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Random text? Wait, wait, don’t click that!

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Here’s a tip that’s worth repeating:

Don’t click on a link in a text message you get on your phone that says you’ve won a terrific prize or a gift card. Don’t reply either. It’s probably a scam.

The Federal Trade Commission settled charges with a group of marketers that were part of a scheme that sent millions of unsolicited spam text messages promoting supposedly free merchandise like $1,000 gift cards for Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

People who clicked the links in the messages didn’t get the promised prizes. Instead, they were taken to websites that asked them to give personal information and sign up for multiple offers, often involving purchases or paid subscriptions.

What can you do about unwanted text messages?

  • Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. Legitimate companies won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.
  • Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
  • Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.


Husband just received a text on his phone with full name, address with link to click from 218-325-9852. He deleted the text. We are with US Cellular and don't typically have this issue. AND he has been receiving several phone calls over 3 times per day from numbers unknown. He just hits the red button.

Text was received from 1 631 892 3350 Asking to verify "WhatsApp" by taping on link v.what..........

Today I decided after about 2months I decided to check my email. I got an email that says "I think you will appreciate it *link*" The link had the word news and my email name/my name. The so called sender was named Garry Vancouver, I never knew someone named that and never really told anyone I had an email, no one has asked me either. It also had happen once before to. I almost clicked but decided against it since it was suspicious. I also got weird emails involving sexual related things from some people that I also don't know. Too much weird and disturbing things these days.

A scary thing just happened. My brother in law just received a text from an unknown number that contained a picture of me and my son. When he clicked on the photo, a porn video opened. He deleted it without writing down the number. What can we do?

What can you do about unwanted text messages?

  • Delete unwanted text messages that ask you to enter a special code, or to confirm or provide personal information. Legitimate companies won’t send you a text asking for sensitive information.
  • Don’t click on links in the text message. Links can take you to spoof sites that look real but will steal your personal information.
  • Report spam texts to your carrier. Copy the original message and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) free of charge, if you are an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint subscriber.

what do I do if I clicked on the link in the text message for Comcast and used my id and password?

Text spam: "Last month to reinstate! All you need to do is place a $225 w/s order by the end of this month. Please call if you need help. Dora 910 850 8439"

got a text from 518-282-7361 that said my full name, my city, state, zip, 166.38 here now i didn't click on the link but i did report it.

Still getting Text from eligibl June 2017

What if the text is a job offer from what looks like a personal gmail address with unfamiliar name and they want me to send them my email to completely different email address. How do I know if it's legitimate? What can they do with just my email address?

got a text from 1 (360) 215-3583 saying
"Bank of America: Message for owner associated with <your phone number>. To continue using your card, please tab < " Scam link"> to verify your account in 3 steps!

I have a screenshot of the text before I deleted it but I have no way to forward it or report it.

I've been getting a ton of spam calls for weeks now, but I just got a text from a random number with my name, address, and a link. I forwarded that text as this page instructed, but I'm super scared that whatever person/company sent that knows my address. I'm careful about where I post that information.

DON'T CLICK ON LINK: (8-8-17 @ 3:43 pm CST)

I just received SMS short code 27367 that has following text: "Worried about Virus and Hackers? Protect your privacy with professional security app rated 4.7 trusted by over 500 million on Google Play."

It then gives a link supposedly to Google play. However, not clicking on it nor posting link here, since it's probably got a virus.

Don't know who sent, as there is no company name or ID code of any kind. Therefore, counting it as spam & deleting. Especially, after doing a search on it, as apparently this is a SCAM, as I've seen a few negative postings associated with this SMS code on various sites.



I received a text from that scam thing but it said ... Stephanie, your Bitcoin account has been credited 1 BTC (5 680.44 GBP), register within 24h to accept the transfer: or Opt out: NO ... I haven't clicked on it though it's temping as Id love to have that money, I'm a young working mother and we all have that needing a Christmas miracle sort of thing so it's very upsetting when I get these things but I will try that free text number An forward it and warn others , thanks for the heads up .

The same thing happened to me. I just got a new phone and every other day a number texts me saying Stephanie, you won money or something.

I got a random text around 8 this morning from michellepallotta@ and it seemed to be a picture message of some sort. I say 'seemed to be' because I NEVER opened it at all.

I have no clue who that is or why they'd be sending me a text. I also know not to ever click on links sent from random email addresses and telephone numbers.

And to make things even weirder, there was no phone number whatsoever, only the email address. I immediately added the address to my block list instead. I love how my phone is set up.

I did click many times and i burn by those scams and they did got my info and not just mine, but my friends as well. So, i educated my self and now, i don’t download anything, nor going to risky web sites. I encourage everyone who read this info, share with everyone you know. My friend and i, volunteer to put signs next to red lights to aware of those nasty lyers who does not work honestly. At the end, just continue educate your self, who to prevent your data from scams.

Is based in the US? If yes, how to wipe them out as I am sick of getting message from them all the time, so far with 1 hr, 3 messages. They have a STOP facility but NO phone no!! What use is that?? Have a great day

I got a text from a random number with a link. Didn't click on it because it is just like the spam Identity links from facebook.

Rec'd a txt from 1-410-100-001 from Haliburton/Powerball. It was a scam to get me to click their link for millions in lotto winnings.

I received a text from 819-432-0740
which read E transfer from Anthony Douglas we do not know this person.

I did not click on link, because I did not know this person.

There was an website Link included in text on my cell phone

I used my computer, it took me to a website which looked like a genuine etransfer site

if you were expecting a payment

Site said e transfer $250.00 please deposit now, showing a selection of banks to chose from to make your deposit of your e transfer, example CIBC, Scotia Bank To name a few.

This will serious compromise others who may click on link. banking password etc. I feel a few people will be scam with this text message.

Could you please check into this for me. I am planning to send to the RCMP. I narrowed the number down to A rogers cell number. I am sure you would like to be aware of this. could you please email me back with information regarding this serious issue.
Thank You

I have a text saying my spouse (name) account has been approved withdraw funds @ hh......

I received a text at 3am saying “hi, delete your pictures before they’re posted” with a link.

Hi I just got a link and it sent me to this pron site and I was stupid and sent a text should I be worried

I received a text message from 619-942-5632 with a link that went to a porn site. This message could juts a easily been sent to one of my grand children or someone's child these need to be stopped

stop fighting this page could even be a scam!!!!

Do not respond to (410)-110-001

Been getting annoying texts that don’t make sense from emails that don’t make sense. This has got to stop!

i just got a call in that person say if you had network problm than click 5 than the call is cut

So confused got a Random text from a stranger but her whole name showed up. Never met a leander or added her. My phones brand new. How is this possible

Rec’d this text multiple times. Good morning, we have an inheritance on your surname, get back to me using your email to: b.a8871@ israelmail. com Complete BS

So I got a text from a random person with a link to an email. I clicked on it and replied to them: “ Who is is this? Why did I get this email?”, figuring it was one of my friends. I got an EMAIL - not a text back saying I won 1,000,000 dollars with an link. I didn’t click on it bc I realized that it was actually a scam. I deleted the emails and blocked them on my messenger. Do you think that it was possible that I was hacked or got a virus even though I didn’t click on the links?

I have gotten texts from someone that says something like this: “click on this website MANOEL to see single hot ladies!” I get them once or twice a month. What should I do?

I got a wierd text that said joshua, (3rd I don't quite understand what this person is telling me anyone else get a text like this

So I got these emails and they were saying stuff like you might want to go to bed now and I’m in the icu and like my family says it must’ve been sent to me on accident but my email is super unique and I don’t think they’re right. It’s creepy

received text message "how" then another "korman neg ye men" so copied and sent to the 7726 number as instructed above and deleting from my phone.

I have received three or four texts over the past few weeks from these 410-100-(xxx) numbers (xxx would mean any combination of digits, though usually starting with 0)

All are advertising some BS link or scam. I have reported them to my carrier’s spam.

Have replied ‘STOP’ to these texts, but had no luck. Has anyone else had more issues after responding with STOP or BLOCK? My carrier told me to do this. Thanks.

I got a text. Not sure what is is or who it is from. Looks like a scam. 872-204-5080. It said they saw my profile on a chat service and am interested. Anyone know what this is about?

I received a text from that simply said "Greetings" and also had one of my recent face book pictures attached. Scary stuff

Keep getting persistent spam from "Chris". Keeps advertising about winning prizes, etc. Spammer's ID is 567-290-1284. How do I block such messages on a Tracfone smartphone?

I got a link but I did not click it instead I searched up, is that bad? Can they still get into my phone?

I received a text from that number that wanted me to go to a link I didn't 1 410 100 - 00 3

I keep getting these and this morning I got one and it had my address saying ' my name of my address is a lucky 1 in 5 winners of something and then had a link. I added it to spam numbers but am worried about them having my address.

I am getting regular daily text messages of such from,
(217) 207-4399
(760) 372-6004
(760) 372-9641 and over a zillion more

Just received a text from good old....1(410) 100-001....please people, do not click on anything you don't recognize...ever!

Hello my name is ashley its weird my mom got a.text off my phone saying she will be shot and ect.. And i know i didnt text her that and my friend didnt either so i dont know how i can fine out who did it.

Why no body do something again this ?

Just received a text from this #, saying "Hello baby"
I move a lot & thought maybe an old friend - I replied "who is this, think you have the wrong #" No reply. What a creepy feeling. Thought maybe a fluke but seems a lot of ppl are being contacted by the same number- the personal tone of this text is creepy! Anyone get something similar?


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