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Apple refunds

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Updated (5/15/14) with information on filing a complaint with the FTC

Thanks to a settlement with the FTC, Apple is refunding more than $32 million to people for in-app charges made by kids without their parent’s permission. Apple also had to change its billing practices to make sure it now gets express, informed consent from people before charging them for in-app purchases.

By now, anyone charged for in-app purchases should have gotten an email from Apple letting them know how to get a refund for unauthorized spending by kids. Think you might qualify for a refund? Look for Apple’s email or contact the company directly through for instructions on submitting a refund request. If you think you qualify for a refund but are unable to get one, please file a complaint with the FTC at



Thank you. I will check my mail.

Charges for app use covers a lot of people. That has nothing to do with Kids. It makes the bull higher. If I don't get an email I'll contact you.

how much and this is for reAl

I believe I was scammed by people pretending to be Apple, how do I get my money back. They said they can’t refund me until I pay more money to them

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