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FTC drives settlement with Massachusetts auto dealer

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As part of the FTC’s crackdown on deceptive practices related to the sale, financing, and leasing of motor vehicles, Courtesy Auto Group of Attleboro, Massachusetts has agreed to settle charges that it deceptively advertised that consumers could lease a vehicle for $0 down and specific monthly payments. In fact, the advertised amounts did not mention substantial fees that the dealer charged.

The case against Courtesy is part of Operation Steer Clear, the agency’s nationwide sweep against 10 auto dealers that made misrepresentations in print, internet, and video advertisements.

If you’re in the market for a new ride, ask the right questions. The answers should help you determine whether special promotions offer genuine value — or are simply smoke and mirrors.  

Once you get a written offer from the dealer, be sure all the terms, including the price and the financing — if you get credit through the dealer — are what you agreed to. If you lease from the dealer, check that the terms are what you negotiated. Read the documents you get very carefully, especially the credit or lease contract. Make sure you understand the terms before you sign. If the deal isn’t what you negotiated, ask questions. Don’t sign, and don’t leave the dealership with a new vehicle until the terms you and the dealer negotiated are on the contract, and you are clear about your obligation, including all your payments.

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I bought a car from Car Mart in Grove ok 2 mounts a go. the car is been in the auto shop 5 times and going in for the 6 time. the car is still not right .I have a extended warrenty.and my paper work says saterfaction garenty. for any reson. I am not happy and want my money back to get a car that runs. Was wanting to see if I can get help to get my money back.For a nother car else where.I don't want another car from Car Mart .to have to go threw this again. can you all help me. can I sue theme for lawer fees and court coast. and what thay have put me threw with there lies and a unsafe car .I do HomeHealth and need a good car . I have also took the car to Lungren auto and have written document pappers telling Car Mart what was wrong with the car in detall. Car mart has not got the car fix yet .The car has been to Lungren auto twice and Car Mart hasent made it right by it .Is telling me I have to take the broken car as it . Thank you for you time/

We have $100,000.00 settlement with car dealer 14156/03 offer was 3 pieces of ID and they did not release any information because left job Jessica my daughter went to pick up the car and they said me the moms had to pick it up

We served for our car and Ellen Bush represented Loher Ecker Bruce Trent has our document for reimbursement

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