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It pays to read your bills

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True, bills aren’t the most thrilling read. They are hardly funny, there are no vampires or romantic triangles, and you probably won’t be pleased if there’s any suspense involved.

When bills arrive, it can be hard enough to look at the amount due, Photo of billnever mind wading through the line items. But if you don’t check them, you could end up paying for things you never bought. It can be easy to fix — if you spot it. Make it a habit to read your bills as soon as you get them. Do you recognize every charge?

Unexpected charges could be the result of a store accidentally charging your card several times, or a thief stealing your information. Unfortunately, thieves don’t need your physical credit card to use it. They just need your card number and expiration date.

What if you have automatic scheduled payments? It’s important to check those statements for accuracy and timeliness, too. Given the recent data breaches, reviewing your statements line by line is a smart idea.

If you find a mistake or an unauthorized charge on your account, report it immediately to your card issuer or the business that issued the bill. Acting fast can limit your liability. Check out our articles on disputing credit card charges and protecting against credit card fraud to learn more. 

And swap out that fiction for a few minutes each month to make sure your bills are pure fact. It’s worth it.

Reading Your Bills is Worth Your Time

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Can you tell me what I can do after payment to the check system has been paid for more than 7 years and they want you to pay again .Or they will not remove from the system.

why r people stealing and sprint is letting them

Trying to file complaint about rise band internet. Horrible, horrible service. Charged 258.00 to have service I have been paying every month 58.00 please someone if u can back to me

Please go to to file a complaint with the FTC.

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