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Fake IRS collectors are calling

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This time of year is often taxing for many consumers. Scams aimed at stealing taxpayers’ money make the season more stressful.

The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) warns that crooks posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials are contacting people claiming they owe taxes. The caller demands a prepaid debit card, wire transfer or a credit card number for payment. If the person doesn’t comply, the caller threatens to arrest or deport the target, or take away their driver’s license or business.

Thousands of victims have lost money to these tax scam artists. But there are ways to recognize them and foil their attempts to steal your money.

These scammers often:

  • call you. But when the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone 
  • use common names and fake IRS badge numbers
  • know the last four digits of your Social Security number
  • demand payment via a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. The IRS doesn’t ask for either of these payment methods, nor will they ask for credit card numbers.
  • rig caller ID information to appear as if the IRS really is calling
  • send fake emails that look like legitimate IRS correspondence
  • make a second call claiming to be the police or department of motor vehicles, rigging the caller ID information  

To protect yourself from imposters who call, claiming to be from the IRS:

  • don’t provide any account or other personal information. Hang up the phone.
  • never wire money to a person or company you don’t know. Once you wire money, you can’t get it back.
  • if you owe - or think you owe - federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040. IRS workers can help you with your payment questions. You also can visit the IRS website at
  • if you’ve already paid your taxes, call and report the incident to TIGTA at 800-366-4484.
  • forward emails from the IRS to Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails. 
  • file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Include “IRS Telephone Scam" in your complaint.
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I just got a call today, Jan 11, 2016, same thing, told me to return the call to a 585 number. I hung up.

I also received 2 of these bogus calls originating from 2 different phone numbers with the same automated message stating that the IRS was filing a lawsuit on me and that I was to contact 202-506-9736 for further information... When I called the phone number I got a message that it was from a magic jack account which had not been set up yet. WTF??? I also proceeded to try and call the 2 phone numbers that had called my phone number 1-845-786-8730 and 630-582-0473. Neither phone number answered. Seems to me something wicked this way they need to go to jail for this.Hopefully nobody falls for this or loses their money to these scums.

This is still going on as of June 27, 2015, automated voice mail indicating the IRS was filing suit against me. Told me to call 202-580-8423 ASAP. I didn't call back.

I got a voicemail a few days ago that directly me to call a CA number immediately, so I did so today. A man with a thick accent likely from the Indian Subcontinent answered, I asked to whom I was speaking, and he said "Allen Morris," gave a badge numnber,and claimed he was with the "IRS." I asked him to confirm that he was referring to the US Internal Revenue Service, a federal agency in Washington, D.C. He claimed this was so and proceeded to tell me that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. I knew there was no reason for them to do so, and he claimed I owed back taxes from 2008 - 2013, which I knew was impossible. I asked him, "What state did I live in in2013?" No response. I asked him, "What state do I live in now?" He said, "Texas," where I grew up and left long ago. I told him that I'd long moved away from Texas. He insisted I lived in Grand Praire, which is a town quite far from the town I grew up in but that caller IDs will usually name when a call from the cell phone's area code that my cell phone has included since I was a teenager. I told him that I was reporting him to the real IRS and that his real name obviously wasn't Allen Morris. He said, "You're a bitch" and hung up. I am almost amused at how foolish this scam is.

I got a call from 206-388-1636 saying all so IRS has filed a lawsuit on me. Called back and no one will answer.

1:06pm 12-17-14
robocall woman's voice stating "This is the IRS. You have a lawsuit filed against you."

I recieved two calls this morning, both a recording,from Julie Smith 415-234-9604. Called back and it went straight to voice mail, and the box was full.

I received two messages claiming to be IRS officer Julie Smith with the same phone number. I called the number and a foreign guy told me that she was at a meeting,he than told me that he's needs my lawyers address and than I told him I don't have a lawyer and I asked him what am I being sued for he hung up on me. I called again and I got the same recording that you did about the voice mail box being full.

Julie Smith 415-506-1282 called me. I returned call and Julie was in meeting. Person I spoke with had poor English skills, but insisted she was with IRS.

We got the exact same call this morning at what would be 5:40 a.m. California time. Same poor English from the person who answered our call back- they hung up on my husband. Total scam.

We got this same recorded call today nov 7 AT 5:45 am that said IRS is filing a lawsuit against us and they left a 202 phone number. I hung up.

Same thing from number 202 241-7388, it was a magic jack recording.

I received 2 calls from an indian accent guy saying he was IRS and they had sent a package to my home which came back when I said I never received anything in the mail. He said the officers would have to come to my house. I said no and asked for a supervisor, he said there weren't any. That I was owing a large sum of money for "fraud", for 2008-2012. I asked why I had never heard of this before, that the IRS aways sends mail, he said no. I hung up on the guy.

Received similar call and spoke to guy for about 10 minutes. He never asked for any money but knew my home address. When I told him that the tax return he was talking about was a joint return and why had they not contacted my husband or I, he was very quick to get off the phone. (916)872-9947 was the number he called from and I returned

I got a call from a Chinese or Vietnamese guy saying he was from irs audit number is 9298004572 his name was Joseph Brown..its funny how they give themselves american names ,....I tired calling the real irs hotline but of course couldnt get no one on the phone, very busy time of year first I was so worried ...

I got a call today from a a man with an Indian accent. he said hos name was Franknumber 7038280309. He said that I was in need of an attorney and that I was being prosecuted as a criminal because I was accused of tax evasion from 2008-2013. He said I underpaid my taxes. When I started asking him questions, and telling him how ridiculous what he was saying was he hung up. And of course, I called him back, but I got no number. I wanted to ask for hid badge number.

I just heard twice from Indian guy 7038280433 used same words as "ant" about tax evasion arrest warrant in my name or something, sounds like Frank, two calls today, started today.

I also go two calls from Julie Smith at 415-506-1282. When I returned the call, I was threatened with arrest within 2 hours and the seizure of my bank accounts, cars, etc. I was to go to the nearest drug store while on the phone and get a money card. It was very frightening until I understood it was a scam.

Got the same call from 415.506.1297 that ended with "good bye and take care".
Did not seem right at all!
Thanks for posting everyone.

That "good bye and take care" was a dead give away when I got the call today on my machine. Deleted it-case closed. Too bad there are people who fall for these stupid scams but WE aren't one of them!!!!

"Goodbye, and take care" ..... Yeah, seriously? That should be a clue it's NOT the IRS. Julie's a busy girl.

I got an automated call that the IRS is suing us. Have you heard of any automated calls???

Recieved a call from IRS number 1-234-304-5130 saying that this is a final call and IRS suing me did't give the reason and asked me to call 201 area code number

have received at least 2 automated calls from IRS with same story- final call from IRS before Iawsuit will be filed. I was instructed to call back immediately. I have written down the phone number 2 times: 929-800-2893, the other 210-410-5059. No name. I owe no taxes so I am sure this is bogus- but one of the calls came at 7 AM Sunday. very irritating. Is there a way to block these?

I also just got a robo message with the same 'final call from IRS regarding the lawsuit against me' and was also instructed to call back immediately. I looked up the number who called me, it was 1-284-304-5530 which came up as from British Virgin Islands and the number that I should call back is 1-210-418-5726. Did some research and among others also found this site confirming that this is a scam!! Needless to say, will not be calling back any of these crooks!

I got the same call yesterday. It's unnerving!

Received the same call at 6:55am this morning. Did not return the call to the number that called or the number given--would just encourage more calls. Submitted a complaint to FTC which I hope you all do.

Thank you for submitting a complaint to the FTC. You're right; the IRS will never call you to threaten you. That’s a sign that this is a scam. If you get calls like this, please file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and give the details of the call. It's important to submit a complaint because investigators from all over the country access the FTC's complaint system.

I got a automated call also from irs 800/8291040 they must have spoof the caller id told me to call some 888 number I couldn't get the number because they said it to fast ... So I called the irs and they said they never contacted me

I Have tried to call Irs to get a voice after two hours I quit

Yes - I am getting 2 a day, this morning they even called at 6:30 am…I am reporting this to proper authorities to see if this helps because they are annoying me now.

Yes, I got a automated call from a Indian sounding man. Saying that I was being sued for back taxes or fraudulent issues. That I needed to contact a 202 number at once before charges were filed against me. That they could do it.

I got two automated calls saying to call the IRS is this for real ?????

Same here! twice now!!! I am so frustrated with SCAMMERS!

I also received a call from a Julie Smith. It was clearly automated or the person was having a stroke while leaving the message. The phone number was 415-234-9501. When I called the next day the person who answered had a thick accent and I couldn't understand anything he said. I asked to speak to someone that had clearer communication and he said no one else was in the office. I also asked why I hadn't received anything in the mail and he dodged the question. When I asked where he was calling from he said the United States of California. I'm pretty sure this is a phishing scam but now I am concerned about a lawsuit against me. I have had taxes filed professionally every year so I will contact my tax repairer. I am a hard working tax paying American and this is harassment!

You should have no reason to be concerned. I just received the same message from Julie Smith today. 1. The wording in the message does not sound professional -the automated message makes a wording syntax error that indicates the call is not legit. 2. Several people report getting the same message here, always from different numbers. 3. The IRS clearly states that if they have an issue, you get notified via snail mail. There are numerous reports right now showing that these are scam artists trying to get you to pay them. You can find the details for these scams on legitimate government websites. If you are still worried, go to the IRS website and call them directly.

I just received 2 calls from 'Officer Julie Smith' on my cell phone. When we file taxes, we use our home number...Someone needs to stop these peeps. Seems the DNC doesn't work!!!!

March 21, 2015 (9:30 AM) I just received same call from San Francisco 415-234-9501. I founded suspicious since I have paid my taxes. So I went and type question in goggle to get info and found this useful post. Thank you!

I just received a call from the IRS from 202-552-5753,stating I had a criminal lawsuit fore to call ASAP or I will be incerated .I returned the call ,phone number rang then dropped the call.Guys name was Daniel Weidman from the Legal Dept.

Officer Daniel Weidman or Wyman is at it again. This time the number is 202-747-0946. Called the wrong person this time. Wouldn't you know they called someone that works closely with the IRS. I receive calls from clients all the time in regards to this type of occurrence. The IRS will ALWAYS MAIL YOU A LETTER! I recommend when they call to ask them for their name and badge number, Also, tell them you will call them back. Don't call the number they give you if you really want to call them back to check out their story but you will most likely find that they are not real. Call IRS directly and ask for specific person and badge number. I will say that there has not been 1 occurrence where the call was real. Definitely report it to the FTC.

I've been reading everyone's comments. I also have been getting numerous calls this past month, left on my answering machine, from alleged Officer Lauren Matthew 347/704-5836 threatening me with possible lawsuit if I didn't return her call. I file and pay my taxes every year so I figured it was a scam. I also think that if there was a legitimate problem that I would be contacted by mail from the IRS. I am going to report this as I hope no one else falls for it!

I got a call saying that the message was FOR Julie Smith...weird.

I got the same name. How low do you go before you hatch a plan like this? I;ll get the superglue and the pliers.

got 2 calls today from IRS officer Julie Smith, said I needed, or my attorney of record, to call 415 506 2391.

I have been getting lots of calls from Officer Julie Smith also at 415 506 2392 UGH!!! So annoying

Same garbage here today - they called twice. 415-506-1297 was the number.

No, scam artist

Got the same thing from Steve Martin, twice--robo calls. First call was a live person. Definitely not native-English speakers. Threatened me with the cops coming to get me (cops, exact quote), then Grand Jury. Reported twice to TIGTA.GOV. Sick of the harassing messages from these creeps.

Got Steve Martin etc. calls, two or more a day all week. Claims treasury enforcement with threat of criminal charges.

I recieved that exact phone msg. From Steve Martin who spoke broken English.I called and was threatened with treasury agents coming to arrest me in 45 minutes,lien on house,bank accounts levied.The number comes back to a California area 5103558902.He somehow had info that my return was done wrong yrs ago.Contacted irs nothing more than scam.I argued with him and aka Mr Martin stated he had 2 detectives on the way in 30 minutes and I would be facing 6 months in jail.


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