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“Pending FTC complaint” emails are fakes

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Have you gotten an email with the subject line “Pending consumer complaint” that looks like it came from the FTC? The email warns that a complaint against you has been filed with the FTC. It asks you to click on a link or attachment for more information or to contact the FTC.

These emails pull out all the stops to look official: They have an FTC seal, references to the “Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA)” and a “formal investigation,” and what look like real FTC links. The truth is that they’re fakes.

We’ve heard from many people that emails like this are making the rounds. If you get one, don’t open it. Don’t click on the links. If you click on the link, it may install malware on your computer. Malware can cause your device to crash and can be used to monitor and control your online activity, steal your personal information, send spam, and commit fraud. You can forward the email to, but then delete as soon as you do.


Secure my account

secure my account


Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database. State, federal and international law enforcement agencies use the database. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice.

We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

Keep up the good work


You are quite infourmitve .I spelled wrong but i think you know what i am saying , i swear by the info you put out . keep up your good work , it is a very shocking that some persons are posing as you . I hope you catch them . they really have alot of nerve to even think of doing such a thing , just like the people posing as the IRS! they are fooling around eith government ATTU.. They must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when caught !

I agree Xavier. I try and forward all false information to the FTC. No where is safe, not even in your own home with your CPU & cell phones. U r correct, they should be punished to fullest of the law.

Sir: No, I did not receive that one but I receive e-mails quite often telling me something like this.
"Your credit has recently had changes made to it". and another one is. "Did you know that someone recently did a background check on you?. Are those kind of things legal?
Thank you very much.

Helen Polacek

Hi Helen,

You might be interested in our articles on phishing and spam.


I received one of these today!

I will do it because I have lot mail to fake

Thanks for the warning. I have not received one yet, but when I do I forward it to your email data base. Thanks.

Fake emails to stop want my claims
Deanthony Taylor

Received Scam IRS Alert
attachment indicates: 08.04.2014

Please check below email received:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Maria Hager <>
Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 3:31 AM
Subject: Unpaid taxes. Notice #119334

Good day!

You have the penalty for state income tax. Detailed notice is in the attached archive. ===========================
Password 87246746098
You gotta revise it before May 16th 2014.
Otherwise you'll take court action.
Yours faithfully, Director of North Carolina Department of Revenue.

I have not gotten an email yet...but just now got the call..heavy accented male..of course from microsoft..telling me to go onto the computer..that I was in violation of ????? who knows...he was told this is a do not call number and to take me off his list...and I hung up...the number he was calling from is UNLISTED...then UNLISTED called back...upon answering he was MADDER than anything...YELLED why did you HANG UP ON ME!!!!...I am from the FBI fraud team and blah blah son is a cop..and you are an A%%^&#@!!!! Why not leave me your number asshat????? and I hung up again. When are they going to get this jerk??? Is there nothing I can do???

Service Request Number: 886464300
Anytime today: before 4:00pm—6:00pm
I believe that some where is a scam. JCP&L who wants information for my number. I then called to JCP@L. These folks are telling me to give them other pieces of my statements. Suppose, to bother me and I told them that I would let you know that. I was smart enough not to give them any information.
Now, someone else is doing the same thing. He leaves telling me I have to get to them. It is a scam, from my point of view. He talks too fast, and I cannot get the phone number.
Please see what you can do, because I am getting very angry over this.
I do not need anything from Dell. Why, because they told me I needed a Buffalo Ultra-portable and Lightweight USB 2.0 hard Drive. It is still in the box and I am angry that I have something sitting here and I have no clue what to do with it. DelWYn Technologies, $249.99
And I am very disappointed with Dell. I appreciate your helping me out.

You can file an online complaint with the FTC at

Please don't send me anymore emails

ineed help with mycredit report ithinking the bank capitol one discriminate me let me know you can help me thank

Every week I get at least 3 calls from some company called "credit Card Services" or "Card Management Services". They refuse to give me their phone number but say they are located in Florida. They want to lower my interest rates at NO CHARGE. I always ask they to stop calling me but they just hang up. I have filed many many complaints on the DO NOT CALL website but nothing ever happens. I am writing my Congressmen now and at least they answer my emails.

Hopefully we will get some new congresspeople in
Washington in November that can shake things up at the FTC and quit wasting the taxpayer's money. That DO NOT CALL law is not working and no one seems to care.

Does these people target schools?

IRS telephone scam, I have fallen for it and the money I owe to the IRS I have sent out, now I don't know what yo do....please help me out....thank you.

I received a call at my work number from an Officer Jason Thomas (with a heavy Indian accent) from the Federal Trade Commission. There are possible 3 charges against me and I need to call him at 904-402-9175. I have been dealing with some sort of these scams for 4 month including a person representing a U.S. Marshall. There has to be a way to stop them? Any ideas?

Oh my gosh. I received a call Saturday saying I had 3 arrest warrants against my soc sec number because I took a loan out and never repaid it and I owe 8400. And that an officer would be at my home with in 30 days to pick me up and said for my attorney to give them a call back and they where calling from a Law Firm in North Dakota. I have 12 voicemails from the same people and I had a man call a few months ago saying I was approved for a loan and it would be deposited into my bank account with in ten minutes. He knew all my personal info and I mean everything! Then this started> My account has been closed out because I didn't ever use the account!

I got Friday on my cell and at work claiming got warrants for my arrest India voice or middle eastern
Claiming to be Marshall phone numbet is 202-241-2598
Call back number it's a magic number

O received d an email with similar information like this saying it was from a Law firm in Chicago with a called back number 13116903929. So I need to know how to find out if its legit or not. Its for a loan that was taken out 8 years ago. Then the company closed

I have been getting phone calls saying that I owe money and they have warrant for my arrest and I closed an account and that I am liable very scared

I received a call today from a guy claiming to be Officer Jason Thomas. I questioned him about the alleged complaints and he got very angry. I received a call from a Texas phone number. I went on the FTC website and filed a complaint using the number that called me. It's a scam!!!!!

Don't answer these calls...ever. Let it ring, ring, ring...eventually they will tire of calling you. It works (use this, obviously, when all else has failed). Look at your I.D. phone screen to see 'who it might be'. What we do...ignore,ignore, ignore

I just received one of these calls - same person and number - with a similar message. I am glad that I checked before calling back - when I first heard the message - it freaked me out.

Re: SCAM CALLS! For those of you who have a smart phone or those who can afford a smart phone, many smart phones are equipped with a REJECT CALL feature. Once you realize a scammer has called you, and as soon as you HANG UP ON THEM, YOU CAN ADD THAT NUMBER INTO YOUR REJECT CALL LIST. Sometimes these scammers will call from several numbers even appearing as if from different states. I have had this happen to me. I recognized the heavy accent of Indian Descent and the same qstns asked of me each time and coming from one of four phone numbers. I TOOK CARE OF THEM! YOU CAN TOO! YOU CAN ADD AS MANY NUMBERS AS YOU NEED TO TO YOUR REJECT CALL LIST. ONCE YOU DO YOU WILL NEVER HEAR FROM THOSE NUMBERS AGAIN. I am not sure if landlines or all cell phones have this feature BUT THEY SHOULD! I THINK THIS FEATURE SHOULD BE MADE AVAILABLE ON ALL PHONES! AND BE CAREFUL WHOSE EMAILS YOU OPEN, WHICH WEBSITES YOU HAVE ACCTS WITH (many pass on your email to other companies for advertising dollars), AND MAKE SURE IF YOU USE UTILITY, BANKING, RETAIL OR OTHER WEBSITES THAT THEY HAVE SECURE WEBSITES. ASK THEM FIRST. THIS WORLD IS GETTING CRAZY! Good luck all. Gigsy.

I'm always receiving emails ever since upgrading my phone same phone make everything except its bigger n more technical to get around but since setting up about 3 email accounts as to my very 1st one set up on a phone with micro im forever having to change passwords cause it sais oh that was an old p.w but id only just reset it and email after email from all types of dating sites which apparently im signed up but when clicking on to look im not actually in then im asked to either give a profile picture set up an account with a p.w for this etc how do you think I ended up her now n iv had calls txt its making me so paranoid im even accusing my loved one cause iv convinced myself it's him somebody help me please iv sent reports to spam,phishing,maleware I feel like smashing the phones its driving me crazy im very seriously ill with it please help

My husband and I have been dealing with crap like that for the past year and
I truly hate the internet and the jerks on it that F up everyone's devices. We talk to rep after rep after rep . No one is consistent on their stories or on the steps I can take. I have overage charges and I've heard 4 different reasons why. But nobody can really dig into and really tell me why... I'm soooooo fed up with this crap, it's literally destroying my happiness.

Because my telephone company is my internet provider shouldn't they automatically block all cals in my behalf from someone who is calling me to commit an fcc crime?

I am beginning to think we need to throw out all of our computers and other electronic devices since they are being widely used to take advantage of people.

I got a fake mail of lottery winning from coca-cola nd I have already send them my personal details.
Then what I can do now?

How do I forward a email to you that I received and I believe to be a scam?

Last week I accidentally got into the site "everyjobforme", and I put there my information, not completely, but enough to damage me. I tried to unsuscribe, and guess what? they're sending more email. Now, I'm getting a lot of email spam, from many sources arguing that I won money, checks,and from Kaplan University offering services, and a lot email like these. I don't know what to do about it! and now I'm getting phone calls from this number 323-909-6341 and 323-9096340. I worried about someone of those scamers got into my computer or my cel phone through malware or other way. What I can do? And most of all, what they will do?...please FTC help me!

If your computer is acting up and you’re worried about malware, this article provides tips to detect malware and get rid of it. You can find more information about computer security at

You can forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the Federal Trade Commission at Be sure to include the complete spam email.

This is what it talks about : "CONSUMER COMPLAINT NOTIFICATION This notification has been automatically sent to you because we have received a consumer complaint,claiming that your company is violating the CCPA (Consumer Credit Protection Act). According to our policy, we have initiated a formal investigation before taking legal action.You can download the document containing the complaint and the plaintiff contact information Note that Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer.Please take a moment to review the bolded section in the complaint, regarding the CCPA violation. "

Mr. Hacker didn't know I do not have a company in US , and I am an Indian, do not have a company in INDIA either, LOL.

It says it came from address and phone number mentioned is correct for FTC but nothing in the link, No government can be so irresponsible that they can leave a broken link in a critical email, LOL @ Mr. Hacker

Please forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the Federal Trade Commission at Be sure to include the complete spam email.

I've tried to forward two emails to today and they're coming back as unable to deliver, no MX or A records for What's going on?

I got an email today signed by chris matthewsa attorney general something about ftc

Mx trade is the bad company cuz they stole my 20.000 usd do not deposit your money and dont rely on them. Merin kardes is trying to get people's money please do not deposit money.

I just received a call from (323) 909-6341 from a woman or automated system that they were calling me back after my recent inquiry to their website looking for jobs. I asked which website but the response I got was, "What field of work are in interested in doing?" Since December, I've received about four of these calls.

I send the message source along with attached forwarding of the spam. At times I will actually go directly to the company that is sending the same and tell them to CEASE & DESIST or my attorneys will start proceedings against them for sending unsolicited mail. Recently that worked with 2 idiots .. with many apologies and they removed my address.

One way Spammers get your information Email address is through social media accounts like Facebook.. if you should become familiar with the Preferences on Facebook and hide your phone # and Email address .. IF there is a Way inwhich one can Hide their Email address .. do it. Blog sites are another way.

I continue to send forwarded attached spam to and to my ISP (who do nothing (Comcast)).. and if I can find the email address by going to the site (I know we shouldn't open it) and getting the contact info (email).. and include it in the header with the and the report to the ISP. I use to get close to 200 spam each week.. now I am down to around 7/8.

received an email with a name I know that came from persons name used@ vegaproductions. Search indicates it may have come from India. I know it is a scam of sorts since this person passed away over 5 years ago. eom.

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