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We want to get your money back!

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“They got me.”

If you’ve ever been taken in by a bogus product or service, that may be the first thing you think just as you get that sinking feeling in your stomach.

Fortunately, the FTC’s mission is to get them – the scammers and cheats – and to return the money they made back to you.  

When the FTC sues a company that made deceptive claims about its products or services, we strive to get people refunds as part of the resolution of the case. The amount depends on how much the defendants are able to pay, how much the court orders for refunds, and how many people apply for a refund.   

Learn more about the FTC’s redress process, how to resolve consumer problems, and get the latest information about the FTC’s recent cases resulting in refunds. And please file a complaint with the FTC if you’ve been taken in by a scam or misled by dishonest product or service claims.

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I was scammed by a Company in TX, Credit Solutions, they folded and took over $2500.00 to pay down my debt. They never payed anyone a penny, but took money from my account on a monthly basis.

Dear Tired of Fighting,

I strongly encourage you to file a complaint with the FTC. While we do not handle individual matters, complaints help us track these kinds of scams and often lead to investigations - which, in turn, can lead to the FTC taking legal action against the business on behalf of consumers.

Also, please read this article about managing debt -- especially these sections specifically addressing debt relief services and credit repair scams.

I hope it all works out.


Somebody already scanned me on eBay for buying a car so I'm trying to get my money back how would I get it can you help me

The same thing is happen to me did you ever get your money back?

I just had the same happen to me.

So what do I do if my tax repaired runs off with my money in don't call or respond back

did you ever get your money back

They got me too

I got scammed from eBay motors well they SAID they was from eBay but eBay said cuz I didn’t actually go through them that there was nothing I could do but to file a report with the police dept and FBI. Smh. I’m trying to find out if there’s a way I can still get my money back.

I got scammed too. $53800. Curious if its all the same guy? Supposedly from Washington?

Curious, there seems to be a lot of scams recently for cars. Someone close to me was also scammed for $50,000. The car deal originated thru, out of Arizona ( supposedly ) . Was wondering if you had any success yet with a return of funds ?

Same thing happened to me i was trying to buy a car. They were using ebay although it was not ebay. From a lady arizona using Craigslist too. Was anyone successful in getting their money back?

I just got scammed for $34000 when I bought a car through ebay,the guy supposedly is in Washington state too.

I tried to buy a car off the racing junk .com site the seller said to use e bay for both of our safety,I sent$9000in gift cards to seller. the car was nether delivered.

I just got scammed like that too but only payed$1800 in gift cards

Did u ever get it resolved?

I was scammed too with gift cards. These people told me that they were from PNC bank and that I was approved for a loan... My credit has now doubled. $5,000 total. I’m not sure what to do. My bank won’t help because they said I authorized it basically.

Did you get your money back. Me too i was scammed 1150$ google play gift card.
Is there anybody help to us ?????

That happened to me too did u ever get your money back and if so how?

Hello was you ever able to get your money back . This just happened to me Wednesday and I’m livid they told me the same thing.

They got me too for $3600. The way everything was set up seemed real legit. Now I’m flat broke. I wonder if it’s the same person getting all of us

the same thing happened to em from facebook market and I want to see how I can get my money back even though I believe it was a foreign group.

This same thing happened to be off of craigslist claiming they were using ebay buyers protection. Is there any way I can get my money back, I am in college and can not afford to just throw away $2500.

Well wish has flagged my acount just becuse i asked for a few refunds on items that never came and now i cant contact suport and thers to items i need refunded that never came they wer both suposed to get here a while ago one in december the other in january the refund windows will be closed by now but i didnt have a chance to ask for the refunds becuse they ignored all of my emails so i no it wasnt that much money maybe around 20$ at the most or less but can i still do anythang? Please please help me im so upset about this!

Same thing happen to me 2 months ago on craig list threw ebay for 4,500 I filed with spoof, ftc ic3 called the news no one returned called sent plenty messages enough is enoug

Hii sir my name is A.S ,  Am the college student,sir i lost money of 14000 through online frude, one of the lady from toshiba company as called me her name is shriya reddy and number (9873784756) the call as come from delhi.

she said that before joining to the company the employee should deposit 14000 in advance, and money get refundable according her notice i made payment, but after the i didnt get money refundable and while am calling to her number she is not attempting my call i am came to know she has done fraud to me.and i made a payment through online paytm i will provide all payments for what i made the payment (8826808780,7065481712,8743042016,7835937414,9891509618,8510068509) for these number i made the payment sir please find her i make my amount refundable in request and find her and make her stop doing such a online fraud

Hii my name is G.P . Igot a call from reliance career and they conducted a written test and a teliphonic interview and said that i was selected for a toshiba company and i need to pay 850 for processing fee and i have done it through paytm.
I cant understand what to do please help me

It sounds like you paid someone who promised to give you a job. When you pay for a promise, it is usually a scam. These people probably do not really have a job for you.

A genuine employer or job firm should not ask you to pay for the promise of a job.

This FTC article has tips about job scams.

Bro, the same thing was happened to me
I've paid Rs 21,850 through paytm. Now I have no idea what to do. So, if have any information please tell me what to do.

i to got the message regarding the job to pay a some of 850 rupees.

Hi!2015 when my wallet w/ chk book & debit card was lost and i reported to chase bank,they changed my debit card number but they didnt close or stop the after 2 yrs i found out that most of the chks fr 2015 was not my signature.i called yo costumer service and file for dispute they transfer me to claim department and after 3 days of waiting i xalled them again and they denied my complain.reason cause the time frame,they donr even realized if i found that ,right away im gonna call them and the way ,they clise my accnt now i knw its too late for my protection,but im just wondering why did they gave my service charged back on my was service fee yr 2015, was 5 fees refunded just this month of june2017..os it a good hint that i can still get my money back?

Hi santhosh, Same thing had happen to me.They asked me to pay 8000,later 2000 and then 24000. Totally i had paid 34,000. Did you get the money refunded?if not lets give a complaint

Bro, same thing happened to me. I've paid a total of ₹ 21,850. So please tell me what to do. Tell me if there is any information regarding this.

Anyone that makes a payment online and didn't receive services or products call you back and ask for a refund because you were not given the items or services. They usually credit the amount lost

Hellow santosh did you get your money refund or is it still pending

Did u get ur money back

Some one froud me she call me sir u get money x job then pay money in joying am pay online she not responding me I wan my money halp

Same thing just happened to me. 101 Tax Solutions from Texas took $1900 from me. Im trying to get it back from my bank.


Very useful information and a great service to otherwise defenseless consumers!

Thanks, Plyman!

I was returned some of my money but not all of it im still looking to see if it is all there. I will contact yall an give yall an update

Hi needofhelp,  I'm glad to hear you've got some of your money back and look forward to your update.  --Lisa

Are you doing anything about the the complaint i sent in on 5/17/14 Robert P

What did you do about the funds that weren't returned? I am in the same situation, most of my money was returned but not all, and it's because the time stamps on the transactions are totally wrong, so they think i was the one doing certain transactions. At this point, it's my word against their incorrect time stamps, and I just don't know what to do.

I have almost given up hope for ever getting my money back but I lost a lot of money on the scamms and fraud. It is really sad that someone could steal money from a person on a fixed income but bills that keep rising. I have given a lot of information from skype, K-Mart, GreenDot MoneyPak and other information Visa who was the only one successful in helping me. This is very important to me and my family. I wish you much success in your fight against these thieves.

Hi Tom,

I regret that you and your family have gone through this and am glad you were able to get at least some resolution.

I encourage you to file a complaint with the FTC against any and all companies that you think have scammed you. Also, please read this information from the FTC - which also includes information on filing complaints and resources from consumer protection agencies in your state.

Best of luck,


i have been scammed also how can i get my money back

You can report a scam to the FTC at and to your state Attorney General’s office. If you used your credit card, contact your credit card company. If you sent money by wire transfer, contact the fraud department of the wire transfer company.

I was reading your article but what you do when you discover a BANK are using tactics to steal from your line of credit ?


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