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Fake IRS collectors are calling

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This time of year is often taxing for many consumers. Scams aimed at stealing taxpayers’ money make the season more stressful.

The Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) warns that crooks posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials are contacting people claiming they owe taxes. The caller demands a prepaid debit card, wire transfer or a credit card number for payment. If the person doesn’t comply, the caller threatens to arrest or deport the target, or take away their driver’s license or business.

Thousands of victims have lost money to these tax scam artists. But there are ways to recognize them and foil their attempts to steal your money.

These scammers often:

  • call you. But when the IRS contacts people about unpaid taxes, they do it by postal mail, not by phone 
  • use common names and fake IRS badge numbers
  • know the last four digits of your Social Security number
  • demand payment via a prepaid debit card or wire transfer. The IRS doesn’t ask for either of these payment methods, nor will they ask for credit card numbers.
  • rig caller ID information to appear as if the IRS really is calling
  • send fake emails that look like legitimate IRS correspondence
  • make a second call claiming to be the police or department of motor vehicles, rigging the caller ID information  

To protect yourself from imposters who call, claiming to be from the IRS:

  • don’t provide any account or other personal information. Hang up the phone.
  • never wire money to a person or company you don’t know. Once you wire money, you can’t get it back.
  • if you owe - or think you owe - federal taxes, call the IRS at 800-829-1040. IRS workers can help you with your payment questions. You also can visit the IRS website at
  • if you’ve already paid your taxes, call and report the incident to TIGTA at 800-366-4484.
  • forward emails from the IRS to Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in those emails. 
  • file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Include “IRS Telephone Scam" in your complaint.
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(202) 596-8650
I'm a Tennessee lawyer with a criminal defense practice in federal courts. Got a call on July 5th 2014 at 10 am from a dude who had thick Indian or some other type of Haji accent inquiring if I had a lawyer and if I was aware there was a criminal charge against me. He then said it was over back taxes (which I owe but am on a payment agreement with IRS).
When I began to berate habib he said the sheriff would come and get me.

Just got a voicemail, saying a Roy Morgan calling from IRS Criminal investigation department, and to call back @ 202-239-7036. I know it's a fake call, but I had called back that #, and went to a voicemail of some other guy.

Please ignore any call from this number.

Fake Irs message
called my house
they even said a name that doesnt even live in this household...some Melissa
told me to call and not to disregard the call
number was
claimed to be Brian Jones from the IRS
they had an Indian one is a Jones that has an Indian accent

They are still at call from a DC exchange 202-506-8680 earlier today but no message. Same number calls later today and a message from IRS Officer Heather Grey. It was a robot call but the same intent to have me call back, which I did not, or risk criminal charges...

They are calling me right now 7/09/2014!! I'm worried about older people buying into this threat. I'm pretty sure they are using MAGIC JACK to have all these phone numbers. They hang up on me when i return the call. The phone numbers are (585)633-1814 and (202)506-8798 Something has to be done about this I haven't seen it on the news

We were called from 202-470-0343, Officer John Parker, threatening jail time for my wife and I. We fell for it.


Receive fraudulent call from "Agent Heather Gray" at 202-506-9679 in MA at approximately 11:25 am EST on July 15, 2014.

they called from this number...DC area...202-241-2296...i told them i thought it was a scam and they argued with me...i hung up and they called a total of 6 times.

I also want to add that two people with Indian accents were on the call. They said there was a federal warrant out for my arrest on income tax evasion. Since they knew where I lived I told them to come and arrest me. They did have my address and last 4 digits of my SS#. Please catch these scum balls.

Got a call from 310-742-7302. Said the name was Ben or Kevin Mcvoy. What a crock

Got a call two days ago from fake names they gave me are: MICHELLE KEITH AND DALE WHITE .The did a number on me and got me for 1900.00 really upsetting!! BEWARE EVERYONE

a guy called me from this number(202) 864-1103 introducing himself as a nick brown. Sounds like Indian. Very scary message

Got a call saying i owed irs money and a warrant has been issued for my arrest. So I knew it was a scam and just messed with this Indian Sargent john smith !! I mean come on. So I asked him why his mom wouldn't leave my bedroom ? And he got so confused and I was dying laughing so I told him to come get his mom and I got his money stuffed up his moms ass. Then hung up. He didn't call back.

Oh my goodness I wish I had been as quick witted. I just read this and had a good laugh. But I had a call similar to everyone elses and it had me scared. So thanks for the laugh.

202-241-4886 they call my house under FBI IRS office of John smith

I received a call from these losers and told them I was a detective investigating fraud. He hung up. No more calls.

Good for u Byran John, i will use your ploy of pushing back on them , if they call me back!. Thanks, good advise!

i got 1-202-506-8798
after the automated threat i got a "take care" afterwards! LOL!!!

They just called me from 202-239-6910, heavy Indian accent stating I have a warrant for my arrest and to not ignore this call. Scam all the way.....

Got a call from 202-506-9864 and got a robotic sounding message from what it sounded was from IRS saying I needed to call before legal action was taken. Thinking it was real, called the number back and got a foreign sounding man on the phone who claimed he was an investigator with the IRS and who told me that criminal charges were being filed against me. Thank goodness the only info I gave him was my full name and I did confirm my phone number. The reason I believed it was real was he did not try and get any money out of me but read me 3 counts of tax fraud against me and then said that all of my assets would be frozen and also yelled at me when I tried to interrupt saying I did not do anything wrong. He said I would be arrested within the hour and kept saying that I would have to argue my case in court. It was very scary and extreme harrassment. Not sure what I can do, but I am pretty sure this is a scam. Have not gotten any correspondence prior to this from the IRS. Usually they send something by mail first before trying to contact you by phone. He said that they tried to deliver mail to me on two separate occasions in June but I did not respond. I am pretty sure this is a scam, but again he did not try to get money out of me, just said I would be arrested within the hour. It has been over an hour and no police yet, so we will see.

well my call today 7/24/14 was a carbon copy off your and I had like ten charges and was going to be arrested I am waiting on the cops too
I made a report to the cops and IRS and FTC and called a lawyer you told me there was a scam going around but I think they have info on us tell me what happened

I guess today was my turn ...The only thing different was they actually called me back from a police department phone number in my state saying...they were sending out the sheriff to have me served a summons, and i would be taken to court for non-payment of taxe's ....I told them don't bother .... I am at my local police station...I told them to please hang on...and placed the detective on the phone...and they hung up..still waiting for that other police department to show up.

I made my friends and neighbors and the FTC aware of these aweful scammers. I agree it was very scary and extreme harrassment.

the irs ALWAYS sends correspondence by US Mail, never by phone!

IRS Scam -
Call and voicemail from a woman who sounded like a robot in June at 202 506 8063 and in July from a man named John Smith with a heavy accent at 202 506 9084. Both minute long voicemails claimed a time sensitive issue required I call back immediately, and both were followed by a second 3-minute silent voicemail. I did not call back but it was crazy because they used my real name. I want to fart in their oatmeal because they are really pissing me off.

FAKE IRS CALL FROM 202-241-6169

I just got a call from 202-241-6169. They were pretending to be from IRS and wanted my information. Obviously it was fake. I just hung up.

They called my cell
The number was 202-241-6439
They said they were going to arrested us for filing the taxes wrong since 2008!
They wanted us to go to the bank and take the money out (2,996$!!!!!)

Just called my house.
Said he was Adam Walker (strangely strong Indian accent) and an IRS legal enforcement action was started in my name and he wanted to help me with it. I hung up. He immediately called back and left a nasty msg on my answering machine.

Called me 5 times today

Add 202-506-8650 to the growing list. I got the robo call yesterday and today an "officer" called. He barely spoke English and I let it go to the answering machine. I guess I'm supposed to go to jail now. Right!

Keep getting call from scammer. Caller ID shows 202-241-1698. Heavy Indian / Paki accent. called about 5 times today. BEWARE.

I received a call from the same number. In his message, the caller identified himself as "Officer Sam Cooper" with a thick accent. I tried calling them back, but it went straight to voicemail saying it was the IRS, and to leave a message.

I received a call today, Saturday July 26, 2014 from (202)506-8701. The female whom I could hardly understand stated that my income tax form was incorrect and I need to speak with Mr. Mike Anderson about my back taxes. Mr. Anderson wasn't available. So, I spoke with and Officer Parker who stated his direct number was 202-506-8567. He stated that I owed back taxes for 2007, 2008, and 2009. He stated that they attempted to deliver mail to me on June 18, 2014 and I've been avoiding phone calls and answering my door. He stated that he needed at least $977 to stop the court order of case IJ-234-CVR/Tax2014 of which I owed $4,230.32 in back taxes and with penalty and fees it would be $19,000, if I didn't pay $977. He said that by paying $977, I could avoid going to court and settle out of court. Otherwise, my home, cars, and bank account would be seized. Needless to say, I didn't give him any money or information. I told him to simply redeliver the mail and I will deal with it. They also tell you to get an attorney, because the IRS is suing me. I reported this to my local sheriff and immediately Googled the situation and see that many people have lost money over this scam.

Add (202) 506-9723 to the list of numbers.

Recd call today.

Got call from the same number today.

Fake IRS collections calling from #202-506-8798.

I got a call 7/30/2014 from this so called officer from the IRS , stating that I owed him 2,400 because I was over paid and I needed to pay them or they will come for me and have me arrested. BEWARE OF 202 599 9525

This call came to my parents today. The (202) number. Next time they call I WOULD love to talk to one of them. Scumbags should get a real job and stop preying on people. Someone with a third world accent and last name Miller...really??

Got a call from 305-972-4651 and they asked to call 202-506-9761. they asked to pay minimum $3500 now, otherwise I will be arrested due to tax issue.

I just received a call by "charlie king" (i thought it was Charlie sheen)anyway he told me that there was a petition against me filed by someone, and they will execute an arrest warrant soon if i do not call. (they did not even say my name in the msg).
The no was 1-844-544-5592

Just got two within the hour today.
1-844-544-5592. Called back to mess with them but the line is busy.

It is best to hang up the phone or delete the voice message and to not call them back or press any number. Not even if the say it is to get off their list. If you press a number or call them back, you may be in fact confirming that this is a good number and it will probably lead to more calls.

Got my call from Officer Charlie King today. Said there was a legal petition complaint filed in my name for illegal tax evasion- tax fraud, and that they were filing a claim in the federal claim court house and A warrant for my arrest will be issued, but before we do that, you may call us back at our call back number 202-817-2014 and talk to a legal representative. Since I just filed my return, and had no income to pay taxes on for the last 3 years, this scared the hell out of me. I scoured these posts until I found one with "Charlie King". WHEW! Thanks for posting!

Some one left Voice message stating he is officer James Cooper and he wants to call back immediately,888-369-7941 else they will file a case against me. when i tried call back when i checked the caller-id it shows from "name not found" 5 digit phone number on Monday 7/28/2014 Morning 7:54 am. I dont know why these threatening calls and playing with common people

Same message on my phone.Gave a name, badge number, employee number. Told me I owed IRS 1489.00 Got real mad when I tried to ask questions. Told me to take my phone and go to bank and get the money and send it to them. They know how to get to you,knowing your name, your spouses name,your neighbors name etc. Nothing is protected any more. However we have done this to ourselves. So many of our companies are outsourcing work and giving these people all our private information. Then hackers get the info and start harassing us.

New call number: 'Officer Julie Smith' at 202-506-9705, leaving VMs that I should not ignore the call or there may be 'litigations'. Every time I called to speak to someone, they were rude, vague, and hung up without taking any messages.

they called yesterday said his name was john lee w/ badge # 027918 - tried to get 4000. said i was receiving a warrant immediately. call back # 202 517 2980. he called from 800 829 1040. called back again yesterday w/ a recording and today now 2-3x ..this time from 509 71 931 and gave a different name.left a message on the voicemail. maybe a recording.

They also called my mom's house from this number: 202-239-7184. Someone named John with a heavy Indian accent, and another person named Lyoyd Morgan with a foreign accent. told me my mom owed 5490.00 for unpaid taxes from 2006-2012, He said it was sent to federal court and she would be hit with a summons and possible arrest if she didn't pay. My mom is 75 years old and doesn't work. I knew it was bull but he wouldn't give up finally he asked me if I was willing to pay immediately in order to avoid my mom being arrested. Since when does the IRS even discuss other people's debt with a third party???? as soon as I started questioning him he hung up on me!
Scam artist bastard! Scared the crap out of my mom!

202 241 2308

I just got a call from 202-864-1319 from IRS "Tax auditor" telling me the IRS had filed a legal petition for my arrest and asking me if I was represented by a criminal attorney. They connected me with a supervisor who gave me my alleged case number and details about my case (dates, amount, suspected of wilful fraud, etc). I figured I'd at least have written notice from the IRS before any petition for my arrest. Calling the IRS to report this scam.


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