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National Consumer Protection Week — March 2-8 this year — is a time to highlight free consumer resources that help people avoid scams, prevent identity theft and make more informed buying decisions. Just in time for this 16th annual celebration, here’s a new video, available in the NCPW Toolkit, to help you get the word out about the week to your network of colleagues, neighbors, friends and family.


This 60-second video provides an overview of what the week is all about. It is ideal to include on your website or social media page or to download and show at any event — community or club meetings, school gatherings, conferences… you name it! There are lots of other items you can use to build awareness of your consumer education activities during NCPW or any time of the year.


thanks very useful info for all our groups

I have been receiving harassment phone calls from a company at 202-803-5785 regarding a payday loan I never had and they are threatening litigation, which is bogus as I never had a loan - threatening to contact my employer, etc. They need to be stop immediately.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at  Also, we have a few blog post on fake debt collectors. Check them out for more advice.

I keep getting telephone calls from Amsher Collection Service 1-877-322-9724, that is calling about someone with an outstanding debt that has the same last name as me. They will not remove my telephone number. Additionally, when I called the number I blocked it with *67 and they were able to tell what number I called from and mentioned the name of the person they keep calling. How does someone have any privacy and stop this harrassment by a collection service. Amsher Collection Service is obviously very "unethical"! Any suggestions on a solution to this harrassment.

I too keep getting harassed by the+1 877-322-9724 number and they don't even tell me who they are. They kinda just hang up when I pick up and then I go to a voicemail for a mikayla. ..

Me too! 2:37p.m., (mst) - stupid is as stupid does, these jerks don't give up for nothing. All I can do is, block this number, in hopes it sends a message to them, that I'm not interested in them, as a humanoid, or an annoying caller.

I get several phone calls harassing me over 10 times a day from (877) 322 9724 Saying they work directly with TB Mobile and have requested my credit card right away. When I went to the store they specify. Very unethical. Eventhough payment has been made to the store they still keep harassing morning, day and night.

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