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Mind your business (opportunity)

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Many people dream about being their own boss. Controlling their own schedule, running things their way, and being in charge of their own earning potential? What’s not to love?

Chasing that dream wisely, though, means knowing the difference between a legitimate opportunity and a scam.

The FTC, working with other federal and state agencies, has cracked down on fraudsters targeting the unemployed and underemployed with bogus promises of big bucks through work-at-home opportunities. The Online Entrepreneur is the latest in a long list of companies stopped in their tracks by law enforcers.

The Online Entrepreneur allegedly swindled consumers by selling them a program providing websites that the company promised would enable them to earn lots of money through affiliate marketing with the likes of Prada, Sony, Louis Vuitton and Verizon. However, after buying this “Six Figure Program” for $27, people discovered they then had to pay $100 or more in additional costs just to set up their websites.  

The settlement bans The Online Entrepreneur from selling business and work-at-home opportunities. The court halted the allegedly deceptive practices, froze the defendants’ assets, and put the companies behind the scam into receivership pending a court hearing. 

Learn how to spot a bogus business opportunity and watch the video below on law enforcement efforts to stop those who prey on consumers trying to earn a living. And, please, file a complaint with the FTC if you suspect you’re being taken in by a business opportunity scam



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I am not bothered by this scam. I am bothered by a caller offering to lower my credit card interest rates. When I push a phone button to continue. I get cut off

Hi lyle,

Please read this article on credit card interest rate reduction scams before you talk to this caller or anyone else pitching this kind of offer. The article includes tips on how to reduce or settle credit card debt through legitimate means.

And if you find out this is a scam, please file a complaint with the FTC.


Hi Lyle, that very thing happens to me all the time! one day last week 3 calls and as soon as they find out I am broke, hang up, but 3 times in one day! come on man! sad in spring

they do not run my family's life they cant run anyone's family's life either they must run their own on their own themselves.. I do the same too..they are NOT my boss I am not their boss either.. they cannot have those with anyones names that does not belong to them, they ruined the humanity life and everything so they must mind their own business I do same too. they are scammers and thieves for money they ripped people off many has died without food, shelters no jobs, that is not fair to everyone, they think for themselves they cant do that.. they have NO respects nooo.. Respect everyone.. thank you

What company exactly were you pinpointing here? I'm just curious because believe me I understand the feeling of getting scammed. What happen to telling the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth so HELP YOU GOD!.......??? Humans? Breaking oaths, justice must be served, I see so many rights of the American citizens being violated, even by our own law, whom we should trust. Makes me sometimes not proud to be a American. So sad to say. I love the true meaning that America represents. I believe FREEDOM, TRUE FREEDOM, IS SOMETHING WORTH FIGHTING FOR.AND FELLOW mankind is what I represent.

Thank you for providing us with such valuable information!

We're so glad it's useful to you, gravesd!

Thank You for keeping us aware! Your right their are too many scams out there.

You're quite welcome...and quite right, spboike. Please visit us here often to keep abreast of the latest consumer news and tips.

Scammers is some people who they working for the government and they do deliberately the frauds and the illegal acts to make people to lose their business and to be destroy without the Federal Trade Commissionerto give us any help because to my knowledge they are conspirators. from my expirience whatever you have talk and write did not prove nothing from what is the reality, and why you do not want to put our email because you afraid to answer:many of you do frauds without us to find our rights so stop to prended for something you did not do to help.


Why wasn't this sent to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution. This type of slime will just crawl out from under another rock and do it again.

Hi Uncle Howie,

The FTC works closely with Attorneys General to bring business and other scammers to justice. You can contact your state attorney general to find out if they were involved in this particular case, and/or you can look at this list of cases brought against scammers who prey on consumers looking for work to see if your AG was involved in any of these.


Best solution to any problem is to help yourself.... use your brain. I remember after graduating these ads were everywhere and bogus as their employees as they presently are. So sad to see people (young adults and 30+) investing their time in scams. Always looking for bogus investments, not down for hard or real work. Like renting rooms out, you just don't know trash until their scams are obvious... call it adopted practices.

Is there a way to vet or otherwise check out a potential opportunity? Are there online resources of legitimate companies to deal with safely?

Hi 031814,

The FTC has lots of information on spotting a fraudulent business opportunity - including work-at-home schemes and related topics. Once you review this information and do the research to help weed out the bad players, you might be able to look at any opportunities with a more informed perspective.

Best of luck!


Thanks for this information. I am bothered by phone calls with anonymous caller or private number, I do not answer them and numbers I am not aware I know. I let them ring and when the voice mail comes up they hang up. Then I know they are fraudulent and scams. I placed my number on the "no calls directory", but they seem to find a way to get my number anyway. It is not only me, but when I am in the marketplace or mall I hear the same stories from others tax payers who are elder and younger. This technology is getting out of hand in many ways. Seem though there is no protection, but I know there is we must take control of what we can do and file complaint with our FTC or BBB for some protections. Thanks again for the warnings.

I would like to talk to Lisa Lake please,I have been gathering hundreds of pages that I have hired a law firm to help me out, I want my money back? I
am disabled and my hand to eye coordination is bad.
thanks mark

Thank you again for this vital information. Investors beware of high pressure salesmen!

Hi Lisa-I have filed a complaint with the FTC on this. When can I expect to hear back on my complaint?

I recently had my email accounts hacked into by one of these sheisty businesses. Are there any FTC offices that handle cyberstalking Ms. LAke??

Is it true FTC handles cyberstalking cases? One of these companies recently HACKED into my email accounts AND monitors my pcu home & work.I recently contacted FBI who referred me to FTC enforcement- ANY links for that???

You can file an online complaint with the FTC at And here are tips on what to do if your email has been hacked. We’ve blogged about this topic before too. Here’s the link to the blog.

ApartoftheProb you can also contact the police who will investigate your claims thoroughly. I was dealing with same issue and they contacted FTC as soon as I submitted my complaint so be careful. Even contacted my current employer which ended up being their breaking point for me :) These people have nothing. ..but idle time schemes and go for who they know, weed ll be better without them. Make sure you file complaints for any other family members in your household(s). Good luck!


is this a scam?

I had a situation, where I got taken 28th this diet pull from garnia Garbunia. They would advertise Dr Oz as if he was apart of it, and tell you,that you were able to get a thirty day trial for free just pay shipping and handling, they sent me the pills just like they said but then went back into my account two says and stole $80.00 from my account without my permission. And of course the number for you to call you never get anyone. Is there anyway I can get my money back? Plus it cause me a overdraft fee. Can I get my money back?

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