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Spring Cleaning and Earth Day

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Earth Day is April 22 – and thoughts may well turn to spring cleaning. Maybe you’re ready to brighten your home with a fresh coat of paint. Maybe your garden can use a little pruning. If you want supplies or paint that are better for the environment, chances are you’ll rely on advertising for information about the products you choose. The Federal Trade Commission requires truth in advertising, including green advertising. That means companies need solid evidence to back up the environmental claims they make about their products.

Here’s what some of those claims mean:

  • Marketers who say a product is “free of” an ingredient should be able to prove the product doesn’t have any more than a harmless trace amount of it or any other ingredient that poses the same kind of risk.
  • Marketers who say a product is “non-toxic” should have proof that the product is safe, both for humans and the environment. If it’s safe for humans or the environment, the product or package should specify.
  • You may see products labeled “low-VOC” or “VOC-free” VOC stands for volatile organic compounds — chemicals found in paint, household cleaning products, and floor polish, among other products. VOCs are emitted as gasses and may cause smog or have negative effects on your health. While a base paint may be low-VOC or VOC-free, the colorant that a store adds may not be. In fact, tinting can significantly boost the VOC level of paint, depending on the color you choose. So if the presence of VOCs influences your paint choice, look for both low-VOC base paint and low-VOC colorant.
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Thank you for this useful information.

Are gas companies required to have evidence to support their claims that natural gas is "safe" and "proven" as they do in their advertisements? This seems a bigger issue on whether something is misleading than a "green" or "non-toxic" window cleaner.

Wearing green this doesn't solve the problem. The problem is that there are more than three times too many people. What can be done? The best solution I have seen is in the series andgulliverreturns. If your grandchildren are going to have an earth to live in, something has to be done yesterday.

I am very happy to see that "Going Green" has become a priority for many of us, however, it concerns me very much at what cost? What TRULY motivates people, especially in a "uptown" community, supposedly who care for the environment and their neighbors. Rather than simply using the correct trash can, the same individuals are obligated to give the same care and respect for those who made their goals and dreams possible; sometimes through death.

As I wrote, I could not be happier and MORE PROUD, than I am niw, just saddened and disapointed by those who "WANT" "NEED" and will take from others. This is not what GREEN stands for...

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