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Background check, mate?

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If you’re applying for a job or trying to rent an apartment, the employer or landlord might conduct a background check. They may hire a company to provide information like your employment history, your driving record, any criminal records, and your credit report. The information in the background report could make the difference in whether you get the job or apartment, so it’s important it be accurate.

Two companies that each made millions of dollars selling background reports, but didn’t take reasonable steps to make the reports completely accurate, recently settled Federal Trade Commission charges that they violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and FTC Act.

Instant Checkmate, Inc., promoted its profiles for screening prospective employees and tenants, but the company didn’t have reasonable procedures to ensure the reports it delivered were accurate. It also didn’t require customers to identify themselves or confirm they had a legally permitted reason to get someone’s background report.

InfoTrack Information Systems Inc. didn’t follow reasonable steps when it came to creating some employment reports, and it sent more than 400 reports to employers saying an applicant was a “possible match” with someone on a national sex offender registry — solely because the applicant and the offender had the same first and last name.

Both companies failed to tell employers to give an adverse action notice to any applicant they decided not to hire because of some data in the screening report. An adverse action notice tells an applicant there might be an error in a report that needs correcting.

Learn more about your rights — and an employer’s responsibilities — when you’re applying for jobs.

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I don't care who knows- George Washington University is an insult to the founder of this nation. I had enough of their antics when we were all already over eighteen. Even if they're atheists- I know there is a God and I have declared STOP and NO and he will deal with violators, I swear to you. As for people who have been around for under a hundred years dragging the mentality of this country through the mud and keeping it below the waist, I want nothing to do with you and you are big fat liars and crooks! No more pretending you are letting me down easy, I banish you from my life! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!

Thanks FTC for the warning. You are correct when it comes to jobs & renting an apartment, your background check & credit reports are valuable. If it is not Equifax, Experian, & Trans Union. I remind the person in charge that is incorrect. I remind the person either the 3 Credit Bureaus are not giving my SS# for someone else to use and steal my identity. They understand when I speak those words and they let me know which 3 Bureaus they used. Thanks for the warning.

The information the employers were relying on as well was not worth the purchase considering the information gathered is dated regenerated inaccurate data that is totally unreliable. I could buy those reports wholesale for 5.00 and resale them. When a private investigator conducts a background check they use resources that the general public does not have access to like social security numbers. A private investigator knows he can not divulge the actual social to his/her client and that it is used for proper identification and investigative purposes. To properly conduct a background check each jurisdiction identifiers present themselves the actual court records department or custodian of record must confirm the information. Anyone claiming that the can retrieve bank account or phone records without a valid purpose and a subpoena in hand is probably pre-texting or doing something illegal to get the information.

If you gather the evidence illegally you can't use it and you could go to jail in the process. A good investigator knows that financial and other sensitive records can be discovered in court files where financial information is almost always disclosed and entered into the record to prove damages or hearings called debtors exams where the subject of one has the microscope of the court and an experienced collector examine all of the persons financial data. These records are just sitting in a court file or an attorney's file just waiting to be discovered. People also tend to tell more of the truth when they are trying to buy something and that information can be sluthed from applications and other methods of legal disclosure.

Another source of information can be purchased from websites who gather information that users give permission to access. Have you ever downloaded a free game or software, it was not free because more than likely when you clicked on the I accept you did not read the privacy policy or access to your computer you just gave. Americans need to be more diligent online and read everything like a food liable that might contain an ingredient you are allergic to. Back to background checks the company I work for does extensive background reports but they also have a very effective report that is detailed and accurate the only step you would take is to actually confirm with the custodian of each record before you assume anyone has any particular negative record against them.

Law enforcement has the ability to pull a federal background report and most departments allow backgrounds for employment reasons additionally every individual is entitled to see their national FBI report and check it for accuracy just like one would do with a credit report. SOmetimes courts fail to put the true disposition of an arrest or the court mail fail to update your report when a misdemeanor is reduced to a misdemeanor. Be diligent Americans know your rights and pay for quality information that can be relied upon which usually involves the assistance of a professional not an online information house who is not qualified to stand by the information that is disseminated in these worthless reports. Some of these companies are in a borderline brush with the law since to conduct a background check on someone the law usually requires that it be done by a licence private investigator for obvious reasons, which is no different that any other professional who offers services to the public that they rely on for public health and Safety.

Thank u ftc for providing me with the affidavit for identity theft. Someone used my info fraudulently and this helps with numerous incidents stated in your blog. People look at you funny when these adverse results come and you are surprised, but its good to know there are additional steps with being honest. Databases like these only add to the mess

I have searched at least 5 different people search and background search sites on my self and none of them are consistent. on two, I do not even exist. on one I have a subscription to there is a person in the same town with my same name but different middle initial and her records and my records are intermingled. I have been arrested once and that incident is listed with every charge they tried to pin on me at arrest time, but most of the biggies were dropped and I had two misdemeanors on my record several years ago that are not even showing up. why do they have to make public arrests that were made and potential charges at time of arrest that were dropped but this is not reflected. I am upset as it looks like I have several arrests over the years combined with this other person and no criminal charges of the two misdemeanors I got are even on there. but should my family members or ex co- workers look me up, all of this information that did not stick looks like I was actually charged and convicted of those charges. and there is no way when glancing through this that anyone can tell the difference between this other person and myself. people put a lot of trust into these background checks and I thought they were for your criminal record, not for arrests that state charges I was never charged for. I am getting the cold shoulder from family and friends I know And I wonder if it has anything to do with the in accuracy of these reports. I have not found one that gives the right and consistent information and if I do not have a criminal record, arrests should not be made a public record as the police will put down every possible charge related to the incident to submit to court. it looks bad and I do not appreciate heresay so to speak being considered as fact to the public. I have lost a lot because of erroneous reports like these sites put out.

As someone who has used this site to screen tenants for an apartment complex I urge you to be careful if you are a landlord or a property manager. I used this service one time and forgot to cancel after the trial period. I was billed $22.86 per month for over a year. Finally noticed the charge on my credit card, called and cancelled the service. I either did not read the fine print or forgot to cancel. Either way, I will never use them again. Many services operate this way. So, if you do use one mark your calendar and be sure to cancel ASAP unless you enjoy being charged a few hundred dollars for a service that you are not using.

robbing people of their 14th amendment

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