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Callers target timeshare owners for a second scam

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In June 2013, the FTC sued several companies that scammed timeshare owners. The companies claimed they had interested buyers for timeshare properties. In fact, if timeshare owners paid, they found out there was no buyer — and they couldn’t get a refund.

Now, somebody is trying to rip off those timeshare owners again. Several people who previously paid Resort Solution Trust have reported to the FTC that someone recently called them claiming to be an attorney working on a case against the company. The caller said the timeshare owner was eligible for a refund, generally $1,000-$4,000 — if they first paid a “bond” or “fee,” around $800.

It’s a refund scam, designed to get more money from people who lost money from the original timeshare resale scam. People who pay will lose more money.

If you know anyone who lost money to a timeshare resale scam, please let them know that scammers may call claiming to get their money back if they pay a fee. When the FTC is able to refund money to people who have been scammed, the agency never requires them to pay. If you get such a call, report it to the FTC; indicate the name of the timeshare reseller.

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I am an IRS employee and ive been getting a lot of phone calls this week on our toll free line from people that have gotten calls about this as well as other scams involving FTC.. One guys said he was on a call for an hour with some one from the FTC lottery department that told him he had won 7 million dollars and he needed to claim it... Scary that these criminals are getting sneakier and stealing peoples lives right under their noses

are you aware of any scams where a person claims to be an Mexican Official, working in the fraud dept and states that they just busted a False Resale Shop that steals Identities. they called us and i am not sure what to think. we were in mexico last month...they won't speak to me, and wanted my fiance to call them because they are in possession of personal information and wanted to confirm if he has been a victim of identy theft recently.

I got a similar call and was wondering if it is real. They have nopt asked for any money yet, but are saying that they won $28k for me.

The FTC has an article about prize scams  that could help you.

You might be dealing with a scammer if they say you won a prize, then tell you to pay before you get the prize. Sometimes they say you have to wire money to them, or deposit a check they send you. They migh say they're from the government, or use the name of another familiar organization.

Don't wire money or deposit a check from someone you don't know. If you have to pay before you get a "prize" then it really isn't a prize.

thus you must penalize the bad boys, one way is to hit them with twice the value of the time shares en toto plus twice the value of the underlying RE, this way bad boys wont want to play in this game where they are made to be the suckers

whether or not you agree, i have suggested usgovt do more Nationalizing of property until those pay all tax needed to support budget and debt etc, and thus make usa self supporting as to loot.. i doubt other agencies will start this ball rolling but you are prime in that you deal in a hook way with RE which as you probably guessed is not moveable, thus you can slam all papers used against the underlying RE without loss, thus you can get the bad boys and make them pay as in my last email - "NATIONALIZING" means usgovt takes ownership, full ownership and discharges all loans liens and all other encumberances, and holds the RE free and clear thus all income is profit that is circular around tax direct into tax revenue to pay budget and debt, a nice, cheap, way to go...

Fortunately I don't know any victim of scammers in this category. Thank you.

I have been getting numerous calls in reference to try to sell me timeshare and other issues even though I am listed in your DO NOT CALL REGISTRY FOR MORE THAN 120 Days. How can I forward you a copy of one of the e-mails that I am receiving without my consent/authorization. Please provide me with an e-mail address to send the scam e-mail to them at the FTC. Thanks for your cooperation.

I contacted Profeco which is the equivalent of our Attorney General. I am in the process of getting my money back. The fake buyer is in a Mexican jail

We were victims of a scam involving a company in Mexico. What actions did you take to get your money returned?

I am receiving numerous calls and e-mails from time share companies even though I never wanted/intended to buy anything from them . My telephones have been listed under the "DO NOT CALL REGISTRY FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS" AND I WAS A VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT FRAUD. PLEASE HELP ME by contacting me via e-mail only. THANKS. Susana

i have been a victim of idenity theft for 15 years have been reporting it, to the FTC and have never seen a refund after all I've been through.So now what am i suppose to do when my whole life & credit has been stolen by career criminals...thanks

I have received numerous phone calls even though I am in the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS. I am also getting e-mails from unsolicited Time Share Companies. I was a victim of identity theft fraud. Please help me by contacting me via e-mail only. Thanks, SML

Please post the phone numbers here so you can help others avoid this scam. Thanks!

call to an elderly female, from 1585448431 time eleven am on tuesday november twenty five 2014, caller said they were from IRS, and to contact the IRS immediately. elderly female was able to get partial number. Caller said, "take care," than hung up.

Never pay upfront fees, PERIOD! it will protect you from 99% of all Timeshare resale scams.

Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims oftimeshare fraud while vacationing in Mexico. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

i was called by Tony Parker saying he had a buyer for my time share/ I payed app. 1900 dollars for title search and Fla. taxes. said closing was aug. 19th. He work
s for Regency Consulting in Casper Wyoming. mindy Moran signed for check. Lacy Blackwell also called me.They gave me an account number States the sale went through Pinacle financing.

You can file a consumer complaint with the FTC at appreciate your blog comment because it helps warn other people about this scam, but it’s not a formal complaint. The details in this comment are great for a formal complaint. Watch this video to learn more about how to report a scam and why it matters.

Did you get your money?

I was contacted yesterday from a company and given a number to call for a conference call. They claimed they could get people out of their time shares legally for a fee ranging from 3000. to 5000. This was a high pressure presentation where they used the phrase "do the right thing" more then once. It just felt like a fraud to me, but I think it may have sounded like a plauseable solution to others that were in one the conference call. Have you heard of this?

If you're thinking of selling a timeshare, take a look at this FTC article for tips on how to handle a call from a company that offers to resell your timeshare.

Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you've checked on the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if there are complaints on file. You also can search online for complaints by typing in the company name and the word 'complaints.'

What was the name of the company? I also got a similar call. I hope to hear back from you.

recently received many calls from itra sign up centre from uk, a chinese lady telling me no win no fee, guarntee free,compensate up to 4 times, its sound really good, but dont get scams.Anyone here really get the refund 4 times.All those peoples trying to cheat our hard earn money will get punish one day. my time shares already 20 year already, just leave it ..

Please I need some help... I received a call from a Company Global Liquidity services offering me to buy my time share extra weeks and say they have people that will rent them and they are offering me $15,210.00 for six weeks, then they put me in contact with another escrow company White Valley Closing Group LTD, who says willl send me the money as soon as we close the agreement. They ask me to send them more than five hundred dollars per week and say that I will receive my money in February. They have established web sites that seem legal at and Global has an address 102 Versalles Blvd. Lafayette,LA 70501 and the other white Valley says is located at 275 4th St E. St Paul, MN 55101 will some one help we in this??? I need to know ASAP if this is fraudalent.

You got a call from a company you never heard of. They say they can help you, but they want you to pay them first.

This FTC article about Timeshares has tips about checking out a timeshare reseller. Here's one tip:

Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you’ve had a chance to check out the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if any complaints are on file. You also can search online for complaints; type the name of the company and the word "complaints" into your search bar and see what other people say about the company.

The FTC travel scams page has more information. The travel scams page has links to some information from state attorneys general too.

We were also contacted by Global to purchase my unit in Puerto Vallarta. So far there was no mention of fees. Their site says they do rentals and resale but no inventory is listed. Seems odd, right? Also, how do these people even know what we own or how to contacts us?

Adolfo, Am curious, have you communicated with them since your post here?

I received a call from Global Liquidity Services(Michael Bennett) and White Valley Closing (Tom Stevenson). I had my broker look at the contract and she said it was weird that the buyers were not disclosed. When I told them I wanted to use my own escrow company, they stirred me out of that and said I would have to pay my escrow as opposed to having the buyer pay for escrow saving me $4,000. I insisted that it was fine for me to pay my own escrow, because at least I know them. They got frustrated and cancelled the whole deal. Don't deal with this people. It's a scam!

I was also contacted by the same company, Global Liquidity Services, and the White Valley Closing Group. I spoke with the Secretary of State of both Louisiana (for GLS) and Minnesota (for WVC). Neither business was registered to do business in their respective states.

My sister unfortunately fell for this. Does anyone know how they can go about getting their funds back?

Unfortunately her problems have only begun. We were scammed by Villa Del Palmar in Mexico 10 years ago and we still can't get out. Resale? There is a reason that there are thousands of them that originally cost $15,000 - $20,000 listed for sale for $1 or even free.

I urge anyone who sees this that has been scammed by a timeshare, no matter how long ago, to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, their local Attorney Generals Office as well as the AG in the state the manages the maintenance fees. If we can get a flood of complaints filed, the government will have to look into the deceit, lies and fraudulent practices that timeshare companies like Villa Del Palmar and Resortcom use to lure in and defraud people. It only takes a few minutes each. I have read thousands of online complaints, all saying pretty much the same thing. If we all take action someone will take notice!....also contact national news sources. They hate bad publicity!

Have anyone of you reading this realized that bad thinks only happens to good people. I was reading the articles about the frauds and scammers and was thinking of all the people who are the victims of fraud and scams. I am pretty sure lots victims have not complained about their experience or got tired of looking for answers because there is no proper system for such incidents. These victims including myself are scammed of their hard earned money and I ask why? Why there are human beings in this world that has no feelings for people they can scam or fraud another person without thinking of what financial and mental stress they are putting onto that person’s life. I ask that question to myself every minute matter of fact when I found out that I am getting scammed I had an anxiety attack and ended up at the emergency.
My story begins in September of 2015 when I purchased a time share from my neighbor who was too old to travel just to help him out. When we went to get it transferred it cost me $1400.00 plus whatever I paid him. Last year in May we went to Mexico on that timeshare and on our 3rd day we were invited to a session to understand about out time share and surprisingly that is the first time we were informed that we will have to pay a maintenance fee of $10,000.00 if we do not upgrade our time share so we reluctantly agreed and upgraded to a Grand Mayan and paid the $11,000.00 deposit. After coming back we went through the contract and realized that this was not what we were thinking so we called to the Vida vacation got most of it straighten out. There was a $21,000.00 outstanding balance that we were in a the process of getting it paid when we were informed of my dad who was living in Sydney Australia is really sick and on his last days of his life. We took the first flight and went to Australia. My dad was in palliative care where I spent most of my time feeding, taking care of him with the nurses and doctors. After 2 weeks he passed away I had to spend thousands of dollars for his funeral and returned to Canada after a month.
These were tough days of my life, I was in a sock of losing my dad and I had outstanding bills to be paid including the timeshare balance. I was mentally stressed and was thinking of selling the time share that will help me financially. Sometimes late January one morning I got a call from the company called Brokerage America 425 Park Ave New York NY 10022 Telephone number (646) 517-8760. I spoke to 2 individuals male and female and they told me that they are the brokers working for this very well knows company. They told me that they have a buyer and they will sell my time share in 2 weeks. After checking them on the internet and under fraud and scam they looked clean so I agreed, although I was still a bit nervous as it is a lot of money, however, after finding out that all the transaction will be dealt with an Escrow title company I felt better. She gave me the name of the Escrow Company – All Counties Escrow 815 Superior Ave Cleveland OH 44114 phone (216) 800-4540. I am being Canadian had full confidence on Escrow companies because they are regulated by the state governments but I still called the consumer office in Ohio and found that company is also a well-rated tile company.
I proceeded with the paperwork from both of the companies signed the agreements and based on their request I wired the $21,000.00 from my line of Credit to the bank account in Mexico. After a few days later I got a call from Brokerage America to wire another $7,000.00 because the Vida Vacation needs to transfer the timeshare. I called the Vida Vacation and found out that they do need to get paid to transfer the timeshare but will not disclose the amount. I wired another $7,000.00 in good faith hoping to sell the timeshare and pay the bills. When I was talking to Vida vacation they did tell me that I have to be very careful because there are lots of scammers and the only thing they need is your money.
On Monday, January 30th I received another call from Brokerage America that now I have to pay another $16,000.00 for tax in Mexico. He told me that he was not aware that I will have to pay the tax so I call the Vida vacation to find out if I will have to pay and they told me that no and they made me realize that I am getting sucked into a major scam. I called a lawyer in Mexico and he did some research and told me that there is no tax required and I got scammed for lots of money. The details of the process were so real that I could believe that I am getting scammed. The escrow company and the Brokerage America called me desperately requesting to pay that $16,000.00 immediately. They gave me 72hours to pay and if I will not pay then they will cancel the contract and keep the money I sent them. The initial agreement to sell the time share was offered to me for $57,000.00 and I was not given who is buying (no documentation in writing) the completion date was not in the agreement. The whole process got halted when another $16,000.00 was requested for the tax and the buyer’s offer went over $100,000.00 for the timeshare that is worth $32,000.00 us, not even half of what I would have paid.
On Friday 3rd was my birthday I spent part of my day in doctors office and then went home totally helpless. As you can see not only I lost my dad I lost money my birthday and the worst my peace of mind. I still have anxiety attacks so I am taking medication every couple of hours. You would think they would stop no!! They kept on calling from different phones and from different State and Mexico. I must have received over 20 calls until I answered and told them that I will be seeking a lawyers help from Mexico.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I was just contacted by them. Being very skeptical, I started searching all the info I could find on them. Being in NY and dealing with an Escrow agent in OH did not make much sense to me. I searched until I found your article. Thank you so much for the detailed information which is the same I was given.They are to contact me on Monday with a written contract. Thanks to you, I have a surprise for them. Sorry you had to go through it and thanks for helping others!
Thanks again

I think I'm the victim of a long con on top of the con that we got taken for in Mexico in 2015. We bought into a time share scam in Los Cabos. Luckily, it wasn't for a lot of money, but we did lose about a $1,250 and a day of our vacation. I learned to be very careful about what I'm told by anyone in regard to vacation clubs/timeshare properties.

Move forward about 18 months. I got a call from a man claiming to be with the Mexican General Counsel dealing with cases of fraud against foreign visitors. He called me numerous times. Wanting to get info regarding what happened, etc. He sent me some information via email - most of it in Spanish, so hard for me to follow. It all looked very official, but the web extension was off. He wanted documentation of the fraud, which I sent (but with all sensitive information blacked out). He called a week later stating he had been in court - low and behold ---- I won my case and was getting money back, plus money for indemnification. He said I would be hearing from someone on how the government would be dispersing my funds. Today I got a call from this person. He wanted to help me get my money.... but, I had to give them $2,883 to pay for FACTA registration or some crap. I declined. He said I would get this money back 30-90 days after I got my $28,222 from the settlement. I told him that I should not have to pay to get my own money. He allegedly is sending me documentation to show this is real!

So, I'm assuming this is something I need to go onto the FTC website and make a report??

It is so disheartening to be scammed by these individuals. I hope that everyone is very careful with their personal information. I did get scammed, but I will be very careful to make sure it doesn't happen again!

Yes, please report this at You've collected a lot of detailed information that will be useful to law enforcement for investigations. When you report, please include the information about the first loss, and how you think the second round of contact is related to that. Thanks.

I believe that BANKS and their attorneys can help with fraudulent financial crimes. If Wiring is as good as cash, they can trace who is getting this cash and retrieve those couriers at the offices where cash is being sent - escrow agents need to be licensed just like real estate and insurance agents. Licenses can only be given if the background check is clean - no previous frauds. - Picture IDs please so we can find them on a database of any agent(s) or agencies who handle money. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

I have also been contacted in 2017 by someone claiming to be from the Mexican FBI. I sent the "evidence" and was told they would represent my case in court. I was never asked for any money, but never contacted again by the "Mexican FBI". Recently, I was contacted by a "Mexican Fraud" division. They asked for the same information as the "Mexican FBI". I sent them a copy of the exact form I sent the Mexican FBI. The Mexican Fraud division notified me the name provided by the "FBI" agent was not real and the Mexican government took it very serious when people pretend to be part of the government. I was told the "Mexican Fraud" division took my case before the "committee" and I was awarded a settlement for just under $10k. Amazingly the amount that does not trigger government involvement. I was sent forms to receive the wire transfer and for the FATCA registration (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). I was told I could chose a certified check or a wire transfer. When the "Mexican Fraud" division called to see why i had not completed the form, I told them I did not want a wire transfer. They are still calling wanting me to complete the forms, just put my mailing address on the bottom of the form and no financial institute information. I googled the use of the IRS form 8957, and am seriously concerned they wanted me to sign the form and they will complete it later. It appears this form is to register a financial institute. Obviously I don't want to register anything. The "Mexican Fraud" division told me I should never send money, they just want to give me my settlement.

This details would be useful to law enforcement. Please report this to the FTC at The information you report will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

I got a call recently from someone wanting to use my timeshare time for a corporate event. willing to buy some of it for their clients. they haven't asked for any money. just wondering if they are legit or not

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