couple other calls from random numbers asking for his son who lives three states away and has never been tied to his cell phone. I am thinking these calls are all connected. I can't believe how many scams there are out there! I am glad my cell phone is listed under my company and not my name!

In the last month and a half, I've received 3 odd calls, stating they were looking for people whom had claims filed against them. Caller stated my name came up when the locater was looking for these individuals. One was my ex-husband, whom I've been divorced from 20+ yrs and have nothing to do with, 2nd was an uncle I have not seen in years, 3rd were two names I have never heard of nor even recognize. Does anyone understand what this is about. Just odd all calls occurred in such a short time of each other.

I've been recieving calls and threatening emails about owing money to this company called ASG legal. They give me a different number everytime, and they already took 300 from me, but they told me if i didn't pay than I would be going to jail, and facing serious charges. Not sure if I should be freaked out or not. They said I have to pay 200 by wed, or the case reopens

I have been a legal assistant for 30 years. What these people are doing is illegal. If you look up the Fair Debt Act (I googled it and printed it out for reference when these idiots call), it explains your rights and what is not legal. If you have ever had any kind of past due or bad debt, the creditor sells it to unscrupulous collection agencies if they can't collect. They keep selling the same debt from one agency to another. To threaten that there are legal documents filed or to be filed when they are not is illegal. No one ever calls you before they serve you with a complaint. Attorneys' offices do not call people to collect money. They write a letter first as they are required to do and give 30 days to dispute the debt. There are monetary penalties and fines for companies that threaten people over the phone regarding alleged debts and even the individual person placing the call can be fined $1,000 per the Fair Debt Act. I have had payday loans and bad debts and these people call me about debts from 10 years ago! The statute of limitations is five or six years (depending on your state) to sue someone on a debt. These dates are past the statute of limitations, so they get sent to collection agencies who intimidate people into paying. They keep doing it because people do get scared and pay because they do not know it is illegal and/or a scam. They call your relatives because they can google your name and your relatives come up in a search. It is crazy. A collection agency can pull your credit report and get your address and last four of your SS# so that is how they have that info. You can also search court records on line and if there was an actual court case filed against you, it is public record and you can see it online.

My dad, sister, and mother have gotten calls saying that they have a case number and they are investigating me. I have never gotten a call from them personally. When I look up the numbers it says its a scam. Its getting really aggravating and I wish it would stop. Could anyone give me an answer on how to stop this?

over the past couple of months I have been recieving calls on both the home phone and cell phone that I have a fomal complaint against me. I got worried abvout it, so I caled 911 and they sent a couple of officers out to talk to me. After explaining what was happening, they told me not to worry about it, just ignore the calls, the dfemale officer told me she gets a lot of them herself. I have recievedthese calls from three different exchanges. They do get annoying and the officers told me it is almost useless to try to block them because they keep coming from different exchanges.

Has anyone else had people call family members and ask how they are related to you. And then they will say that they have been trying to get ahold of you but you have never tried to contact you. Then they say they are going to go ahead and serve you? And if they did what ended up happening and how do you stop it?

Keep getting calls at work same thing different people calling all the time. When I call my local court house they tell me i am not in the system anywhere and if these people who keep calling me were actually legit I would be. Keep giving the names of Regina Frye, James Davidson and a Steven Burn. Why can't these people stop. They didn't even verify that it was me but to.d me all my info scares the heck out me that they know these things. Please someone stop these crazy people. They keep threaten arrest on me.

They've added a Maryland number that they call from now: (301)202-3949. Same message as someone transcribed back on the first page saying to call (855) 624-9674. Entertainingly, somewhere they went awry because the person they were trying to call had a completely different name than either of us and, I have never actually known anyone by eityher the 1st or last name. Sigh. I have Google Voice, so I still have the voice mail if it would be helpful.

8448043512 Scammers

I keep getting threatening calls saying that I have check fraud and bank fraud and that since I refuse to return their call they will be filling in my jurisdiction and they are going to come after me with the fullest extent of the law. They are so intimidating.
They have also used this one.
They say they are from the Oregon Health and that they need to talk to me about the insurance papers I just filed. The # is from an 844 # and the return number is an 844 #. Thing is, I do not have Oregon Healthcare.
The person who calls and leaves a message is quite rude.
So if it's not the threatening voice mails it's the other. I've been told it's a collection agency. I just know that it's not how things are done.

I got a letter of a notice of wage garnishment and lien investigation. Said I owed over $12,000. I called the number 1-800-780-8415. I asked the name of the company, said they were lawyers, I asked what this was regarding, he said taxes. I asked where he got the information and he said it was sent to him. I asked again what company and still no answer. He asked if English was my first language since I obviously don't understand what is going on. I asked again about the company. I was then called an idiot and hung up on after he said "I have your phone number now and I will drain all your accounts"

Well they are still at it. Thsi time it was a call from a Chicago number which made my heart sink when I saw the area code (I was afraid something happened to a family member in the winter storms). It was a pre-recorded message that old me to press 9 to talk to a rep about my name being attached to a complaint. I hung up.

I just got this robo-call today in ME "We have recently received a complaint with your name attached", listed a 'case'/'complaint' number and gave a 1-866 phone number for callback or "press 9 to talk to a representative". Spidey-sense was tingling as they did NOT give a company or agency name. I pressed 9 and listened to crappy music until disconnected (15 or 20 minutes).

What *really* concerns me is that they had my correct first and last name to go with the number. This number is unlisted/unpublished and very rarely given out, mostly only to government agencies, utilities and my bank, which leads me to believe that there has been a data breach which included my information and to which I have not been alerted by the [potentially] hacked entity.

Unfortunately I don't have caller ID and don't remember the callback number given. I eagerly await another call- I love screwing with these scumbags.

I just got a call from 310-579-6133, saying they have documentation that someone lodged a complaint against me and to call 888-482-3875

1 (844) 632-1703 Has anyone seen this number please help they said they sueing me class action lawsuit. Need help

Add another number to this list (603)856-0867. Left a message on my phone saying I have two pending charges against me for fraudulent use of my own SS # (red flag #1). Further they wen on to say I would be arrested by the end of the day if I did not call them back (red flag # 2), law enforcement does not give you a courtesy call if they plan to arrest you. Stated they were a law enforcement agency out of NH but failed to say which one (red flag # 3), all law enforcement agencies will properly identify themselves when speaking to a person via phone and in person. Also, law enforcement does not collect debt for any one, at best a local Sheriff will serve evictions or court order judgments where debt is concerned. I cannot believe these scams popped up again. I was used by a friend years ago as a reference for a payday loan they had gotten. These scams are sickening and these idiots surely know how to get information on the people they want to harass. NEVER EVER USE A PAY DAY LOAN SERVICE AND NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO USED AS A REFERENCE.

My husband got a call from someone claiming to be Mark Davis from a fraud unit. And that I needed to call them so I could schedule being served. They have since called his ex wife, her sister, his brother and dad. I am thinking they have an old application or something because me and my husband have been together 8 years. And we have never used his ex wife or her sister as a reference on anything. It has everyone worried that something is wrong. We fell for the same type of scam about a year ago --- western unioning someone $750. At this point we don't trust anyone that calls. But its still hard when they contact people you know and say these things. I would think if it was a legal call, they would say a company or county they are calling from, who the other party is and not the crime that he is being said he has done. Since I would assume that is an invasion of privacy (but that's just an assumption). I have tried to call the number back to get additional information. However I keep going to a generic mailbox, that says no one can take the call.

Thanks for your comment. Scammers often use names, phone numbers, addresses and legal-sounding language to try and make you believe they are legitimate. You can file a consumer complaint about the caller with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at You might want to read this FTC article about fake debt collectors.

I received a call in my work place saying that I have a hearing for debt I was so scare and I call and the person told me that I own 12000 in a credit card for 2007 they asked me for my information and I give to them but later I found out in my credit report that I don't have any debt for $12000 I have their number what can I do now?

Report these calls to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you think someone stole your personal information, you might want to put a fraud alert on your credit report. A Fraud Alert makes it hard for a thief to open accounts in your name. The article Place a Fraud Alert explains more.


Add 205-623-6881 land line out of Al.
Said my name and SS# is showing up with fraud charges and I need to contact and use the ref # they gave or a warrant would be issued and I would be arrested. I have rejected the # and it just goes to voice mail. This # has called 3 times tow weeks ago it was a 705 #. I goggle these #'s I don't know. It is informative, as I know I don't owe it.

Got one today from an automated message saying there was a formal complaint lodged against me and to call back the number. 281-652-8130 I called them back and got a VM for the processing division and now the mailbox is full. Seems like a scam.

I received a call today from a man (sounded American) from a computer (because of the delay in hello's) claiming to be from Staunton and something else law firm. He then said that by me answering the phone I'm agreeing to receiving an electronic subpoena. He then said "Do you understand?", I said nope and hung up. He never asked for anyone by name or anything so I knew it was a scam! and he never called back. Has anyone else had this happen?

I received a call at my office with a recorded message from me from 678 816 61650 saying I was going to receive a summons for a fraudulent account gave me a case # of ZOL258042 and the above phone number. The bookkeeper here actually took the call and gave me the message and looked at me like mmm hmmm embarrassing this is and I have no idea what this is about

Still happening, got called at home today. Thanks for having this info out here on the web - I was nervous until I heard them say I would "forfeit all rights once served." Please. Or PUH-LEEZ!

Got a new approach today, from a reasonable sounding man saying he was a "Compliance Officer" from the State of Florida and that two people had come into the county offices to file a complaint. Except, he used a fictitious county name (one that doesn't exist in Florida) and would not give me an address of his location when I told him I'd be right down. Total scam.

Got a call from 614-407-0918 on 5/5/2015. Some woman claiming that she was from a Bankers Financial Protection Bureau (looked online and found nothing for them Red Flag) claiming to be a litigation company stating she had a debt of $1000 from 2013 for National Payday Loans that supposedly handle several payday loan companies. She basically had all my info and usually I just hang up she caught me just as I came home from a long transit ride from work. I stated to her to send some documentation she said the debt collector claimed they had sent me numerous letters a lie of course. I told her that I am not paying anything without documents. I said send me a email about it. She couldn't do that. She threatened to send the case to court, the attorney general and send a form to garnish my pay. I said to her you sure you want to send this to the attorney general since they are investigating a lot of fraudulent claim scams in the state of MD? I was like hold up there is a process more than just doing that especially with the federal government. I think I frustrated her because she hung up. I get home today another voice message from another woman claiming she is from the Fraud Unit. I will not be responding to these calls anymore. But these calls do actually scare a person though.

I don't answer incoming calls from unfamiliar identified phone numbers.
On May 13th, I received a call and a voice mail from 650 479 1820. States "This is a DeSoto County Docket being scheduled for Wednesday (first red flag - Desoto County would be a phone call from a 662 area code not a 650), May 13th for myself (states my full name). States her name as Tonya Strickland in Alliance with Judicial Court Services, that she made several attempts to contact me and is in the area this day to locate me at my home or place of employment (never showed up, besides the phone number was from California, and I am here in the Mid-South). Litigation has been filed for two charges and will be finalized in the county this day. It is my responsibility to appear in court. It is my legal right to contact the Petitioner's Office in regard to this claim. Make reference to claim number (provided in voice mail) and call 855-210-2996. Please be advised that all documents will be processed in 3 hours and this is your final notification.

I thought I missed a court hearing which I never received a summons or any personal presentation of the matter so I called the 855 phone number provided.

At this number I spoke with a Susan who claims to be a mediator on behalf of the Petitioner "Global Group Holding." She says charges will be filed against me for a class C felony and check fraud for a loan I applied for online. Total court fees and charges is $4,942.14

Susan stated her client possess all information such as my social security number (I forgot to verify that number with them), my place of work (which was not the most recent), email address (correct) and account number which the funds were deposited into (A savings account).

I asked when did this occur? Susan did not have the exact date, only stated between 2012-2013. How much was the loan for, $2,119.72 (since when do we receive loans of an odd number?). She stated the point of contact was either to recover the check/settle outside of court, or process for summons to go to court (I thought I was supposed to show up in court May 13th? As to what Tonya Strickland said?).
I requested for time so I may research to verify this false accusation, but Susan said they provided enough time for me as they have made several attempts to contact me (I haven't been served nor have I received certified mail etc.) I was either to settle that moment or continue in court.
I replied to her that I do not have that amount of money to begin with. Susan stated that they will be able to pull the documents from processing if I would be able to pay a compromised amount of $1,420.00 (which I didn't have available either)
I will not lie - This all sounded too real at first. I was distressed because I have a child and all I was thinking to myself was, "I don't want to be taken away from my child (who is autistic), nor do I wish to have this on my background for a crime I had not commit."
I responded to Susan that we will have to settle this in court because I do not have the money to pay in full.

After the phone call - I did my research right away and first place was to the bank. I requested for statements on that account in question (shall receive within two business days). The bank representative told me he was not able to see this amount as he was skimming 2012 statements in the database.
I found this website as I was researching Global Group Holding (since I had no idea about the origination of this loan).
I verified on my credit report, and didn't see this information listed.
I also questioned the case number - was it legit?
Morning of May 14th I made a call to the court house here and found the case number does not exist, nor are there any charges filed against my name.
The clerk advised that check fraud is not classified as a felon, if it were I would have been personally seen by the District Attorney, served a bench warrant, or presented a summons to appear in court by a proper authority (Sheriff). The clerk verified also that they do not use outside sources for phone call notifications such as what I received. (Sigh of relief)
Also morning of May 14th, Tonya Strickland left a voice message (I thought the voice mail from yesterday was my last notification?)stating that she did not receive a release of order form. She advised I need to contact the institution for the release of order form and have it in before noon. (I have no idea what she was talking about, if she needed that form she should have contacted that institution herself).
I will continue to let these phone calls go to voice mail. I will no longer respond, if I require clarification I shall be in contact with Clerk from the county courthouse.

Call #1: Recd call on my cell from an unknown #. Sounded like he was reading a script. Stated his name was Ron Scott & stated that this was to inform me that I would receive legal documents filed under my name & ss#. Placed on his schedule to sign for certified notice for intent to appear in court . He will be serving me on ... <he then pauses to figure out what day to say> Monday. If I have any questions on this legal matter, I can call the claimants office @ 844-348-7361 - Case #xxxxx ... you have been notified of receiving these legal documents & <says this dramtically> "my first name" - I will see you on Monday!!!

lol ...if this was legit - 1) they wouldnt be calling - you would be sent a certified letter(ex: when the IRS wants $- they dont call & let you know - they just send a certified letter) 2) they would leave the name of the company or law firm. 3) the # would be a legit #. I searched this # & it came up no record for the #

Its a scare tactic to try & get you to give them $ Could be a total fake claim or a zombie debt prob dont even owe this debt they are trying to scare you into paying. Anyway - dont fall for it!!! Dont call them back - as this will start the collection" period. They will continue to harass you - then sell the info to someone else ... its a never ending cycle, Unfortunately with an unknown # - you cant block the call ... this completely sux.._____________________________________________
Call #2: Just received 2nd call on my cell ... this morning, again from an unknown # Sounded like his name is John Scott (instead of Ron ?) Said he was "Calling again - active notice of service legal documents. Be at my residence on Monday between 10 & 3, to make sure that I am there with a valid state ID to sign for them. Leaves the same call back # & claim # ... BUT NO COMPANY NAME or what he is trying to collect ?!?! uses my name ... I'll see you on Monday ... (same ending as yesterday)...

First - i dont use a residence address - I have a PO Box - so how is he going to be at a Post Office ??? 2nd: why would he warn you that he will be there - if legit - they would just show up to catch you. 3) wouldnt be calling from an unknown #
Read this is the same as scams on other #'s
Just came across this while researching ...
Apparently this scam has been going on for a few years

Unpaid loan balance with a bank I've never done business with. They obviously had a copy of my credit report which had an address which could only come from my credit report. Also had last 4 digits of SSN.

Got a call from a company in Buffalo New Your say they are Titan Alliance Group 1 866 369 7991 saying I owe them for a 8 year old pay day loan for 866 dollars. If I didnt pay then right then and there they would send me to court and I would owe thousands more. Please get these people..

844-679-3711 A new scam...they call using a spoofed number leaving a mssg to call them..that the call is to be considered as legal service...YEAAA RIGHT...NEXT..
Then when you call the second number...a man tells you that if you dont wire him money within 4 hours...he will file legal papers with your local court..that you gave him false info that you will be going to jail for..When you ask for info on the supposed debtee name SOL date etc..he tells you he legally doesnt have to give that info..
When you ask for his business license. Business address...he goes into a rant that you made terriristic threats against him and that he is calling the police on you...and that you are going to prison...Then you tell him...GOOD...I WANT THE POLICE TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING OF THIS PHONE CALL...his response curse at you then hang up..

5Minutes later he calls back using the spoofed number...You return the call again...this time you inform them youre filing complaints with the FTC an consumer finance comm...that it is illegal to threaten anyone with harm or jail trying to collect on junk debt...that it is illegal to try to collect on expired SOL debt...
You are then told you dont know anything about the law...that your a crazy lunitic that should be locked up..that he could collect on debt even after you are dead..When you ask him to mail you proof of debt...he tells you the case is long past that point...that he is filing papers within the hour and you are to expect to be locked up by 6pm that very evening..

Scam scam scam These idiots are nothing but financial terrorists !!!

Why doesnt the GOV.....FTC.....CONSUMER FINANCE COMM....go after the phone companies...force them to track down these financial terrorists and shut their phones down...and hand over to the GOV..FTC...CFC...all info on these fraudsters???? Make the phone companies just as responsible for allowing the phone numbers to continue to be in service to do their scamming ???? Start fining the phone companies that do not shut reported scamming numbers down... Too...force phone companies to trace spoofed calls that are reported as frauds. !!!!

<p>Private number called. They left a voicemail with (888) 805-1996 x3634 as the return phone number. Can find no information on this phone. Said documents were being sent out to me at an address I have never heard of and my "work address" regarding a "Samuel Muraldo" I have never heard of. I have no idea what this is, so suspect it is a scam. If it were important, they would have left information. Saying I must return call within 24 hours. I have no debt and pay all my cc's in full and on time, so no clue what this is.</p>

Got my 2nd set of calls within the last 6 months, from "April Steen", threatening with a case number in my local County court in Virginia. They spoofed caller ID with my home area code. When I didn't answer, they called my work phone (forwarded to my work cell), and it was spoofed with my work area code. Obviously complete scammers. Same message as last time - a "matter of public record", they can't locate me. If I don't return the call to the "Litigation Department" at 866-687-1466", they "WILL Locate me". I was told to call the "Legal Department" right away. Which is it, the "Litigation" or "Legal" department. They did track down my mother in law's number, as well as my mother, brother, and sister in law, so they will harass anyone associated with you on Public Records. Just let the family know so they don't freak out. 6 mos ago - same story, same name. I talked to them and they were going to serve me at work, call my supervisor, blah blah blah. Of course they never did. They said they'd serve me at home. Nope. When they told me they were coming to get me at my address, they had an old address, so I said, "looking forward to meeting you tomorrow". In my state, payday loans are 100% illegal without a license. Collecting on them is also 100% illegal. I wish someone could track them down and lock them up, but they're good at avoiding the law. Scam, scam, scam.

Got a call from 404-891-6038 regarding a bad check from 2009 (six years ago). They had my social security number, date of birth, and information from a check that had been stolen and forged from my account (I filed a police report at the time, and the individual had been arrested, so this should have been completely taken care of). I was told that the $50 check was now $550, plus $800 in legal fees. The person was extremely rude, and kept blabbering on about nonsense. I told her that it seemed like a scam, but that I could fax over the police report. I called the number back to get the name of the company. The phone was answered, "Bad check department." When I asked the name of the company, I was hung up on. I called back and was finally given the name Pendleton Group & Associates. The woman proceeded to yell at me for not giving my name, and accused me of being someone else. Complete scam. No legit business would behave that way.

I just received a call today from (213) 379-9046. Stating they're from AFF LEGAL SERVICES and that I wrote an electronic check 5 years ago for $560 and that I owe that amount to them, and if I make a payment of $300 over the phone they'll dismiss it. They had my bank name, sibling names, my last four social security info. When I told them I don't make payments over the phone she started giving an attitude saying they were going to take me to court.

Received a call from 830-319-3984 Stating that I owed Cashnet usa for $1669.00 - and that felony fraud charges would be brought against me - If I didn't pay by 12:00 pm today. Attorney name Timothy Hoffman - Caller's name was Sandra Curr. Then at 11:45 am I received a call from what I thought was my County's Sheriff Department - Officer John McBride. I admit it terrified me. He said that there was a warrant for my arrest and they were sending out a detective. They said they had my IP address from the loan information from 3 years ago. The Officer said he had a recording of the call. I called the company back and she said that the attorney's secretary made a mistake and sent my name in. I called my county sherriff's department and there was no Officer John McBride. And they were aware of the fraud that was happening and investigating the allegations. The woman I spoke with at the Sheriff's office said that they use a computer to call and that is why it shows up as the Sheriff's office - but they are not legitimate. This is in Ohio.
I know it is terrifying to get these calls - cause my heart is still racing. And no one wants to go to jail - even if it means paying for a way to keeps us out. But please please do your homework. It takes just minutes on the phone or on the computer. My Sheriff's office were wonderful - and pleasant and gratefully tolerated my questions. I will also admit that I gave them my bank card to pay for it - but then did some quick work and cancelled the card. I just received a call from Officer McBride again - stating that the payment didn't go thru - I told him that I called my sheriff's department and they said there was no John McBride - he gave me badge number 9813 - He said he was sending a car to arrest my ass and throw my ass in jail. I called the sheriff's dept again just to verify and they said they had no badge number 9813. I have to addmit that I am terrified. Sheriff's office told me to file a police report.


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