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Fake feds get people to pay

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Have you ever gotten one of these calls? Someone says they’re with a government agency or the sheriff’s office and threatens that you’ll be sued or arrested if you don’t pay a supposed debt.

But really, the people contacting you are imposters looking to scare you into sending them money.

Today the FTC announced a case against a group of third-party debt collectors for allegedly deceptive and abusive business practices. According to the FTC, Federal Check Processing and its related companies would accuse people of check fraud or other criminal behavior and threaten lawsuits, prison, and bank account seizure if people didn’t pay their supposed debts. Instead of telling people they were debt collectors, the companies would emphasize words like "federal" and "U.S." in their company name, the FTC says, or even claim they were federal or state officers. What’s more, the companies allegedly failed to give people information they’re legally entitled to, or to investigate the legitimacy of debts, even when they were told the consumers didn’t owe them.

If you get a call like this, you might be unsure of what to do. Here are some things you can be sure of:

  • Federal government agencies don’t ask people to send money for unpaid loans. If you still feel unsure, look up the official number of the agency the caller is pretending to represent so you can get the real story.
  • There’s no legitimate reason for someone to ask you to wire money or load a rechargeable money card as a way to pay back a debt.
  • Even if a debt is real, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If the debt is legitimate — but you think the collector may not be — contact your creditor about the calls. Share the information you have about the suspicious calls and find out who, if anyone, the creditor has authorized to collect the debt.
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Woh scamers all over what world are we living in.i am so glad i join this site

I have been receiving a call from an India man calling himself Gary Parker and that I owe money from a payday loan this guy has been calling me for over 2 years and has left me along about a year as of today he has called me repeatedly 330-614-7144 and called my job about 10 days this a.m. I asked what is the name of agency he was calling from and he would not identify himself [flag] so he said he will call me all day and night so I register my number again and gave this info crossing my fingers

omg! somebody called me a few days ago and left a message on my voice mail and telling me that I have a lawsuit because of tax fraud...He sounds indian but his name is american kevin parker...and gave me his phone # that I have to contact him or else I will get arrested...His phone # is 2025069509..I tried to contact him but he doesn't answer...Suspicious, for if he is really working for a govt...there's no greeting from answering machine for IRS...That's weird...

The samething just happened to me today. he Call from a #2022418661.....Saying i was being sued for tax fraud from 2010-2014 which is crazy because i was 17 at the time given the dates i was supposedly doing tax fraud and the bad part it i was given the call at work. Im not sure how it works because its a irs in Washington (i guess) but the man was a middle east voiced guy and so was his "Officer Webster"

Thank goodness for the internet! I just received two phone calls from numbers just like yours. I called immediately this morning. I was getting worried when I checked the noticed that they claimed would be sent out and they were valid. Now I couldn't understand why I hadn't received anything. Something like this occurred to my sister as well. This world is full of scam artist!!! What a relief to hear this was a scam.
Thank you all for your post, they have all been very careful.

same thing happened to me, a couple of messages were left and today i grabbed the phone, it was the same scam - indian man with american name, i owed money to the irs for errors in my tax return from a couple of years ago.

thing is, he didn't ask me for money. he simply said treasury officers were coming to arrest me in 45 minutes. so if it's a scam - fine. but if they're not asking for the money in all instances - why are they doing it? is it for some crank call comedy show that we have yet to see? very strange.

Exact same thing happened to me today. Messages stating Errors in my prior tax return and if I didn't pay today warrant would be issued for my arrest and they would be at my home to arrest me within 40 min of ending phone call. American name but eastern indian man.

I just received a call from an 818 627-0156 area code . I played along for a few seconds I suspected foul play I told I would call him back he gave me a phone number and a name and extension. I resorted to my local police. They were kind enough to call so I could ease my nerves. Eventthough we know it's a scam , it still bothersome to know they are getting away with these scams. I was threatened with an arrest as well. My local police called to no avail. The call picked up then hung up. I still feel uneasy about this. Just the thought they have my number and other info.scares me. Something has to be done.
I wish the authorities would be able to trace these numbers and catch these idiots.

Same as Mari, we received a message on our home phone one Nov. 18, 2014 from 818-627-0156 from a male of foreign background claiming to be John Synder from the Dept. of Legal Affairs. We do not answer our home phone unless we recognize the number. He left a message and said it was regarding, what we could understand, a enclosement action. We needed to get our attorney to call back and if he did not we could be looking at a legal mess. My wife called back but no one answered. We did not fall into this trap so I hope no one else does. I, like Mari, wish the authorities could stop these people. Maybe if the big government would focus on US citizens being attacked by people like this instead of how to keep their jobs, these people would be stopped. Who knows, these people may actually work for them.

We received a message today that was most like Tim's scenario except for the name and number (still from CA though). Daniel Baxter called from 818-627-9271, but also said "Department of Legal Affairs" "enclosement action" "a legal mess" "my attorney should call back and if they couldn't....(blah blah blah)" and like some of the more recent posts ended the call with "God bless" or "have a blessed day" ~ either way what they are doing is wrong!

I received a call from today, April 1, 2015. Caller left a message with the same info...Carlos Warner (foreign accent) Department of Legal Affairs, enforcement action, legal mess, attorney should call, aND eneed wit "have a blesser day!" THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. I tried calling the number back 951-643-8943 but it is continually busy. I work in a legal capacity for the government and know they won't contact you by phone, it's always by certified mail. Turn these complaints into the attorney general of your state.

exact samething for me today -- same name -- Carlos Warner -- same company. Sounds like the exact same wording you have here. different number though. I have not tried calling. Thought I would look it up on the internet first. I have done nothing wrong so I knew it was probably a scam. 562-297-0509

I received a call from 562 297 0509 today, April 21, 2015. Caller left a message with the same info...Carlos Warner (foreign accent) Department of Legal Affairs, enforcement action, legal mess, attorney should call, and ended it with "have a blesser day!"

I just got the call from Carlos Warner number 562-297-0509. Again, dept of legal affairs. When I asked what company he said US treasury. He said I'd received a certified letter, which I hadn't. He said I could call back and talk with Chris Walker who was working my case. When I asked how he got my number, he hung up. I've call the number for Chris Walker (the same number above) and there is no answer. This is a scam.

Received voice message for my son and it said from Dept of Legal Affrairs: need to have your attorney call ASAP.. with that message and my son not home, I called the number. There was a lot of static on the line so it was hard to understand. But I he asked if we hadn't received notification and stated my address. I said we had not rec'd notification and he asked what my name was and I said this is the Mom. He hung up. I tried to call the phone number again and no answer.. Thank you for this Blog because In the back of my mind I have been wondering about this call and now I know it's a scam..

The same message was left on my answering service "this is Chris Wilcox from the U.S. Treasury Law Enforcement Legal Affairs department. Said my real name and said I must call back 949-596-7486 or I'll be in big trouble" (really, do they talk like that?). He continued to say "get your lawyer to call and if you don't respond to this message"...more threats, of course. He hung up saying "good luck". I did call the number and it rang and rang and rang. Now, if this was a legitimate phone call, there would have been an answering service picking up messages. He also had an accent.

OMG!! I just got the same call same thing but made me laugh at the end of her call to hear GOD BLESS!! It is huge scam but it does sound legit.

I just recevied the call and called back. Mine was from a man with an Indian accent. Boy he tried to sound scary. So I called back with my best Indian acent and left them a message to contact my local police so we could figure things out

Lisa h? Do you happen to have any other names and have you ever visisted Colorado springs?

Same as Tim, on my home phone on March 5,2014 from 323-238-3878 male person with middle eastern accent said his name was John something or another, I couldn't understand what he said. I could tell he was reading from a script & stammered when giving the phone number I should have my attorney call because it was the last warning, blah, blah, blah. At first I was taken back then I thought I've never done anything that would prompt a call from the Dept. of Legal Affairs. I really wish there was something that could be done to stop this kind of thing from happening.

Just received a call from John Davenport of US Treasury dept for my daughter.She should call him back at 760-790-4132. Man had eastern accent. My daughter does not live here. Yesterday, 3/09, had a call (on same home number) from IRS stating 2nd warning and to call back immediately. I didn't write down the rest because it was obviously a scam.

You can report the calls to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484 or online. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Please add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

I received a call today with a message like yours stating. The phone number is different it is 866-907-7851. The guy sounded foreign.

Like Mari, my son received a call from 818-627-0156. We spoke with William who passed us off to John Marshal. "John" said he was from the Dept. of Legal Affairs, U.S. Treasury. He said my son owed $1295.00 from his 2009 taxes. Made a threat of an arrest warrant issued in the next 24 hours if we didn't pay.

I to received several calls from someone named Jack Dealer , from Legal Affair's for the US Treasury !He told me to put down my work and call him immediately to avoid arrest today !Out of sheer shock to this message, I called the number ( 352-404-5816) in Claremont Florida . I was told I had fraudulently filed my 2004 taxes and was going to be arrested after we hangup the call . He stated the payment plan I had with the IRS was cancelled and that my disability checks were being seised as of that moment! I asked him what was he looking for from me and he said he was just informing me of my imminent arrest !He asked me what did I want to do about it ! He told me there was nothing he could do to stop it and that I needed to find a criminal attorney ! I have since spoken with the IRS and other legal agencies and have been advised of this type of scam call . Nobody from any Federal agency would call threatening arrest , especially if there was an arrest warrant actually issued for you for any fraud .That would be a stupid move , for an agent of the Government to tip you off about any Law enforcement action against you . It would be like telling you to run !!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly ,this number and the person in this call had called in the past over a year ago looking for someone with a similar name claiming they were debt collectors seeking to have me arrested and brought to court for a debt that was unpaid . At that time I had no unpaid debt and informed them they had the wrong R Davis and to take me off their calling list , i guess their inventive !

I got the call from "Johnny Walker" too. It was on my voicemail & could clearly hear lots of noise in the background and his Indian accent only difference was the phone number 1-866-985-8070 Certainly a scam!

I have received a few messages from an india man with an american name supposedly frm the IRS. He would just leave a brief message with a phone number. I would never call back because 1: I know I do not owe the IRS any money and 2: because the call did not sound anything like a legitimate call. Anyone receiving these calls should not fall for the scam!

Possible scams are every where as laws are pretty strict in USA that's why when you get threatening scam call you tend to fear but do not worry report this concern with FTC

Can't tell how happy I am to see I'm not the only one dealing with these people. I have gotten a ton (literally) for over a year now. Every few months the scam changes though, first it was check fraud and I gladly gave them my attorney's name but when asked for THEIR contact info..I was told that THEY would contact my attorney, never happened! My attorney told me then to just ignore the calls if it were legitimate they would contact him otherwise it's a scam. No such contact has ever happened and for a few months of giving my attorney info the calls stopped but...they have returned although the scam changes. It's been check fraud, IRS about taxes and seizing my account, lawsuit filed and I'm going to be arrested, etc. I have documented so many numbers from so many states and blocked them from my phone that I've lost count. Contacted the IRS as well as the authorities hoping for a solution. Although the authorities weren't able to offer a solution, they did let me know that they were aware of phone scam's going on outside the US and were affecting a big number of people. I honestly thought someone had stolen my info or something but after typing a few numbers into Google, I realized they were right about the scam's and how many others are dealing with the same issue. Aside from changing my number which I'm not sure will make a difference for very long, I feel like I'm being repeatedly harassed for debts, lawsuits, with threats of disrupting my life for things I didn't do AND don't owe! Hope authorities will put their business out of order soon and more people are made aware so they don't get scammed out of money they don't even owe until then. Sad world we live in where people make a living being thief's!

Same here- got one this morning also. It was automated thou- Guess Kevin Parker figures his voice isn't convincing enough people .. they called my sisters business line - she said when she called back the guy couldn't even tell her the name he was calling about. Yet he was screaming at her tip pay 3,000.00. Smh be careful out there. My caller I'd also said Washington DC

I am receiving such calls from last 2 years mostly from a Florida number, probably because my cell no. is register in Florida and might got leak there. He present him self with American name and represent himself from federal. Although I don't pick calls from unknown no's now. Definitely he's not American but since I am from India so I can say they either from Pakistan,Nepal,Afghanistan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka or India. I guess they are using virtual phone numbers Which are bind/Tap with a voip service so virtually they can use any state no. allotted to them on voip package which can't be redial by us since they are not assigned to any specific person but given in a lot to voip consumers. But someone with right authority can still track them.

I got the same call from a similar # 202-241-8234. I laughed, called them back as the voice mail sounded like an east indian man and he sounded like he was in a boiler room. Of course, no one has called me back. I've got something for them the next time when/if they contact me again!

Just got three messages from an Indian named "Steve Martin" (a wild and crazy guy) from the US Treasury. What a joke!

I have received 5 calls since 8:30 this morning from an Indian guy claiming to be from the treasury department, also named Steve Martin 863-318-7078. We have been audited before...they don't call. You get a letter in the mail. Very non-descript process. Gee Whiz!

Same Indian guy Steve Martin 863-318-7078 left 5 messages on our VM yesterday he stated he was with the US Treasury Dept yada yada yada...Here in the US there is a law called misuse of a telephone. I think he should be arrested!

i too received a phone message from a guy named Austin black or black I couldn't understand him he too sounded like he was from india and said I needed to return his call immediately because of court proceedings against me. he claimed to be with the "dept. of legal affairs" and his phone number is 909 562 1778 which is a California area code. he ended his call with "God bless" what a dirt bag. My elderly mother received two calls from a guy claiming to be an attorney from California about her grandson being in jail and they needed money to get him out. she has no grandchildren in California and that phone number registered out of niagra falls and when I called back and played dumb and asked questions the guy got mad at me and put me on hold which disconnected me, he probably thought he was being traced. please tell your friends especially elderly friends to be aware of these predators because they have no morals at all and will take their money with no remorse.

I just received a call from "Austin Black" from the "Department of US Treasury" regarding a financial mess and that my attorney would need to contact him immediately. He too ended his call with "god bless". He called from 925-953-8820 which is a California area code and he has an indian accent that was hard to understand.. these people are unreal!!!!

I just received a call from an Indian man who would not give me his name, however said he was with the Department of US Treasury and I was going to federally sued, he never asked for anyone I asked who he was calling for after he threatened to sue me, he asked for me using my ex husbands name so I advised him I managed a collection department, he laughted and hung up.

Received two calls within 10 minutes from Steve Martin (w/ a very heavy Indian accent). First time they left a vm message-second time I answered to get the same recording as what was on voicemail. Left a callback # of 754-999-5434 which is a Florida#. I called them back several times just to get busy signals Finally I got thru to someone who asked me my name-which I would not give. I said who are you calling, He didn't know who he was calling, all he knew was that they were taking me to federal court (for something!) and/or I would be arrested. I said ok & hung up!

Same voice mail as the rest,but Adam Walker (209)565-6371, same guy, east indian. What Im concerned about is they had my name that I go by but not my legal name. They had my home number that I do not use and is listed under my partners name. How are they getting these numbers. Trying to figure out where I used my abreviated name and land line number. I think the only place may have been facebook. I feel sorry for the older generation that don't have internet so they can check on scams so as not to fall prey to these miscreatants. But I guess if you do not put any information on online you probably wont be scammed.

Steve called me twice today from 678 743-6759. Claimed to be from the US Treasury and threatened legal action. Really heavy accent.

I received a call for my daughter who doesn't live here anymore and is married (they used her maiden name). James Howard said that they were beginning enforcement actions and she would be in a "legal mess" if she didn't call back or have her attorney call. They are issuing an arrest warrant for tax evasion and tax avoidance. When I asked him a couple of questions, he got angry and started yelling. I told him this was a scam and hung up on him.

I received a call from Steve Martin and his supervisor last night and today telling me there was a miscalculation with my taxes and I was being charged with tax evasion by the US Dept of Treasury and agents were enroute to arrest me unless I paid 3500 via Stater Brothers US Tresury vouchers. I was scared. Thank you all for posting your terrible experiences. He said, "If I didn't pay the money I was going to be arrested and serve an automatic sentence of two years
He told me to stay where I was so the agent could come and arrest me. Merry Christmas huh.

This morning I received a call from a Steve Martin, who sounded either Chinese or Korean, informing me of "An enforcement action by the Department of the Treasury for a federal crime". The callback number was 786-429-8305 and was answered on their end by the same individual who identified his office as the Department of the Trasury Legal Aid. I provided my name, asked for his employee ID and was promptly hung up on. I am guessing that since I called him back from a phone not registered to myself, the caller ID didn't match whatever list he was workig off of so whatever he couldn't follow his script.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

I am very embarrassed to say that I received a message today from the Federal Bureau of Investigations stating that there was a complaint made against me. I wasn't thinking clearly because I have been unemployed the last 4 months. I called back just to be sure that I wasn't blowing off anything and he was very convincing. Labeling off all of the charges of tax evasion stating that I was being made an example of in my state and stating the amount I owed and that the cops were going to be at my place in a little amount of time to drop off the affidavit and arrest me. Again I feel so embarrassed but I fell for it, I was crying when he asked me questions if I had ever been convicted of a felony or filed for Bankruptcy, but if I could pay the amount off they would be able to "overlook" the problem. Still right now with being unemployed and the state of mind I was in I asked for 24 hours, he said he would give me 30 minutes. I immediately called my brother and he assured me it was a scam. I feel so stupid really and hope that whoever this is that they are caught, booked and put away for a long, long time. They caught me in a vulnerable position that is for sure and luckily I had back up to help me thru this. I feel for those who do not. The #'s above are similar, all starting with 202 and the guy I talked with was Officer Daniel. What a BUT!
Called the cops and was informed that this is being worked on, but from the looks of this, it looks like it has been going on for a while. Everyone out there watch out, don't be me and hang up right away.

Simply amazing, I had a similar experience, actually still dealing with it they email me every day, and ask if I have sent money, they claim money laundering along with a list of other charges, so in short, who does a person talk to about this kinda stuff . suggestions please...

To find out whether a legitimate agency is trying to reach you, look up the agency's number and contact them. Explain that you've been getting calls or emails and want to know if they're trying to reach you.

If you know you're getting calls and emails from a scammer who's pretending to be with law enforcement, you can report that to the FTC at

Send spam emails to That's the FTC's spam collection website.

Today April 13th 2016, I got that same call from and he was an Indian man but a name like Nathan Connor from #718 873 9062, from NY. Same scenario saying that I owed taxes to the Treasury Dept in the amount of close to four thousand dollars, but when asked to speak to his suppervior he would let me, so I said to him I will call the IRS he quickly hung up. So I called him back and he put my # block. So I used another phone to call him back and asked to speak with Nathan Connor they hung up and put that number that I called him back with he put that number on block also! So from that moment I knew that he is trying to scam ppl. So everyone be aware.

I got a call from 240-200-8469 Officer Richard Spare or Spair stating to call back by the end of the day. If not, he will forward my case to the court for legal action.

Same thing happened to me today...John Washington was the name, he sounded indian also. # was 2132836752. said tax fraud in 2009 and they repeatedly tried to send letters, obviously they didn't. bad scam, but be careful!


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