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Getting jerked around

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a graphic of a person with jerk and not a jerk buttons below itDo people think you’re a jerk? What if a search of your name turned up a site that seemingly answered that question for anyone to see? Meet

Today the FTC charged Jerk — a supposed social networking site and reputation service — with allegedly tricking people into paying for site memberships to dispute profiles.

According to the FTC, and encouraged users to label people — including teens and kids — a “jerk” or “not a jerk.” The more than 70 million profiles also had space for users to add information like someone’s age, address, phone numbers, school, employer, and more. Some teens’ profiles included insults about their physique or sexual orientation. Many people found out about the profiles when they searched for their name online and saw a profile pop up as a top result.

What’s worse, most profiles weren’t created by real users, the FTC says, but by the company, which used people’s Facebook photos. When people paid $30 for memberships in the hope of disputing the profile or getting it deleted, they found their so-called memberships were worthless, and their profiles stayed put.

So, they complained to the FTC: the agency investigated and today’s announcement is the result. One important lesson: There’s value in filing a complaint when you think a company has misused your information. Another one: there are some real jerks out there looking to bully and scam people, so it’s always smart to think about how you’re protecting your personal information


Now that's a similar thing /response for people whom have disabilities ununderstandable to others and society has deemed the sick as the lost and forgotten.privacy is a direct protection as to human frailties, to insult through a computer module or any devise of said module to be little and hurt someone based on their fralities is wrong and should merit criminal charges to the partners causing dissolution.

Very well put.

Thank you for being one to stand up to this.

I feel violated by identity thieves

I have a concerns about these life insurances who promised one thing and never live up to their part of the deal. Globe Life Insurance and Accident Insurance I applied and mailed in two request has not heard anything from them. I email them and they acted as though I do not exist. I am concerned about their policy and procedures for life insurance. The number is #972-540-6542. I mailed 2 request the dates are 2-10-14 & 3-22-2014. I had no response. I need some answers from this company.

Violated is one way to feel with this issue I agree, but its best to report these maters asap. Most of these sites are fraudsters, who use the net now since telemarketing is outdated to steal names and pics of ppl. To wrongly post false accusations about teens and kids is disgusting and nonproductive, I know those deadbeats will pay the price

Adults and children alike commit suicide because of labelling and ruining reputations of people they do not know personally.

It's easy to be a bully while hiding behind a screen, also cowardly and simply cruel. Even in the instance of one trying to get revenge, they don't realize they are digging 2 graves.

It's surprising and yes, an evil act, how far cyberbullying can get. No regard for human life at all.

Many victims have mental illnesses and other personal issues that no one takes into concern, nor care about.
This is worse than anything a bully may think they have a "right" to share and continually bully someone about.

One of the saddest parts is no one steps up to stop any of it. They'd rather be sheep in wolves clothing.

Cyberbullying not only needs to be adressed a lot more, legal action needs to be implemented.

These are humans being victimized and harassed by criminals.

It ruins, and sometimes literally takes people's lives away from themselves, and loved ones. It's despicable and sad to fathom people do this with no regard.

They easily forget they are in no way perfect. These bullies take no speck out of their own eye first. When pointing a finger, remember that there are 3 pointing back at you.

It needs to be legally addressed. Period.

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