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Dialing for Dollars

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There’s a new scam going around – and if your family name is from South Asia, there’s a chance you already know about it. If the scam sounds familiar, that’s because it’s been around for years, targeting one group, then another. Right now, the people being targeted seem to be from India and Pakistan; tomorrow: who can say?

Here’s what’s happening: You get a call from someone claiming to be from the government – maybe the IRS, maybe a law enforcement agency, maybe the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The caller often has a foreign accent, and might even speak to you in Hindi or Urdu. The caller might have information about you – the last four digits of your Social Security number, for example. The caller tells you that you owe money, and that if you don’t pay, many bad things will happen (deportation for you and your family, freezing your assets, jail…you name it). The caller will tell you to pay using a prepaid card, and will threaten you if you protest.

If alarm bells went off for you as you read that last paragraph: good! There’s a lot there to set off alarms.

  • Bell #1: The U.S. government will never call you asking for money. Never.   
  • Bell #2: The kinds of threats these callers make are for things that don’t happen. USCIS, for example, will never send the police to your house, and the IRS will not deport you.
  • Bell #3: No government representative – and virtually no legitimate business – will ever ask you to pay them using a prepaid card (or money transfer). Even if everything said on a call you get sounds legitimate to you, if someone asks you to buy a prepaid card or wire money, you know: It’s a Scam.

If you’ve gotten one of these calls – or any call asking you to buy prepaid cards or to wire money – the Federal Trade Commission wants to know about it. Please call 1-877-FTC-HELP and tell your story. It helps our investigators build cases against these scammers.

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I have been through this entire episode - verbatim. The calls that came to me, originated from Ph # 202-239-7023. This is a mobile phone inside the Naval Shipyard in Washington DC. Sadly, these scumbags are still in business.

Upon asking them their name and Badge#, I was threatened with charges like
1. Money Laundering
2. Tax Evasion
3. False Statements etc.

I have been getting these calls for last 6 months. It is very unsettling that someone is trying to target you. I know these are scams because when you ask for things in writing they claim that it has been sent many times previously. I get calls from separate numbers, but they all seem to have the same script. 206-312-5431, 202-459-6029, 202-864-1140 etc. They have been leaving threatening messages, about lawsuits, IRS, fraud charges, the person calling identifies himself as an offices.

This sounds like a scam. The IRS usually first contacts people by mail – not by phone – about unpaid taxes. You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484 and you can also file a complaint with the FTC at Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I got the same calls from these numbers 2014596029, 2028641140 and 2063125431. The man with foreign accent asking for my late spouse and leaving threatening messages on my machine. Today when I answered the phone and asked him to stop calling, he cursed and threatening me. I hung up. He kept calling nonstop using these numbers and left threatening and harrasing messages. I hope these people are caught soon.

We've been getting the IRS scam calls for the last two weeks. the accent sounds Australian and others sound Indian from India. The phone number that they leave for us on the answering machine to call them back is (202) 803-4825.

same calls from 202-459-6029,202-800-8398,202-241-8189

Valuable service for all / most gullible Americans targeted by foreign scammers who see Americans as the "richest" society.
Keep up this online service ... advertise it widely ... I make print-outs for review and sharing.

Very glad FTC is doing its job thoroughly and competently and diligently. Thank you!

thanks for the info.

Your information is always very helpful as like the one I am getting about " Dialing for dollars ".
Before, you had warned about scams of computer problems.While I was reading your email,I received a
call that my computer was having a problem and he
wanted to help me. I remembered your warning so I
asked him for his email/website address and p#. He
immediately hung up on me. How could we get them
I have heard about a family that they have properties and money running into millions in
another country they came from.They show here that
they are penniless and squeeze money out of US
system.They are on In home supportive sevices as they show that they are disabled and get monthly money benefit, medical and other stuff. One of their sons has never worked. His first wife and children and now second wife and children are being
raised by the county. He made lot of money out of
bankruptcy and credit cards frauds ind invested all
the money in his birth country. Not enough.He drinks alcohol and drinks. As a result, he became
disabled and now devouring the disability $. I cannot see my tax dollars going to such fraudulent
persons. How could such kind of people be brought
to clutches of law. Please guide.
How do I know that you have received my email and I
will get the answer?

received call today stating they were a irs rep and that if I didn't call them back asap they would wish me the best of luck and god bless me. When was the last time a government rep said god bless you???? that was my first warning bell. when I asked to have them remove my number and send me something in the mail regarding any issue, they called a fourth time and left a third voicemail stating that I had forced them to go ahead with the claim and I should expect the police to serve me with an arrest tomorrow for homeland security. WHAT????

Just reported a man named Alex Cooper claiming to be from the IRS. The NY number he left: 585-310-3285. My mother is nearly 70 years old and he tried to claim she owed money on a voicemail. Nice try, idiot.

Thanks FTC for going after these schemers. The number Gary received. I had that number on my caller ID, but I was not home and did not speak with anyone. I did not call back, but deleted the number and has not received any more calls. I practically can spot a unknown number in many forms, because I know if I had not called that number or it is not familiar. I do not answer the call. Make mention to your viewers also, they are walking around in parking lots and looking for someone they can scam out of monies. In Florida is an ongoing scam in the parking lots of various shopping centers or convenience stores and other places. It is sad they are trying all kinds of scams. Thanks for the warning. I calls these warnings. We must be alerted and watchful at all times.

im having the same issues from an oriential guy stating the same crap irs after me and i commited fraud they called 2 times now i told him off the second time. that he's a scammer and i gave his number to local law enforcement and the irs and ftc. the phone numbers they use say its from the district of columbia one number is 202-241-2073 and 202-241-2679. the irs and the ftc is aware of this j hope they catch these scum of the earth

You can file an online complaint at Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments of your complaint. The FTC's complaint database is available to law enforcement agencies. If they are investigating these phone numbers, your complaint may be helpful.

I got a call on my work phone from 832-548-9070 saying if i did not have my lawyer or myself call back it would be very bad for me.

Received calls from the following numbers:
They said I had 3 federal charges and they were going to send the cops.

same here just now. The guy called via 202-506-8969 told me I had a federal charge, gave me an arrest warrant ID,and then asked if I would pay the "pending tax amount" or cops will come to me.

202 239 7017 This Number is still active for last 45 to 60 days
The person is from India Or Pakistan.
He is threatening women and children and senior citizens who are from India Or Pakistan.
He is asking them for money, Buy cards, And More.
At times he uses very abusive language.
He is doing this since 2011
He is changing the numbers
He is using Magic Jack Device
He is a psychopath
Some how there has to be a system to find out who is registering numbers on MAGIC JACK and GOOGLE VOICE
Most of the time most of the scammers are using this two sources frequently.
He is a very dangerous individual.
He needs to be catch ASAP.


I have received 23 calls in less than 15 hours from Indian/Hindu people as stated above. I answered the first call and they claimed something about "education" so I hung up. After that I haven't answered any calls but they still continue to call. I block the number each time...... EVERY TIME they call it's from a different number- some from Ogden Utah, Hillsboro Ohio, Newark New Jersey, washingtong dc, and the rest all state unknown location. So I did some research and all the pages these numbers pull up under are all in Indian- except for one- it showed up a CALL SUPPORT CENTER for people who are recieving telemarketer calls and to immediately call back if that number called- this sounded fishy to me since I am already on the donotcall registry. They call immediately at 8am and don't stop til about 830pm(the legal hours for a normal telemarketer to call between) so they clearly know how to play their game. Soooo annoyed though!!!!!!! Going into my phone carrier today.

I received a call from 8664696866 saying a supeona was on its way to me and I needed to call them or a bench warrant would be issued ? Funny thing I've had these calls numerous times from different numbers ,I have used on line loans and yes I fell behind last year ,now it seems the crooks have been sold my info ,please ban pay day loans .

As is widely known about the Phone scam,i had calls several times and so did my many friends. It is evident that peoples personal information has been compromised. Many US companies have passed on the customer accounts to places like India. There are too many US companies to name here. Anytime one calls for Billing enquiries or Technical Support one is to give his or her personal info. to the parson manning the Call center in India. The scammers are Indians and Americans of Indian origin. The calls that i received and so did all my friends are from Indians or from that part of the world. Their accent gives them away no matter how well they are trained by the American companies. The information they have on all Indians (main targets)living in the USA, my guess is, has been sold to the scammers by the people who man the Call Centers.Now the trend is they pretend to be IRS agents. They are doing a bad job of it. Magic Jack is their tool of choice it seems. They are in the call centers but have US phone numbers.

I got a call from this so called agent Garry today from Irs.. I told him to go f himself.. I kept on calling him names and I gave him the treatment these scammers really deserve.. And plz dont b polite to any of these arsehol3s.. They deserve the worst..

We have been getting two calls everyday from different numbers with same story of owing past taxes. We have not picked up any calls and are hoping it will go away.

Just recived phone call from non speaking person phone number was 18663051852. Same scenario

New scam # 202-241-1818

watch this scammer

I was crashed into by a distracted driver of a semi truck driver 6-30-11. I had 2 males call and told me the balances of all my accounts, knew my Social security number and bank, cards and how much I made. told me that without me doing anything they would not ask me to apply for a 0 percent card, lied, I did ask for all names & numbers of the peeps I talked to. long story but the victim of multiple scams.

I received a call from (202)-241-8189 that there is a criminal investigation against me for owing money to IRS. He stated that he was from IRS and knew my address and social security number. Very scary!.

I just got a call from 202-239-0483 and when I asked he told his name as Julian Recardo. He knows my address, my previous addresses, etc and I was very afraid, not because I did something wrong, but was scared of all the bad things that guy told. But because of one piece of information he told was wrong, I immediately thought of scam.
Then I got another call from 972-203-0312 (Sunnyvale City) pretending to be local sheriff's office. His name this time was Mark Hamilton. I could recognize that it is the same person, but this time with a background noise.

How can these guys still be able to do these things?

I guy i meet in interent date site ,his name is ekwealor onochie israel
His email is and he is a Nigerian.he ask me to send money to him though western union like us $700
So bad seem he iis a scram

My Dad missed the call & was left a message on the answering machine. Luckily I heard it at the same time as him. Indian sounding guy who said he was Office.... (Dad is from Bangladesh) said he was from the IRS & "do not disregard this message", hear from you "our your attorney", "serious matter", all things that catch a person's attention. Ended the message with something like "good luck". The number 1 (202) 459-6029 came up as DC area based- (we are in NYC) Dad & I both called back- complete scam, they try to threaten you into identifying yourself. I feel bad for all the victims of this scam-these people are taking advantage of older people to line their own pockets. These criminals must have had some success to keep at it for so long. Hope they get caught soon.

I got a voicemail from a Lady with a fake accent asking me to call back 202 650 5446. I called back and a person called Jason Miller (South Asian with fake accent) said something about a lawsuit from IRS and asking for my criminal lawyer. I told him that I will report him to the police and he hung up.

SCAM # 202-239-6535
Asking money on behalf of IRS.

I got a call from this number 202-568-8701 funny thing is when i picked up no one said anything (as expected) then when I call that number It calls me?? looks like someone forwarded their phone to me??

SCAM # 325-500-0066 saying in a very thick Indian accent that he was Officer Nick Fleming and there has been a financial crime reported against me but that he could help. When I asked him by who or in what jurisdiction he said "do not interrupt me again". He read my address out to me so they have at least some of my personal info. Beware of this scam. I have reported it.

I received call on Friday from 1 800 518 0963. Saying that she call from IRS. I didn't answer call. She left me messages to call or get trouble. I call FTC file complaint. People never going to stop. I bbelieve someone from IRS doing this scam using others.

First one guy called my home number and threatened my wife that they are calling from Washington D.C. to inform her that a Lawsuit has been filed against her husband. She was already having some emotional challenges and this call made her more sick. She came crying and running to me while I was fixing to go to a meeting. Very soon the gentleman who was on the phone told me that he is tranfering me to a Senior Official in the IRS. I was soon talking to a woman who said that everything that I say is going to be recorded and it is very critical in nature. When I told her that I was an urgent appointment I cannot miss, she told me to call 202-650-5446 and ask for Anabell Parks or extention 0327. She also said her employee no is 081192 and her bar code is IR. I called this number several times after my appointment and there is no response. I am just told to leave a message. This raised my anxiety considerably, because she threatened me with serious consequences if I don't call back in two hours. I called a few of my lawyer friends and they told me to start researching this number that is when I found this blog. Thanks a bunch for posting it.

Here are the numbers I have received calls from with the same script:
202-459-6029, 202-864-1148

On April 28, 2014 we received a phone call from 202 864-1148. telling that he is from FBI and we have charges against us. Asked to wire money.
The person has Indian/Pakistani accent.
Please do not talk to them but do report to local police.

I got two this week: the first was an automated voice saying charges had been filed and to call James Anderson at 202-864-1185 or 202-864-1140. The second was a live voice identifying himself as Max Wilson, saying that I was supposed to have called earlier, and if I did not call I would soon be "behind bars." The number to call this time was 202-459-6029.


202-239-6535 told me they were some department of IRS and to pay $2399 today or they will send an arrest warrant to my door.

Had a few calls since 8am , saying the IRS has been attempting to call and we have never returned mail letters. all of which are not true.
the lady called from a fake caller id line saying IRS, said her name was ALICIA badge # 081192 . even gave us a case number and a barcode IR1028588 , which i have no idea and nothing came up online.
after the 3rd call we had a phone call from a sheriffs office out of our county saying in 30 minutes they would come arrest us.
this must be a scam,
lady had pakistan or Indan accent , and never said a full name or adress just parts of it.

My wife has been getting calls from these guys and she is of South Asian origin. The first calls were in Jan threatening deportation, and was from FL. I filed complaints with the IRS Office of Inspector General and the FTC at that time.

Today, I received a call again, and a voice mail message from (202) 506-8969 was left when I did not pick up. The gentleman with a South Asian accent said that his name was Officer Mike Brown from the IRS and he has an affidavit, and three charges against my wife's identity. My wife was to call him immediately.

Quite a scam preying on South Asian immigrants? Shame on the perpetrators!

It's a identity theft scan. They actually filed bogus tax papers both federal and state. If they hadn't mafe a mistake they would have gotten thousands of dollars. It's been almost a yr. and the IRS finally cleared my side up. This people also call and threaten that an Officer from the IRS is on their way with a warrant and I must pay now to clear this bill up or go to jail. They use multiple numbers and we even had to go to our local police and file reports. Unfortunately the police could do nothing because the numbers are not traceable! Just remember not to answer the phone if you don't recognize a number. Also police or IRS do not call if they r sending someone to arrest you.

I just get a call from 202-506-8969 Mike Johnson, I heard about this scam before and today realized it. Thank you all for your post, I am going to report this to Federal help at 1-877-FTC-HELP.

I received a call from 202-506-8969.The person threatened to 'send' IRS cases to the State Police.
He gave his name as Officer' Dan Martin'.The one who left the message'Dan Garner'.

California, 818-813-8099

I received many of calls today from an off. Danny Williams 202-239-6535 he tried to tell me their was an investigation for overpayment on taxes now this is where he really f***ed up it was for between the years of 08-12 I've worked n filed since I was 16 and told him if I owed y wasn't it taken like they always did I need ur name id # n another 800 # u tell me ur in Columbus Ohio that area code is 614 not 202 I'm Ohio he hung up so I became his stocker n kept calling him from different #s n I was able to get a recording . Soon after I received another call similar voice something to do with the government but this one was had $9000 grant they needed my acct info told him I don't give that info out he got mad and said how do u expect to get ur $ I told him certified mail............. He hung up too


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