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Exploring the perils of the precious metals market

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The Senate Special Committee on Aging is holding a hearing today to examine deception associated with retail precious metals investments and their effect on people’s retirement nest eggs. The FTC, which has a track record of stopping deceptive practices in the marketing of precious metals as investments, will testify.

According to the FTC, the deceptive practices have included telemarketing operators posing as “brokers” and offering precious metals as purported high-profit, low-risk investments. By failing to disclose key information about the investments’ terms and high costs, these brokers deceive consumers into believing that the investments provide a safe and secure vehicle for savings. Sadly, many Americans have lost their life savings to these unscrupulous operations.

The FTC is committed to protecting consumers from deceptive or unfair practices, including investment schemes that swindle money from people and often prey on older Americans' concerns about the security of their retirement savings. In fact, the FTC recently filed three law enforcement actions involving precious metals investment schemes. In addition to stopping the alleged scams, the agency expects to return approximately $5 million to victims.

If you’re looking to invest in precious metals, the FTC has some free information you can bank on to help keep those golden years from turning to rust: Investing in Gold, Investing in Bullion and Bullion Coins, and Investing in Collectible Coins.

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Stop falling for the hype...precious metals will only bear what the economic standings are.

I have been receiving many inquiries of whether I would like to invest in precious metals and I just turned 62 years old. I have noticed the phone calls and mail sales have increased since I turned 60. I am so grateful to the FTC for doing what they can to protect us, and especially EDUCATE us about these scams

Should l buy gold and silver or collectible coins

if easy for you to do, i will appreciate a copy of the Senate findings and outcomes on matter of NIA
and NIH and the like :: if so pls send by email to my above email address as sender

You can read the FTC's Prepared Statement on Any report from the US Senate Special Committee on Aging will probably be published on the committee's website when it’s ready.

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I was not convinced by this marketing as a čast-iron investment. Luckily for me I ignored it.

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I have some reasons to investiment in gold because i need some support to my live.

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