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Reset a resolution for Safer Internet Day

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It’s been 42 days since New Year’s. Have you broken any resolutions? Safer Internet Day is the perfect day for a “replacement” resolution. If you promise yourself to be safe, secure, and responsible online, the tips at can help.


Want to keep your money safe from fraud? Promise yourself you’ll avoid scams online. 

Got tweens or teens in your life? The newly updated guide, Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online, can help you start a conversation about digital citizenship. If you’re community-minded, order copies to share at a library or school.

If you gave up your diet for good before the Super Bowl, maybe you don’t want to aim too high. Here’s a resolution anyone can keep: spend just three minutes watching an video about how to protect your information when you use public wi-fi. Then follow the advice the next time you think about logging on at a coffee shop or mall.


I don't think my network is safe!!

Check out our information about how to secure your wireless network. You'll find tips and tutorials that can help.

Could you put some safety tips on how to use safety Internet to be safe

Forgot my security question need help getting back in thank you

Where is my refund check

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